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Eritrea II   1996–98

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in 1996 for Eritrea. They were trained at Mendefera. The group started with 17 trainees, 13 completed training. They were teachers of English. In early June, 1998 this group was among the Americans evacuated because of danger associated with the border conflict with Ethiopia. The 13 in the group took Completion of Service.

We need a list of trainees for this group to help us learn the names of all those in this group. If you have a copy, we would like to borrow it in order to make a photocopy, or would be glad to reimburse you if you would like make a photocopy and send it to us. Please write the webmaster.

Dates of Service
Email & website
Sanj ? 1996-98 Durko
Jon Ashley 1996-98
Ali Kincaid Bergthold 1996-98 Foro, Massawa
Michele L. Dick 1996-98
Lily Vinh Gossage 1996-97 Dekseb lgossage@csulb.edu
Julie Hensley 1996-98 Eden no contact information
Ali Kincaid 1996-98 Foro, Massawa see Ali Kincaid Bergthold
Jennifer Litzow 1996-98 Tserona no contact information
Gregory Rachu 1996-98 Adi Bezehanes gsrachu@yahoo.com
Michael S. Ryan 1996-98 FortoCadurno
Patrick Schlosser 1996-98 Embeito
Shannon Schlosser 1996-98 Embeito
Gina Short 1996-98 Adi Gawel
Lily G. Vinh 1996-97 Dekseb see Lily Vinh Gossage
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