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Ethiopia XVI   1971–73

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1971 for Ethiopia XVI. Members of the group were: vocational education teachers and taught in teacher training schools and industrial arts schools; rural development Volunteers; smallpox eradication Volunteers; and small business Volunteers.

Thanks to Richard A. Wilson for writing about a group of families within the XVIs:

    The family group I trained with stayed in Addis Ababa throughout the training, I believe, so the children would be close to medical aid if needed. I believe we were the first families in country, as it was a new program, using families. (Note: The names of the children whose parents served in this group are listed following their parents names.)

Thanks to Jane Sweeney who shared her training book for this group. It was an invaluable aid in trying to sort out this group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Vocational Education
Donella Bucknoy 1971- Dire Dawa no contact information
Gayle J. Clark 1971-73 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea see Gayle Clark Peper
Edna Conley 1971-73 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Richard H. Cuenca 1971-73 Asmara, Eritrea
Shirley Cuenca 1971-73 Asmara, Eritrea
John B. (Jay) Dodge 1971-73 Waldia, Wollo
Victoria E. (Tory) Dodge 1971-73 Waldia, Wollo schoolstoknow.com
Denise Tartaglia Force 1971–73 Asella
Ernest R. Franz 1971-74
Randall Gort 1971-72
David Harlan 1971-74 Yirgalam
Carol A. Jensen 1971-72 Yirgalam
Carolyn A. Jobin 1971-72 Gondar no contact information
Roger C. Jobin 1971-72 Gondar no contact information
Edward J. Kaiser 1971- Nazareth Deceased
Mary Anna Kaiser 1971- Nazareth Deceased
Larry Ladd 1971-74 Bahr Dar; Addis Ababa no contact information
Carole J. Machalk 1971-73 Jimma no contact information
Ila McRoberts 1971-73 Jimma
Clara B. Merrifield 1971 Addis Ababa no contact information
Maureen Moede 1971-72 Assella Deceased
Ronald J. Moede 1971-72 Assella
Virginia E. Moritz 1971 Addis Ababa
Keith R. Myers 1971-73 Jimma
Susan Parrish 1971-73 Lekempte, Wallega; Debre Zeit, Shoa
Gayle J. Clark Peper 1971-73 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea gjpeper@juno.com
Scott Peper 1971-73 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea
Gus Roberts 1971- Ghion
Patricia Roberts 1971- Ghion Deceased
Alan D. Smith 1971-74 Debre Marcos
Beverly Ann Smith 1971-74 Dessie
Marylyn Sumption 1971- Nazareth
Jane Sweeney 1971-74 Addis Ababa
Marilea Swenson 1971-73 Addis Ababa
Denise Tartaglia 1971–73 Asella see Denise Tartaglia Force
John Winings 1971-74 Dessie; Addis Ababa no contact information
Rural Development
Ron Bancroft 1971–74 no contact information
Donald F. Betts 1971-73
Joel Jackson 1971-73 Inticho; Adigrat joel@gac.edu
Bruce Jacobs 1971- no contact information
Scott Kirchoff 1971-74 Jijiga; Makele skirchoff@stx.rr.com
Stephen McCarthy 1971–74 Adawa
Dee William McClurg 1971-74 Addis Ababa
Betty Pope 1971-73
Donald B. Pope 1971-73
Kenneth J. Secord 1971-75
Roy Southworth 1971-74 Awassa; Addis Ababa
Roderic D. Turner 1971–73 Deceased
David W. Widing 1971–73
Craig J. Wynn 1971-76
Smallpox eradication and Small Business
William Pike Anderson 1971-73 Makale, Tigre; Addis Ababa
Jack Howard 1971- no contact information
Christine Lee 1971-72 see Christine Lee Nichols
Cynthia S. Mateer 1971-73
William E. Mateer 1971-73
Christine Lee Nichols 1971-72
Family Group (their children's names in italic
Dan Luntz 1971- Deceased
Marilyn Luntz 1971-
   Mark Luntz
   John Luntz
   Joe Luntz
   Matt Luntz
Joseph H. Vogel 1971-73 Addis Ababa
Laura M. Vogel 1971-73 Addis Ababa
   Joseph Vogel
   Michael Vogel
   Desiree Vogel
Jean Wilson 1971 Asmara no contact information
Richard A. Wilson 1971-73 Asmara RKWlson@aol.com
   Michael Wilson
   Sue Wilson
   Richard Wilson,
Roberta Worrick 1971-73 Deceased
Thomas Worrick 1971-73 Deceased
   Raphael Worrick
Unknown group
Marilyn Goodman 1971–73 Nazareth
James J. Goodyear 1971-75 Holetta; Jimma
Dennis J. Zegan 1971-75 Dilla Sidamo

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