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Ethiopia XIX   1973–75

At least some Ethiopia XIX PCVs were trained in Jimma, and some were teachers. Please help us fully document the history of the group by sending in any information you have.

Thanks to Michael Finnerty for sending us a copy of the training "mug book" for Ethiopia XIX.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Geraldine Alesio 1973-74 Nazareth see Geraldine Alesio Mooney
Richard Amrick 1973-75 Addis Ababa
Doug Arbuckle 1973–74 Dessie, Wollo
Kathleen M. Ashe 1973–74 Dire Dawa
Barbara Barbiero 1973-
no contact information
Victor Barbiero 1973-
Garland Bayley 1973-75 Gelemso, Harrarghe;Harrar
Evelyn M. Shifflett Barnes 1973-74 Addis Ababa
Warren Barrash 1973-74 Debre Berhan
Ardeth D. Baxter 1973-75 Kibre Mengist, Sidamo
William Baxter 1973-75 Kibre Mengist, Sidamo no contact information
Walter Beck 1973-

Raymond J. Bridges, MD 1973-74

Jim M. Brown 1973-74
Katheryn C. Bruner 1973-74 Gore [Illubabor]
John Bunge 1973–74 Goha Tsion
John F. Bunker 1973-74
no contact information
Velmar Rountree Byrd 1973-75

James P. Cahill 1973-75
no contact information
William Campbell 1973-
no contact information
Robert A. Cole 1973-74

Kathe Conrad 1973–75
Roger Conrad 1973-75

Kevin Dailey 1973-75

Timothy Angus Dalrymple 1973-75
see Timothy Angus McDonald
Robert R. Damron 1973-
no contact information
Victor O. DeMasi 1973-75

David L. Douglas 1973-75 Hirna, Harrarge
Henry L. Doyle 1973-75 Ghinchi
Kathleen Dunne 1973-74
see Kathleen Dunne Mannion
Carl E. Farmer 1973-75 Wereta, Addis Ababa
Michael J. Finnerty 1973-75 Shambu, Wollega
Paul E. Fischer 1973-75
no contact information
Patrick C. Fleming 1973-75
no contact information
Melvin P. Foote 1973-75

Andrea Helgerson Fuerst 1973-75

Darby Fuerst 1973-75
Richard W. Fuller 1973-75

Emmett P. Garbett 1973-75 Lalibela emmettgarbett@

Peggy Gitt 1973- no contact information
Stuart Gold 1973-74 Jimma www.shadowandlight.com
John F. Grap 1973–77 Dabat [Begemdir], Tulu Bolo, Addis Ababa johngrap@comcast.net
Peter K Grosscup 1973 no contact information
James R. Heckman 1973-75

Andrea K. Helgerson 1973-75
see Andrea Helgerson Fuerst
Andrew Hess 1973-75 Errer [Harar]
George K. Horman 1973-

William (Nick) Hunsacker 1973-75 Bekoji, Arusi no contact information
Thomas Michael Kirchberg, Ph.D. 1973-75 Errer/Harrarghe; Adua; Axum no contact information
Avis U. Johnson 1973-75 Addis Ababa
Robert Lloyd 1973-
no contact information
Steven J. Long 1973-75

C. Neal Mabe 1973-76 Yirgalem, Addis Ababa, Menugesha
Clarence Neal Mabe 1973-75

Joseph D. Mahood 1973-75

Gary M. Makinen 1973-75
Kathleen Dunne Mannion 1973-74

James McCann 1973-75 Burie
Sandi McCann 1973-75 Burie
Margaret McCarthy 1973-
no contact information
Cavit McCormick 1973-74 Debre Berhan meekermt@aol.com
Hershel McDonald 1973-
no contact information
Idelle McDonald 1973-

Timothy Angus McDonald 1973-76

Barbara McKnight 1973-
no contact information
Roanna Z. Metowski 1973-75

Geraldine Alesio Mooney 1973-74 Nazareth
Walter North 1973-75 Bonga, Addis
Paul F. Novick 1973-75 Debre Zeit
Susan Novick 1973-75 Debre Zeit
Dennis M. O’Toole 1973-74

Roger Oglesby 1973- no contact information
William E. Porter 1973-
no contact information
Carol A. Randall 1973-74 Harar
Allen D. Ricks 1973-74 Gewani
Thomas Ridgik 1973-75

Velmar Rountree 1973-75
see Velmar Rountree Byrd
Wallace D. Runck 1973-75 Alemeya, Harar wirunck@gmail.com
Clark Sand 1973-75

Laurie Sand 1973-75

Joel Schaffer 1973-75 Agere Selam
Noreen Schmidt 1973-

Gary Schoofs 1973-75 Addis Alem, Shoa no contact information
Gwendolyn Smith 1973-
no contact information
Doris Sonderland 1973-76 Addis Ababa dorismorris42@hotmail.com
Emma (Kitty) Spalding 1973-75 Sebeta, Shewa
Karen Dawn Speicher 1973-75 Wokro, Tigray; Borga, Kaffa
Philip Steffen 1973-75 Kombolcha, Hararghe
Robert C. Steinglass 1973-

Theodore Tyson 1973–74 Addis Ababa
Russell Vetter 1973-74 Aleta Wendo, Sidamo no contact information
Karen Wiese 1973- Bekoji, Arusi no contact information
Gary B. Weinstein 1973-75 Zwai
James C. Welch 1973-75 Ghedo
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