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Ethiopia X   1968–70   St. Croix, Virgin Islands

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1968 for Ethiopia X at St. Croix, Virgin Islands. They were mainly ESL teachers.

Thanks to Charles Fischer, Lynda Stewart Smith and Richard Sherman for writing about the Xs.

Thanks to Paul Doherty (X-St. Thomas) for sending his copy of the training group directory for this group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
William R. Bennington 1968-70 Gursum [Harar]; Harar [Harar] no contact information
Charles Boothby 1968-69 Mendi, Wollega
Nancy Appel Boothby 1968-69 Mendi, Wollega
Michael Reid Bougher 1968-69 Dessie, Wollo; Addis Ababa
Richard Burgart 1968-70 Bekoji
Suzanne Burgart 1968-70 Bekoji
Jody Davis Burns 1968-70 Addis Ababa davisj@u.washington.edu
John R. Burns 1968-70 Sodo [Sidamo]; Yirgalem [Sidamo]; Addis Ababa see John Byrne
John Byrne 1968-70 Sodo [Sidamo]; Yirgalem [Sidamo]; Addis Ababa
Carole Camp 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Howard Camp 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Robert M Clunie 1968-70 Addis Ababa; Jimma [Kaffa] no contact information
Jo Anne Davis 1968-70 Addis Ababa See Jody Davis Burns
Richard Garcia 1968-69 Makele
Florence Gluckman 1968-69 Addis Ababa Deceased
David Golden 1968-70 Jimma, Kaffa Prov no contact information
Lyle Herzog 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Gwendolyn Hudson 1968-70 Debark [Begemdir]
Martin D. Jacobson 1968-71 Addis Ababa
Curtis Leyser 1968-70 Azezo, [Begemdir]; Aggaro [Kaffa]
David W. Lloyd 1968-70 Dembi Dollo, Wollega Prov
Peter C. McVeigh 1968-70 Buno Bedelle, [Illubabor]
Virginia Mekkelson 1968-70 Asmara, Eritrea VirginiaMekkelson.com
Ellen Moon 1968-70 Jimma, Kaffa
James R. Moon 1968-70 Jimma, Kaffa
Sandra Murphy 1968-69 Addis Ababa no contact information
Phyllis Perna 1968-71 Gambela, Illubabor Prov
Stanley Provus 1968-70 Dire Dawa no contact information
Nancy J. Putnam 1968-70 Ghion
Gordon Campbelle Rhea 1968-69 Dire Dawa
Margaret R. Rhea 1968-69 Dire Dawa rmccollough@msn.com
Robert Rosenblum 1968-70 Leku [Sidamo]; Kebre Mengist [Sidamo]
Michael D. Sandler 1968-69 Gondar, Begemder Prov
John E. Stevens 1968-69 Addis Ababa no contact information
Frank E. Sullivan 1968-70 Dembidolo, Wollega Prov
John T. Swayze 1968-70, 70-71 Fitche, Shoa Prov; Addis Ababa no contact information
Connie Thurgood 1968-70 Addis Ababa: Grawa [Harar] no contact information
Susan Toabe 1968-69 Addis Ababa no contact information
Stephen Traylor 1968-70 Gondar, Begemdir Prov; Deder
Mike Underhill 1968-70 Addis Ababa no contact information
Helen Wells 1968-71 Shileh (Shelia)& Kelam, Gamo Goffa
Theodore M. Wells 1968-71 Shileh & Kelam, Gamo Goffa
Richard West 1968-70 Buno Bedele no contact information
John V. Whitbeck 1968-69 Addis Ababa
John Whitehill 1968-70 Ghion, Wolliso
Timothy W. Williams 1968-72 Aggaro, Kaffa; Jimma; Lekempte timothywilliams7@comcast.net
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