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Eritrea III   1997–98

The following Peace Corps Volunteers began service in Eritrea in 1997. They were trained at Mendefera. The group started with 39 trainees, 36 completed training. Among the group were teachers of English, math and science. In early June, 1998 this group was among the Americans evacuated because of danger associated with the border conflict with Ethiopia. Of the 35 PCVs in the group at that time, 32 took Completion of Service, one transferred to Benin, and two to Tanzania.

Thanks to Stephanie Torrey, Sam Reheard and Catalin Kaser for sending in information about the group.

Ed Green maintains a website for the Eritrea IIIs at

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Taylor Carson Armstrong 1997-98
Kristy Barnes 1997-98 Keren gr-and-kb@att.net
Mary Catherine Bauer 1997-98 Tseazega see Mary Catherine Bauer Hinds
Richard Beal 1997-98 Assab rebeal@esf.edu
Stefanie Bradley 1997-98 Afabet
Taylor Carson 1997-98
see Taylor Carson Armstrong
Claudia Childs 1997- Massawa no contact information
Amy Flindt 1997-98 no contact information
Christine Green 1997-98 Barentu
Ed Green 1997-98 Barentu
Aaron Greenberg 1997-98 Ginda no contact information
Amy Grochowski 1997–98 Haddish Adi
Mary Catherine Bauer Hinds 1997-98 Tseazega mary_catherine_bauer@
Catalin Kaser 1997-98 Mendefera
Elizabeth Kuhnle 1997-98 Debarwa
Barbara Macy 1997-98 Nefasit
Jeanne McCarter 1997-98
Michael T. McKillip 1997-98 Hadida
Amy Medley 1997-98 no contact information
Wendy Miller 1997-98 Debarwa
Jesse Morris, III 1997-98 Afabet
Amanda Poole 1997-98 Senafe
Sam Reheard 1997-98 Adi Guadad reheard@hotmail.com
Eric Rivers 1997-98 Terra Emni
Gary Roundtree 1997-98 Keren gr-and-kb@att.net
Maureen Sattan 1997-98 Adi Quala
Michael Sattan 1997-98 Adi Quala
Sarah Schuman 1997-98 Himberti
Heather Simko 1997-98 Dekemhare
Joshua Simko 1997-98 Dekemhare
Brenda Sinclair 1997-98 Tsada Christian
Sara Solberg 1997-98 Tsaeda Kristian
Justin Spence 1997-98 Mendefera
Rebecca J. Taylor 1997-98 Adi Keih or Adi Caieh
Thyda S, Teng 1997-98 Assab
Stephanie Torrey 1997-98 Adi Keyih
Brian Weinrich 1997-98 Adi Na'amin
Katherine Yocum 1997-98 Kudo-Abuor (Kud'bor)
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