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Ethiopia X   1968–70   St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1968 for Ethiopia X at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. They were mainly ESL teachers.

Thanks to Charles Fischer and trainer Clare Shea who sent copies of the training book, and Craig Johnson, Audrey Aanes, Lynda (Stewart) Smith and Richard Sherman for info about the group.

    Lynda (Stewart) Smith wrote: At the end of our first year we had a conference and asked that they stop sending teachers as the people needed much more basic aid, especially in health care, farming and nutrition. Maybe if they had listened the situation wouldn't be so bad there now.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
James Gordon Adair 1968–70 Nekempt, Wollega
Julianne Alandt 1968-70 Atechlesan, Eritrea see Julianne Alandt Madden
Sarah Bette Barnhardt 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Ninian Beall, Jr. 1968-69 Wollamo Soddo, Sidamo
Harrison C. Bloom 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollega
Joyce Wudtke Boatwright 1968- Debre Zeit, Shoa Prov no contact information
Thomas Stuart Brainerd 1968-70 Dangla, Gojam no contact information
John A. Bryson 1968-

Kathy J. Burke 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Mark Calkins 1968-70
no contact information
Susan Carpenter 1968-70
see Susan Carpenter-Glidden
Susan Carpenter-Glidden 1968-70

Thomas William Catucci 1968–70 Hirna, Harar no contact information
David Collamer 1968-70 Adwa, Tigre Prov
Shirley Jane Crowley 1968-70
John P. Dattola 1968-70 Dire Dawa no contact information
David Earl Davis 1968-70 Dire Dawa
Loretta J. Huber Davis 1968-70 Asella ldavis100@gmail.com
Paul Martin Doherty 1968-70 Addis Ababa dohertypm@yahoo.com
Lonna Huntington Dole 1968-69 Ghimbi, Wollega Prov see Lonna H. Dole Harkrader
Bruce F. Elowitt 1968-70 Harar; Jimma no contact information
Marion Finkelstein 1968-70 Hosanna, Shoa no contact information
Charles L. Fischer, Jr. 1968-70 Sendafa, Shoa fischerhome@verizon.net
Anne K. Fitzgerald 1968-69 Addis Ababa see Anne Fitzgerald O’Neill
Richard A. Frankel 1968-70 Arba Minch, Gemu Gofa richard@rfpny.com
Norman Friedland 1968-70 Bonga, Kaffa
Jeremy E. Gluckman 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Lionel J. Goetz 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Stephen R. Gulick 1968-70 Bonga, Kaffa Prov sgulick1@yahoo.com
Larry F. Guthrie 1968-70 Ghidole, Gemu Gofa Prov
Mary Noel Zallnick Habte-Mariam 1968- Gondar, Begemdir Prov no contact information
Richard Haertlein 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Lynn K. Hall 1968-69 Debre Tabor; Barhar Dar
Lonna H. Dole Harkrader 1968-69 Ghimbi, Wollega
Wayne Lee Haythorn 1968- Negelli
William A. Heim 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Suzanne Irene High 1968- Ghion, Wolliso Prov
Philip J. Hjemboe 1968- Bonga, Kaffa Prov phil2946@yahoo.com
Loretta J. Huber 1968-70 Asella see Loretta J. Huber Davis
Carol A. Hynes 1968 Debre Zeit see Carol Hynes McCormick
Kathleen Mahon Isaac 1968-70 Lekempte, Wollega Prov
Craig W. Johnson 1968-69 Adwa, Tigre www.msnucleus.org/

Deborah Johnson 1968-69
see Deborah Kendall
Elliot Kanter 1968-70 Makelle
Timothy Sean Kelly 1968- Harar no contact information
Deborah Kendall 1968-69 Adwa, Tigre
Edward F. Kickham 1968-70 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Charles Alan Kreiman 1968-70 Asella
Marcia Eleanor Lawrence 1968- Debark, Begemdir Prov no contact information
Daniel C. Littlefield 1968-70 Deder, Harar Prov
Julianne Alandt Madden 1968–70 Adi Techlesan; Asmara, Eritrea
Kathleen Patricia Mahon 1968–70 Lekempt, Wollega Prov see Kathleen Mahon Isaac
Judy L. Maier 1968-70 Addis Ababa See Judy Maier Nichols
Anthony F. Maiorca 1968- Adi Quala, Eritrea
Dennis Eugene May 1968-69 Asbe Tefari, Harar
Timothy McAvoy 1968- Wukro, Tigre no contact information
Carol Hynes McCormick 1968 Debre Zeit
Susan McDonald 1968-70 Bati, Wollo Prov see Susan McDonald Moore
William Terry McKinley 1968- Jinka (Bako), Gemu Gofa Prov
Stephen R. Moore 1968-70 Bati, Wollo Prov smoore35@bresnan.net
Susan McDonald Moore 1968-70 Bati, Wollo Prov smoore35@bresnan.net
Marilyn Sue Mulvaney 1968-69 Addis Ababa see Marilyn Mulvaney Streeter
Nan Earl Repkay Newell 1968- no contact information
Ellen Newmyer 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Ellen Newmeyer Sullivan
Judy Maier Nichols 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Dave O’Hern 1968-69 Debre Tabor
Linda Karen O’Hern 1968-69 Debre Tabor; Barhar Dar see Lynn K. Hall
Anne Fitzgerald O’Neill 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Valerie A. Orcutt 1968-69 Adwa, Tigre Prov
Ronald George Orzel 1968-70 Gidole, Gemu Gofa
Leon Perlman 1968-69 Gondar, Begemdir Prov
Nan Earl Repkay 1968- Sheno, Shoa Prov see Nan Earl Repkay Newell
Donna Louis Rogers 1968- Lekempt, Wollega Prov no contact information
Kathleen M. Seaman 1968- Adi Ugri, Eritrea see Kathleen M. Seaman-Cooke
Kathleen M. Seaman-Cooke 1968- Adi Ugri, Eritrea no contact information
Richard F. Sherman, Ph. D. 1968-70 Adigrat, Tigre
Lynda B Smith 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Neal Sobania 1968-72 Addis Ababa
Lynda Beth Stewart 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Lynda B. Smith
Ronald Stewart 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Marilyn Mulvaney Streeter 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Ellen Newmyer Sullivan 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Daniel J. Svenconis 1968-71 Gore, Kaffa Prov
Graham Ward Thurgood 1968- Agordat, Eritrea no contact information
Arie John Vander Ploeg 1968-70 Senafe, Eritrea
Samuel Weingart 1968-69 Adigrat, Tigre Prov
Marc Issac Weishaus 1968-71 Addis Ababa
Roger Whitaker 1968-70 Woldiya, Wollo Prov
Susan Frocken Whitaker 1968-70 Woldiya, Wollo Prov
Philip Hughes Whitcomb 1968- Enda Selassie, Tigre Prov Deceased
Joyce Wudtke 1968- Debre Zeit, Shoa Prov see Joyce Wudtke Boatwright
Mary Noel Zallnick 1968- Gondar, Begemdir Prov see Mary Noel Zallnick Habte-Mariam
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