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Ethiopia XIII   1970–72

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1970 for Ethiopia XIII. The group was made up of health, ag and community development Volunteers.

Thanks to Lew Mermelstein for sending a copy of the group mug book, and Ron Lambeth for writing:
We trained at the following wonderful sites in this order: Debre Zeit (the crater lake), Bahir Dar (L. Tana w/ the Ark of The Covenant, and Tis Isat Falls), Jimma (hippopotami and vervet & colobus monkeys), and Awasa (pretty sharmutas)."

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Jay L. Anderson 1970–72
no contact information
Louise A. Bagnuolo 1970-72 Asmara; Dire Dawa
Russell Burkey 1970-73 Jimma, Kaffe
Mary Bush 1970- no contact information
Marla Caplan 1970-72
see Marla Caplan Shapiro
Paul Christensen 1970- no contact information
David L. Courtney 1970-73 Adigrat & Mekele, Tigre
Peter A. Cowdrey 1970-
Phillip D. Cox 1970-72

(John) Jake deCrans 1970-72 Wetet Abay ( Bikolo Abay )
Bruce A. Ekholt 1970-75

Ernest Fritz 1970-72

Bob Gausman 1970-72 Dorze [Gemu Gofa], Boditi [Sidamo] www.gausmanappraisals.com


Leslie Gile 1970

Anne Gray Haynes 1970-
Nancy Henke 1970-71 Dire Dawa
Deborah Holt 1970-72 Debre Zeit
Thomas J. Holt 1970-72 Debre Zeit
Gloria Houston 1970-71
see Gloria Houston Way
Wilson F. Hunt ,Jr. 1970-72 Addis Ababa
Janet A. Jacobson 1970-71
no contact information
William M. Kendall 1970-72 Leku [Sidamo]
Wendell R. King 1970-73

Gary Kowalczyk 1970-72 Wukro, Tigre
Ron (Haile) Lambeth 1970-72 Agoula, Tigre rolambeth@yahoo.com
Susan Letheby 1970-71
see Susna Letheby-Myers
Susan Letheby-Myers 1970-71

James H. Lind 1970- no contact information
Edward J. Lynn 1970- no contact information
Lawrence E. Manning 1970-72
Lawrence Manning Photography
Sandra Manning 1970-72
Maryann T. Melzl 1970-72 Makele, Tigre
Lew Mermelstein 1970-73 Awassa [Sidamo]; Addis Addis
Lynn C. (Hap) Micklus 1970-
Barbara R. Miller 1970-72
see Barbara Miller West
Frederick P. (Flip) Miller 1970-75

Joyce Miller 1970-74
no contact information
Eleanor A Norwood 1970-72

Ron Pahl 1970-71

Carl H. Penndorf 1970-72
Linda Lee Redwine 1970- Endabaguna [Tigre]; Axum [Tigre]; Dembidollo [Wollega] SeniorIndependence.com
Robert Redwine 1970- Endabaguna [Tigre]; Axum [Tigre]; Dembidollo [Wollega] www.Redwine-Reizian.com/index.htm
Philip C. Reisberg 1970-
Michael A. Santarelli 1970-73 Gura
Fred Seligson 1970-
no contact information
Jack J. Shapiro 1970-72 Addis Ababa
Marla Caplan Shapiro 1970-72 Addis Ababa
Jeremiah Shey 1970-73 Deceased
Dwight J. Sullivan 1970-72 Yergalem,Sidamo; Dodola,Bali
Kenneth D. Triebelhorn 1970-
Roberta (Bobbi) Vann 1970-71 Gondar rvann@iastate.edu
Robert G. Waltermire 1970-
Gloria Houston Way 1970-71

Raymond R. Weil 1970-71 Didessa Valley, Wollega
Barbara Miller West 1970-72 Makele, Tigre
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