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Ethiopia XVIII     1972–74

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained the summer of 1972. Most worked as teacher trainers or ESL teachers, and there was also a contingent of Volunteers working in Smallpox Eradication.

Thanks to

  • Charmian Dewey who wrote : We began our "group" in Philadelphia then spent 3 days in Brighton, England waiting for our flight to Ethiopia to be reorganized as it had originally been scheduled to fly via Uganda. The political situation there then was such that we could not fly into Entebbe so an alternate route had to be set up.
  • Bruce Swanton who reports: the training was in Shashamane. Family groups were accepted for programs in 1972.
  • Mike Banister wrote: The group was made up of teachers and teacher trainers; it was broken into two parts while in Brighton.
We BADLY need a copy of the training "mug book" for this group to help us learn the names of all those in this group. If you have a copy, we would like to borrow it in order to make a photocopy, or would be glad to reimburse you if you would like make a photocopy and send it to us. Please write the webmaster.
Dates of Service
Email & websites
Kathleen McGuigan Andes 1972-73

Roger P. Andes 1972-73

Cheryl Armstrong 1972-74 Metu, Illubabor; Asmara
George Bailey 1972-74 Jimma
Cheryl Banister 1972-74 Metu, Illubabor; Asmara see Cheryl Armstrong
Mike Banister 1972-74 Metu, Illubabor; Asmara mikebanister@
Sharman Babior 1972-73 Wenago [Sidamo] sbabior@ucla.edu
Marie Barletta 1972-74
no contact information
Nancy Bonardi 1972–74
see Nancy Bonardi Makso
Betsy Hart Camp 1972-73 Debre Marcos
Louise Cleary 1972-74
see Louise Cleary Jacobs
Janet L. Clymer 1972-74 Finete Selam, Gojjam
Bessie Faye Stovall Dalton 1972-74

James Dalton 1972-74

Daniel A. Deeny 1972-75

Charmian Dewey 1972–73 Asmara, Eritrea charm@internetadept.com
David L. Dewey 1972 Asmara, Eritrea
Jim Elmore 1972
Marie Elizabeth Evans 1972-74 Debark no contact information
Thomas W. Farmer 1972

Becky Fisseha 1972-74
no contact information
Walter Fritz
no contact information
Kathleen Frosini 1972-74

Terry Frosini 1972-74

Ginger Kayton Hajoglou 1972-74 Dembi Dollo, Wollega
Betsy Hart 1972-73 Debre Marcos see Betsy Hart Camp
Susan C. Hasse 1972-74

William D. Hasse 1972-74 Meneghesha Natl. Forest
Jane A. Hazlett 1972-74 Jimma
Richard G. Heller 1972-73 Harar rickheller1230@comcast.net
Rosemary E. Heller 1972-73 Harar rosemaryheller@comcast.net
Bruce C. Hoffman 1972-75 Addis Ababa no contact information
Louise Cleary Jacobs 1972-74

Richard A. Johns 1972-73

Ginger Kayton 1972-74
see Ginger Kayton Hajogloy
Bruce F. Knotts 1972-75
Dana Larson, MD 1972-
no contact information
John A. Lichtenheld 1972-74 Asmara jalich@chorus.net
Nancy Lombardi 1972-
no contact information
Gae Maffei 1972-73

Nancy Bonardi Makso 1972-74

Marleen McCormack 1972-75 Shashamane
Michael C. McCormack 1972-75 Shashamane
Kathleen McGuigan 1972-73
see Kathleen McGuigan Andes
Charles W. McMillion 1972-73 Debre Zeit
Ira N. Nix 1972-75

Lynn Olcott 1972-75

Donald E. Piburn 1972-74
Michael Rankin, M.D. 1972-73
no contact information
Joseph L. Reed 1972-75 Gambella
Ted Schmidt 1972-73

Yvonne Schneider 1972-74
no contact information
Steve Sheffield 1972-73 Wollamo Sodo
Mike Snyder 1972-
no contact information
Frank Stibel 1972 Shashemane, Shoa
Bruce Swanton 1972-74 Jinka brucemcg@earthlink.net
James J. Tarrant 1972-74 Debark JTarrant@irgltd.com
Karen Taylor 1972-74 Agaro TaylorK@wssu.org
Thomas F. Taylor 1972-74 Agaro
Michael J. Vavrus 1972-74 Gidole [Gemu Gofa]
Eric J. Wailes 1972-74

Valerie Wenner 1972-74 Addis Ababa see Valerie Wenner Wheeler
Valerie Wenner Wheeler 1972-74 Addis Ababa
Smallpox eradication (SEP)
Peter Carrasco 1972-74
John F. DeVleming 1972-74 Dessie, Wollo
Clayton Pape 1972-74
Gerald Sulat 1972-74 Harar
Thomas R. Syre 1972-74 Addis Ababa trsyre@gmail.com
Thomas R. Syrewicz Addis Ababa see Thomas R. Syre

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