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Ethiopia X    1968–70   Trained in-country

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1968 for Ethiopia X. The group staged in Philadelphia and then trained in-country. This was the first group to Ethiopia to train entirely in-country.

Thanks to Ethi X-St. Croix RPCV Paul Doherty for sending a copy of the training book for this group that was very helpful in sorting out the group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Barbara C. Anderson 1968-69 Bahar Dar, Gojam
Van Anderson 1968-69 Bahar Dar, Gojam
Judith E. Lehman Ballinger 1968-70

Mary McGuaran Berhan 1968-70 Lekempt, Wollega
Loraine (Lori) A. Brodeur 1968-69 Sendafa, Shoa
Paul C. Browne 1968-70 Addis Ababa
John W. Bruce 1968-72 Addis Ababa
Judith E.L. Bruce 1968-70
see Judith Elizabeth Lehman Ballinger
Michael W. Cupp 1968-70 Debre Berhan, Shoa Prov
Patricia S. Cupp 1968-70 Debre Berhan, Shoa Prov
Sybil M. Davis 1968-70
Vernie L. Davis 1968-70
Montague W. Demmet 1968-70 Sieman National Park
Donald B. Eklund 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Frances M. Fickle 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Stanley C. Fickle 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Katherine E. Garner 1968-69 Gondar, Begemdir Prov no contact information
Steven R. Guggenheim 1968-69 Addis Ababa
David D. Haddock 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Gemma Hallet 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Gemma Hallet Mathews
Stevann J. Hoffman 1968-69 Debre Berhan, Shoa Prov
Thomas Allen Hoffman 1968-69 Debre Berhan, Shoa Prov
Lynn B. Kimball 1968-69 Yirgalem, Sidamo
Catherine Kleinsmith 1968-69 Harar
Lynn Sanford Koester 1968-70 Dessie, Wollo Prov
Otto H. Koester 1968-69 Debre Berhan, Shoa
Carol Krieger 1968- Addis Ababa
Sanford Krieger 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Judy H. Lawson 1968-72 Jimma see Judy H. Minkus
Sam Lawson 1968-71 Emdeber; Jimma
William F. Lee 1968-69 Addis Ababa wmflee@gmail.com or w.lee@unrwa.org
Irene K. Lyons 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Irene K. Rasmussen
John D. Lyons, Jr. 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Gemma Hallet Mathews 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Mary McGuaran 1968-70 Lekempt, Wollega see Mary McGuaran Berhan
Judy H. Minkus 1968–72 Jimma
John E. Nelson 1968-70 (also 1965–67)
Marion C. Nelson 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Margaret S. Plater 1968-70 Addis Ababa See Margaret St. John
Zygmunt J. B. Plater 1968-70 Addis Ababa www2.bc.edu/~plater/
Irene K. Rasmussen 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Margaret St. John 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Lynn Y. Sanford 1968-70 Dessie, Wollo Prov see Lynn Sanford Koester
Eleanor L. Shumway 1964-66 (Eth III), 1968-69 Yirgalem; Harar
Andrea G. Skelley 1968- Asella, Arussi no contact information
Thomas L. Skelley 1968-1969 Assella
Robert S. Sullivan, Ph.D. 1968-70 Addis Ababa rss@unc.edu
Marion Nelson Winship 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Marion Nelson
Peter Winship 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Gemma Hallet Woubishet 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Gemma Hallet Mathews
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