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Ethiopia XV   1971–73

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the spring of 1971 for Ethiopia XV. They worked on smallpox eradication, and rural development.

Thanks to John Scott Porterfield for sending a copy of the group mug book.

    John recalls about the mug book photos: I have found my group 15 manual. I didn't realize I looked like an escaped prisoner when they took this! It took us 36 hours to get from Philidephia to Addis. We stopped for 5 hours in Rome, found some wine, and had impromptu party. No one slept for that time period for more than 2 hours and the pictures show this.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Donna Eichinger Baranko 1971-73 Addis Ababa
Jarvis Van Netta Calvin 1971 Addis Ababa see Jarvis Calvin Pahl
Robert Symms Dodds 1971-73 Mekelle
Donna Eichinger 1971-73 Addis Ababa see Donna Eichinger Baranko
Alan Howard Fabel 1971-73 Makelle
Thomas L. Jensen 1971-73 Addis Ababa
Thomas R. Maertens 1971-72 Addis Ababa no contact information
Robert Raymond Moore 1971- Axum no contact information
Jarvis Calvin Pahl 1971 Addis Ababa
John Scott Porterfield 1971-73 Adwa; Agaro, Jimma Prov.; Dessie johnscot90@sev.org

Interviewed at www.BiohazardNews.net

Howard Roensch 1971- Gambela no contact information
Ciro (Jerry) Taddeo 1971-73 Addis Ababa
Alonzo Tyrie Taylor 1971- Gambela no contact information
Lawrence E. Williamson 1971-74 Arba Minch
David M. Wright 1971- Awash Station, Giwani [Hararge] www.WrightDairy.com
Sergio Zegers 1971-
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