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Ethiopia XI   1969–71

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1969 for Ethiopia XI in Awasa, Sidamo Province. The group was made up of Skins & Hides, medical, ag and community development Volunteers. Five Volunteers worked in Animal Health.

Bob Mullane wrote this about the training:

    We spent a couple of months doing language study in Awasa. We were housed in a lakeside 'resort' which consisted of individual 'cabins'. I think three (or possibly four) Volunteers were assigned to each cabin. Upon completion, we broke up into individual groups for further field training. I was a community development worker, and we trained with Bernard Flock (Ethiopia VI U of Utah) in irrigation skills. That training took place in the field. I'm not sure of the location, but the nearest town with a paved 'highway' also had a large pool fed from hot springs. I think the town was Ambo, but I'm not sure. I don't remember where the other teams did their follow-on training.

And Thanks too to Bob for sending a copy of his mug book from this training group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Leslie Belk 1969-71 Mettu, Illubabor see Leslie Belk Sugrue
Richard L. Bell 1969-73 Dessie, Woldya, Goba
Susan Chance 1969-71 Addis Ababa see Susan Chance Shippey
James C. Clad 1969-71 Borodda, Gemu Gofa
David M. Godwin 1969-71

Allen G. Harris 1969-71 Ghion, Shoa Prov
Darryl L. Haynes 1969-71 Merababaye, Gemu Gofa haynesdlks@aol.com
Fred David Hayward 1969-71 Addis Ababa
Gary L. Heath 1969-70 Felege Neway, Gemu Gofa
Donald Henry 1969-71 Soddo, Gemu Gofa no contact information
Marie Hollinger 1969-71 Dessie, Wollo no contact information
Kathleen Ingelsby 1969-71 Addis Ababa
Mary F. Lampe 1969-71 Gondar, Begemdir
John A. Lawson 1969-71 Betto, Gemu Gofa no contact information
Cynthia Lee 1969-71 Dessie, Wollo no contact information
James L. Levin 1969-71 Makelle, Tigre no contact information
John P. Moravek 1969-71 Giwani, Harar Deceased
Eileen Morrison 1969-71 Dire Dawa, Harar no contact information
Robert Mullane 1969-71 Betto, Gemu Gofa no contact information
Sue Carolan Neal 1969-71 Addis Ababa no contact information
Leonard Nuvoloni 1969-71 Yorbameda, Sidamo Deceased
Chris Oakner 1969-72 Illubabor, Gore no contact information
Henry Olson 1969-71 Abella, Sidamo no contact information
Michael T. Pachovas 1969 Belview du Lac no contact information
Jane Quinlan 1969-71 Asella, Arussi; Addis Ababa
Diane Rausch 1969-71 Dire Dawa, Harar no contact information
Michael J. Rhodes 1969- no contact information
Edwin C. (Ned) Roberts 1969-71 Gondar, Begemdir
Albert C. Roudebush 1969-71 Ambo, Shoa no contact information
James Burns Ryan 1969-72 Giwani [Harar] Deceased
Edward D. Salt 1969-71 Yorbameda, Sidamo
Gayle L. Sappington 1969-71 Alemaya, Harar
Kevin M. Sekins 1969-71 Sinane, Bale no contact information
Susan Chance Shippey 1969-71 Addis Ababa phdsshippey@friendlycity.net
R. Carole Stevens 1969-71 Addis Ababa
Leslie Belk Sugrue 1969-71 Mettu, Illubabor wsugrue@aol.com
William F. Sugrue 1969-73 Wajifo, Gemu Gofa wsugrue@aol.com
William Thompson 1969-71 Bako, Shoa no contact information
Karen R. Viskochil 1969-71 Addis Ababa
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