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Ethiopia XIV   1970–72

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the fall of 1970 for Ethiopia XIV.

Thanks to Bob St. John for his help sorting out this group.

    Bob wrote: Half of the group was rural development and the other half were the people who eliminated the last smallpox from the earth. I was a beekeeper. The group trained in various small towns in-country. We ended up in Nazareth. The smallpox group trained separately. Actually, they spent a lot of their training giving cholera shots. We staged in Atlanta, GA so they could train at the Center for Disease Control.

Also thanks to the preson who sent a copy of the group training book.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Project unknown
Joseph L. Anderson, III 1970–72
no contact information
Clyde S. Emerson 1970-72

Gary R. Englin 1970-71

Graham M. Holmboe 1970-71

Thomas Edward Jordan 1970-
Phillip B. Kneller 1970-72 Harrar
Daniel Lee Kraushaar 1970-72
Joan Brand Landkamer 1970-73
Leo J. Brand Landkamer 1970-73
Donald W. Middlebrook 1970-72
Kenneth H. Moe 1970-71 no contact information
John T. Quillman 1970-72
Mark W. Schuster 1970-72
Gary Allan Urquhart 1970-
Rural Developmant
Richard W. Baes 1970-72 Adwa, Tigre; Addis Ababa
Dennis Lee McOwen 1970- Adua no contact information
Bob O. St. John 1970-72, 1973-74 Holeto, Nego; Jimma
Larry Joe Workman 1970-73 Makelle
Small Pox Eradication
Gene L. Bartley 1970-73, 1973- Dessie
Russell J. Handzus 1970-72 russ485@sbcglobal.net
Charles Jerome Kilmer 1970- kilmerl@hotmail.com
James M. Lepkowski 1970-72
Pauline Middlebrook 1970-72 Makelle
Vincent James Radke 1970-74 Jimma [Kaffa] ver2@cdc.gov
Stanley H. Ratoff 1970–73 Gemu Gofa 70–72; Addis Ababa 72-73 stanratoff@
Philip Norman Rosson 1970-
no contact information
James R. Siemon 1970-72
James W. Skelton, Jr. 1970-72 Makalle, Addis Ababa

Marc A. Strassburg 1970-72 Jimma [Kaffa] mstrass@

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