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Ethiopia Reentry II   1996–98

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in 1995 for Ethiopia. They trained in-country - at Woliso. They were teachers.

We need a list of the trainees for this group to help us learn the names of all those in this group. If you have a copy, we would like to borrow it in order to make a photocopy, or would be glad to reimburse you if you would like make a photocopy and send it to us. Please write the webmaster.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Kiki Clark Bayisa 1996-98 Kikibayisa@aol.com
John D. Briggs 1996-97

Emily K. Bruno 1996-97 Yeby [Kaffa], Goha Tsion [Shoa]
Kiki Clark 1996-98
see Kiki Clark Bayisa
Colleen M. Desmond 1996

Sarah Donohoe 1996-98
see Sarah Donohoe-Sahr
Sarah K. Donohoe-Sahr 1996-98

Seamus Dowling 1996–98 Maichew, Tigrai dowlingseamus@gmail.com
Mickey O. Goggin 1996-98 Adi Shohu [Tigre]; Bahr Dar [Gojam]
Laura Goodman 1996–98

Beverly R. Holman 1996
Jeff Ladenson 1996- Gorgora
Julia M. Larkin 1996–98

Cindy R. Lunsford 1996–97

Constance A. (Corrie) Martin 1996-98

Lavell Merritt 1996-97
Greg Obaugh 1996-

Mike Schemmel 1996- Makelle
Jocelyn Songco 1996-98 Kebado, Sidamo
Almaz Zewdie Sullivan 1996-98 Aleta Wendo, Sidamo AlmazSullivan@hotmail.com
Cathy Tollund 1996-

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