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Ethiopia Reentry IV   1998–99

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in 1998 for Ethiopia. They trained in-country - at Ambo. They were teachers.

Thanks to:
Danielle Bolks, Shannon Valencia and Heather Switzer for sending in lots of helpful information about the group, as well as Chantelle Soto Belay and Libby Stevenson who wrote:

    I was a member of R IV, which was evacuated from Ethiopia. We entered the country on July 10, 1998 and left the country via evacuation on Feb. 10, 1999. I don't recall the exact number of volunteers we started with, and I believe the ET number was either 4 or 5. We were evacuated to the PC permanent training center at Lake Naivasha, Kenya and spent about 10 days there, during which time we were given our close of service. Many of the volunteers, again I don't know an exact number but I think it was about half of the group, either went immediately to a new country or came home while their relocation was established. Two volunteers [Becky Boltz and Luke Taylor] spent a year in the US before going back to PC in China [for two years].

We need a list of the trainees for this group to help us learn the names of all those in this group. If you have a copy, we would like to borrow it in order to make a photocopy, or would be glad to reimburse you if you would like make a photocopy and send it to us. Please write the webmaster.

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Dates of Service
Email & websites
Chris Albin-Lackey 1998–99

Chantelle Soto Belay 1998–99 Kebado
Tyler Benson 1998–99

Josh Bittinger 1998–99 Asasa
Danielle Bolks 1998–99 Addet, West Gojjam
Becky Boltz 1998-99 Debre Werk see Becky Boltz Taylor
David Bryant 1998–99

Craig Ernst 1998–99

Staci Frost 1998–99

Sean Garrison 1998–99

Dawn Gunderson 1998–99
Leasa R. Henne 1998–99 Silte
Lukas P. Johnson 1998-99

Stephanie Kaye 1998–99

Jeff Kin 1998–99
no contact information
Daniel Carl Mains 1998-99 Goha Tsion
Traci Meadows 1998–99 Maksegnet, Gondar region
Brandon Miller 1998–99 Ebinat, South Gondar Region bem629@hotmail.com
Derek Minshew 1998–99
no contact information
Kristen Paratore 1998–99

Martina Porter 1998–99
no contact information
Diana Rita 1998–99

Sandy Rivers 1998–99 Gambella
Walt Rivers 1998–99 Gambella
Jeremy Roignant 1998–99

Stephan Servais 1998–99

Aysha Sheikh 1998–99 Aleto Wendo, Sidamo Region
Jim Silver 1998–99 Yerga Chefe, Souther People’s Region
Emmet Soper 1998–99
no contact information
Abby Staudt 1998–99
no contact information
Libby Stevenson 1998–99 Boditi, Southern People's Region
Heather Switzer 1998–99 Wonago, Gedo Zone, Sidamo Region
Becky Boltz Taylor 1998–99 Debre Werk
Luke Taylor 1998–99 Este l_taylor31@yahoo.com
Colin Thomas-Jensen 1998–99 Mahal Meda [Shoa] no contact information
Marla Vaughan 1998–99 Angacha SNNPR
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