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Transferred In

The following Peace Corps Volunteers transferred to Ethiopia from other countries.

Thanks to Peter Hansen (Nigeria), who maintains his country-of-service database, for help in sorting out this information.

Thanks also to J. D. Hokoyama who wrote: Chri O'Connor, Robert Werge, Jerry Walsh and I were part of the training program in Boston to go to Nigeria in the summer of 1967. Our group was cancelled at the airport because of the Biafran war. We were split up and sent to: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Virgin Islands, British Hondouras and Ethiopia. I believe there were 5–6 of us who went to Ethiopia ( I can't remember all the names).

Transfers from:

Sierra Leone\

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Transferred from Indonesia
Michael A. Knop 1965-66 Addis Ababa
Transferred from Liberia
Paul B. Henry 1964-65 Lekempte The Henry Institute Deceased
Transferred from Niger
Brian P. Dolan, MD 1974-75

Transferred from Nigeria
Pamela M. Allen 1967-
no contact information
Robert J. Attaway 1967-68 dmg-rja@excite.com
Meredyth E. Bacon 1967–68
see Meredyth E. Bacon Rawa
Howard L. Baron 1967-68

Charlotte Beams 1967-68
see Charlotte Munroe Stetson
Frederick B. Beams 1967-68

Margo J. BeVier 1967-68
see Margo BeVier Stern
Nicolene M. Caronite 1967-68
see Nicolene M. Caronite Emerson
Jack Carter 1967-68

Thomas J. Cassidy 1967-68
Charles Henry Eilers 1967-69 Harar
Nicolene M. Caronite Emerson 1967-68

Carol Fee 1967-
no contact information
Marcia S. Fitzgerald 1967-69 Addis Ababa see Marcia Fitzgerald Mills
Rose Elisabeth Franke 1967-68 Mettu, Illubabor Prov see Rose Franke Koch
Kathleen E. Gade 1967-68
Sonja Goodwin 1965-66
see Sonja Krause-Goodwin
Judy Harris 1967-68
see Judy Harris Whalen
J. D. Hokoyama 1967-69 Gore, Illubabor Prov www.leap.org
Jane Hyer 1967-68
see Jane Hyer Walton
Paul Ingleman 1967-
no contact information
Roy A. Johnson 1965-66 Addis Ababa
David N. (Chip) Koch 1967-68
Rose Franke Koch 1967-68 Mettu, Illubabor Prov
Sonja Krause 1965-66
see Sonja Krause-Goodwin
Sonja Krause-Goodwin 1965-66

Montague Lamb 1967-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Joseph A. McHugh 1967-68
no contact information
Marcia Fitzgerald Mills 1967-69 Addis Ababa Deceased
Janet C. Miyamae 1967-68

Christopher X. O’Connor 1967-71, 73-76 Gore, Illubabor Prov; Gojjam, Kaffa.
Emily H. Page 1967-68 Felegeneway, Gemu Gofa
John F. Page 1967-68 Felegeneway, Gamu Gofa
Meredyth E. Bacon Rawa 1967-68

Phoebe Soule 1973
Richard Soule 1973
Margo BeVier Stern 1967-68

Charlotte Munroe Stetson 1967-68

Denis L. Thornton 1967- Nazareth
Andrew C. Triolo 1967-68

Ramon R. True 1967-68
no contact information
Roger Vaughn 1967-68
no contact information
Gerald R. Walsh 1967-69 Addis Ababa
Jane Hyer Walton 1967-68

Robert Earl Watkins, Jr. 1967-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Judy Harris Whalen 1967-68

William H. Whalen 1967-68

Rob Werge 1967–69 Dembi Dolo
Michael Wittenbrink 1967

Sandra Wittenbrink 1967
no contact information
Transferred from Sierra Leone
Phoebe Soule 1973
Richard Soule 1973
Transferred from Uganda
Roger P. Andes 1972-73
Mark W. Melrose, Ph.D 1972–73
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