IPS Bodyguard is a security firm that is based in Dakar, Cannes, and London. They offer their clients a wide range of services that are all of impeccable quality. They specialize in the areas of close protection, event security, and even private property security. Further, over the years, ips security guard has developed new services geared towards making their clients feel safer and more confident as they go about their lives.

Some of these services include:
• Carrying out security audits and risk assessments.
• Acquisition of equipment that assists in detecting explosives and narcotics within any institution.
• Aid in the fight against terrorism by preventing any acts of aggression or theft before they happen
• Cyber security
• Provision of first aid in remote locations.

As a private citizen, you may not realize it yet, but you may also need the services of an IPS bodyguard. Here is why you need such a team on your side:

1. Enhanced online security

With their extensive years in the field, IPS has both the skills and facilities necessary to protect you and your kin from brute attacks that hackers may bring about. Further, they will not only protect your online presence but also track your mobile phone in the event it gets lost or stolen. Additionally, to enhance the client’s security, IPS grants the client a panic button that is only applicable in the event of danger. That way, the client is always connected to the security team.

2. Enhance the privacy of your house

Spies may invade your home and install recording devices, which might capture some harmful information. Therefore, to avoid this situation, IPS installs high-quality alarm systems and video surveillance cameras to capture and identify an intruder any time of day. In addition, the security team can install a fully autonomous anti-intrusion system that is suitable for all spaces, including boats, cars, houses, and even safes.

With IPS, VIPs or individuals with a high media exposure enjoy faster response and flexibility. In addition, with IPS, all the officers who work within this establishment are meticulously recruited and must comply with set protocols and ethics that meet the company’s expectations. That ensures that the client enjoys only the best of services, which goes a long way in building trust among clients.

The security bodyguards also sign a contract of confidentiality. Therefore, all the client’s activities remain confidential, and this is aimed at promoting privacy and maintaining a low profile among clients with high media exposure. IPS is undoubtedly the best in the field.



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