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Ethiopia Reentry III   1997–99

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in 1997 for Ethiopia. They trained in-country - at Woliso. They were teachers.

Thanks to Shannon Valencia for sending in information about the group.

We need a list of the trainees for this group to help us learn the names of all those in this group. If you have a copy, we would like to borrow it in order to make a photocopy, or would be glad to reimburse you if you would like make a photocopy and send it to us. Please write the webmaster.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Emily Barry 1997-99 Enwari no contact information
Ellen Josephine Bek 1997-
no contact information
Hope E. Blosser 1997-99 Debre Sina
Sue Kerver Burgett 1997-99 Areka pennysailing@yahoo.com
Courtney B. Carroll 1997-98
no contact information
Chanda Creasy 1997-99 Ataye
Jennifer R. DeLaura 1997
no contact information
Jeff Doetsch 1997-99 Dejen no contact information
Gwen Gilley 1997–99 Dabat no contact information
Michelle Gray 1997-99 Zalambessa; Pawe
Sue Kerver 1997-99 Areka see Sue Kerver Burgett
Amy Kornbluth 1997–99 Shinshicho no contact information
Sara Lara 1997–99
no contact information
Lauren Marcus 1997–99 Dangla
Christy McKinney 1997-99

Jason Mosley 1997–99 Wereilu [Wollo] no contact information
David Noftsinger 1997–99
no contact information
Michelle Oliva 1997-99 Degollo [Wollo] michellemontserrat
Gina Perfetto 1997–99 Butajira
Lora J. Riach 1997-98

Kym Samuels 1997–99 Fenote Selam no contact information
Shawn Schwartz 1997–99 Gebre Guracha
Shannon Valencia 1997-99 Morsito
Ben Walen 1997–99
no contact information
Patrick Wesner 1997-99 Assendabo
Lance T. Young 1997-99

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