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Ethiopia XII   1969–71

Ethiopia XII's stateside training was held in NYC and Washington, DC; they arrived in Addis in August of 1969 and their in-country training was held in Awasa and Jimma. They primarily worked in education.

PCXII has held reunions every two years since 1976 at various sites in the US with next one slated for the summer of 2003 in New Mexico. Contact Steve Johnson for more information.

Thanks to Nancy Adams for sending a copy of the group mug book, and to Steve Johnson for sending facts about the group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Nancy L. Adams 1969–71 Addis Ababa
Paul (Rick) R. Arnold 1969-70

Frederick R. Bechard 1969-71 Dessie,Wollo
Joseph J. Bell 1969-71 Alamata attorney@bellslaw.com
John I. Cahill 1969-71 Gondar; Gorgora
Thomas M. Countryman 1969-71

Sanford Joseph Edelman 1969-71

James C. Fehl 1969-70 Sebata
George I. Fenigsohn 1969-71

Robert M. Fenske 1969-72 Harar, Ras Mekonnen School Deceased
Mary-Jean Galloway 1969-71
see Mary-Jean McKelvy
Walter B. Galloway 1969-71 Axum; Adi Teclesan; Addis Ababa; Jinka/Baco
Michael E. Gasser 1969-73 Debre Sina, Ambo, Addis Ababa
Charles R. Higgins 1969-71
no contact information
Judy Vern Higgins 1969-71
no contact information
Louise Horney, MD 1969-71 Dilla, Sidamo
Patricia R. Huling 1969-71

Rodney C. Huling 1969-71

Paul Issacson 1969-71
no contact information
Stanley Paul Jacobson 1969-71 Arjo, Wollega
Stephen L. Johnson 1969-71 Dessie, Goha Tsion
Carmen Jones 1969-71 Addis Ababa see Carmen Jones-Clad
Carmen Jones-Clad 1969-71 Addis Ababa carmenjc@starpower.net
Anne C. Kok 1969-71

Paul R. Kok 1969-71 Kombolcha
Crickett (Cathleen) Krzyminski 1969-72 Arba Minch, Gemu Gofa
Gregory E. Krzyminski 1969-72 Arba Minch, Gemu Gofa
Cynthia Anne Leonard 1969-
no contact information
David Mahoney 1969

Geraldine (Dee) Mahoney 1969

Andrew C. Martin 1969-70

Mary-Jean McKelvy 1969-71

William T. McLaughlin 1969-

G. Gregory Pyle 1969-72 Dessie; Deder; Dire Dawa
Nancy J. Schewe 1969-71 Gambella; Addis Ababa
Stephen J. Schewe 1969-71 Gambella; Addis Ababa
Daniel A. Tomandl 1969-71 Korem [Wollo]
Marianne Tomandl 1969-71 Korem [Wollo]
Carolyn Ann Tucker 1969-

William C. Unger 1969-71

Karen Williams 1969-71
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