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Ethiopia XX 1974–76

The following Peace Corps Volunteers began training in June, 1974.

    David Bratton-Kearns writes: "There were at least two training class sites. One was in Dire Dawa, and the one I was in began in Harrar (for about 6 weeks) and finished in Awasa. I think there was also a third site for a teacher-trainer group." Hopefully we can flesh out this information a bit

Thanks to David who is loaning his mug book and to Ellen Finan for sending contact info for some.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Dire Dawa — Vocational Education & Teacher Training Institute
Joyce VanDoske Coker 1974-75 see Joyce VanDoske
Joseph Katz 1974-76 no contact information
Michael T. O’Malley 1974-75 Finote Selam
James Poskey 1974-75 Deceased
Owen Roach 1974-76 no contact information
Joyce Van Doske 1974-75
Steve Wuerker 1974-76
Dire Dawa — Rural Junior Secondary Education
Dennis Bethea 1974-76 Deder, Harar, Addis Ababa Deceased
Hinton T. Causey 1974-75 Mettu
Linda DeMasi Curro 1974–76 Ghedo, Shoa
Mary J. Hinton Dean 1974– Rdean13@comcast.net
Linda L. DeMasi 1974–76 Ghedo, Shoa llcurro@ucdavis.edu see Linda DeMasi Curro
Gabrielle Dolphin 1974-75 Dire Dawa, Harar gdolphin@mail.cho.org
Jon E. Eklund 1974-76 Goba, Bale; Jimma, Kaffa no contact information
Sheila J. Fisher 1974-75 no contact information
Marilyn Franz 1974- see Marilyn Franz Sheridan
Roger G. Heller 1974-76 Endaselassie no contact information
Mary J. Hinton 1974– see Mary Hinton Dean
Don Kotecki 1974–
Bruce Thomas Martin 1974-75
Donald R. Morrison 1974-76 Deder, Harargue; Ghedo, Shoa
Janice Mortko 1974-76 Agarro, Kaffa; Sebata, Shoa see Janice Mortko Summers
Mark Jerome Olson 1974-75 Endaselassie, Tigre
Andrea Ostrowe 1974-76 Kefele [Arussi] andimidge2@aol.com
Marilyn Franz Sheridan 1974- no contact information
Janice Mortko Summers 1974-76 Agarro, Kaffa; Sebata, Shoa janicesummers
Andrew Szumowski 1974-75 Addis Ababa
Margaret Szumowski 1974-75 Addis Ababa
Harar — Rural Junior Secondary Education
David Philip Bratton-Kearns 1974-75 Wollamo Sodo, Sidamo Prov bk-david@vikingfreight.com thebks@home.com
Roxana Rogers De Sole 1974-76 Assella [Arrusi]
Ellen C. Finan 1974-75 Finote Selam
Harriet Gaines 1974-75 Deceased
Randall Harris 1974-75 no contact information
Ray Johansmeier 1974-76
David Philip Kearns 1974-75 Wollamo Sodo, Sidamo Prov see David Philip Bratton-Kearns
Henry Klein 1974–76 no contact information
Don McGaughey 1974–76 Debark [Begemdir], Bako [Shoa] dmcgoy@yahoo.com
Alvin Newman 1974-75
Robyn Shelby Phillips 1974-75 Bahr Dar [Gojam] rshelby99@yahoo.com
Thomas Poplawski 1974–76 Bonga [Kaffa]; Sebeta [Shoa]
Roxana Rogers 1974–76 Assella [Arrusi] see Roxana Rogers De Sole
Robyn Shelby 1974-75 Bahr Dar [Gojam] see Robyn Shelby Phillips
Keith D. Thomas 1974-75
Bahr Dar – Smallpox Eradication
Vincent R. Campbell 1974-76

Kevin P. Carey 1974-75

Benjamin F. Crabtree 1974-76
no contact information
Steve Lunde 1974- no contact information
Robert Colin Ogden 1974-75
Clifford Pulaski 1974-
Edward M. Rupert 1974-75
Paul F. Weissleder 1974-76 Dessie, Dire Dawa, Harrar pf_weissleder@
Bahr Dar — Agriculture and Rural Devolopment
Kathleen Joy Cotton 1974-76 no contact information
Kathleen Joy 1974-76 see Kathleen Joy Cotton
Unknown assignment
Lishan Knowles 1974

Sharon Lynne Mullan 1974-76

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