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Ethiopia Reentry I   1995–97  

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in 1995 for Ethiopia. They trained in-country - at Awassa. They were teachers. The group started with 25 trainees.

We need a list of all those who trained for this group. Please write the webmaster.

Dates of Service
email & websites
Tanya Austrie 1995- Ataye [Shoa] no contact information
Caroline N. Brennan 1995-97 Sibuu-Siree
Joy Butler 1995- Ataye no contact information
Kate U. Collins 1995–97 Arjo, Wellega see Kate Collins Faber
Lisa A. DeVito 1995-96 Bekoji
Kimberly A. Dozier 1995-96 Arjo
Cindy M. Eickhoff 1995-97 Nekemte
Kate Collins Faber 1995–97 Arjo, Wellega kate_faber@
Read Kate's "The Pink Eraser"
Kimberly Greenhow 1995-96 Nekemte see Kimberly Greenhow Radpour
David S. Guy 1995-96 Asella
Sharon I. Guy 1995-96 Asella no contact information
Alison Hanks 1995-97 Debre Sina see Alison Hanks-Gebre
Alison Hanks-Gebre 1995-97 Debre Sina
Matthew N. Jameson 1995 Kutaber mattiwos99@

Carrie L. Martin 1995 Debre Sina cmartin@pcc.edu no contact information
Edward P. McCreanor 1995-97 Debre Berhan
Cameron M. McFarland 1995-97 Kombolcha
Kathy A. Meyer 1995-97 Dessie no contact information
Jason E. Miller 1995 Huruta no contact information
Marc Neilson 1995–98 Enewari.
Kimberly Greenhow Radpour 1995–96 Nekemte
Barbara A. Reichardt 1995–96 Dessie
Elaine Roman 1995-97 Haike
Dannette K. Seward 1995–97 Haike
Dominick Shattuck 1995-97 Kombolcha
Kathy St. George 1995-97 Dessie, Asendabo no contact information
Claudine M. Thompson 1995

Barbara J. Wetsig 1995–97 Huruta bjwetsig@hotmail.com
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