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Ethiopia IX    1968–70

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1968. The group trained on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and in-country at Jimma, Addis Ababa, or Dire Dawa.

Thanks to Spencer Fidler for sending a copy of the training group mug book and other helpful info.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Mary Anne Larson Baker 1968-70 Dessie, Wollo Prov
Karin A. Bascom 1968-70 Wurrabur; Choncho; Addis Ababa see Karin Bascom Culp
Lorraine D. Beauchesne 1968-70 Dire Dawa; Harar: Asmara see Lorraine Beauchesne Fidler
Mary E. Bruckenstein 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Mary Myers-Bruckenstein
Gregory Bull 1968-70 Agoula; Makale, Tigre
Patricia Dorrian Bull 1968-70 Makele, Tigre Prov
Charles N. Caldwell 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollega no contact information
Mary J. Pelon Caldwell 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollega Prov no contact information
Daniel Castelan 1968-70 Zewai, Shoa Prov
Sandra J. Cavendish 1968-70 Debre Marcos, Gojam Prov
Julie C. Wigand Costa 1968-70 Makele
John S. Cullison 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollesa; Addis Ababa
Karin Bascom Culp 1968-69 Wurrabur; Choncho; Addis Ababa
Mike Culp 1968-69 Wurrabur; Awassa, Sidamo Prov; Felege Neway, Gamo Gofa Prov
Patricia Dorrian 1968-70 Makele, Tigre Prov see Patricia Dorrian Bull
Joel S. Edstrom 1968-70 Sulula, Wollo Prov
Seymour I. Eisenfeld 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Paul Alan Fahey 1968-71 Asmara, Eritrea
Lorraine Beauchesne Fidler 1968-70 Dire Dawa; Harar; Asmara Deceased
Spencer Daniel Fidler 1968-70 Asmara, Eritrea
Jeane Marie Vouk Frahm 1968-70 Debre Marcos, Gojam Prov no contact information
Luke (Dusty) Golobitsh 1968-70 Awash Natl. Pk.; Bale Natl. Pk.; Haik, Wollo; Dinshu, Bale-Goba dustyluke@mac.com
Patricia J. Hamilton 1968-70 Guennet, Shoa Prov see Patricia J. Hamilton Hulst
John Hartung, Ph.D. 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollega Prov
H. Lamar Henderson 1968-71 Yirgalem, Sidamo Prov
Dennis Hermanson 1968-70 Addis Ababa no contact information
Sandra Tychsen Hermanson 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Sandra Tychsen
E. Merritt Hulst 1968-70 Guennet, Shoa Prov no contact information
Patricia J. Hamilton Hulst 1968-70 Guennet, Shoa Prov no contact information
Paul Jankura 1968- Wajofo, Gemu Gofa Prov
Mary Anne Larson 1968-70 Dessie, Wollo Prov see Mary Anne Larson Baker
James E. Lerager 1968-69 Adi Seharti, Tigre Prov
Bruce G. MacWithey 1968- Inditcho, Tigre Prov
Patrick T. McCue 1968-70 Txelooeh, Tigre Prov
Susan A. West McCue 1968-70 Asella, Arrusi Prov
Stephen O. Meyer 1968-71 Gimbi, Wollega
John Charles Morgan 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Mary Elizabeth Myers 1968-70 Addis Ababa see Mary Myers-Bruckenstein
Mary Myers-Bruckenstein 1968-70 Addis Ababa
Thomas Otto 1968-69 Addis Ababa
Mary J. Pelon 1968-70 Ghimbi, Wollega Prov see Mary J. Pelon Caldwell
Thomas D. Purdy 1968- Sulula, Wollo no contact information
Libert F. Scaramelli 1968-71 Abella, Sidamo Prov Deceased
Ellen Shively 1968-70 Asmara, Eritrea
Myron J. Staffelbach 1968-71 Agoula, Tigre Prov MJS250@msn.com
Dennis Stetter 1968-70 Endeber, Shoa Prov
James D. Templeton 1968-70 Metu, Illubabor Prov
Mary Anne Templeton 1968-70 Metu, Illubabor Prov
Sandra Tychsen 1968-70 Addis Ababa Sandra.tychsen
Jeane Marie Vouk 1968-70 Debre Marcos,Gojam Prov see Jeane Marie Vouk Frahm
Jerry Martin Weissman 1968- Ghimbi, Wollega Prov
Susan A. West 1968-70 Asella, Arrusi Prov see Susan A. West McCue
Julie C. Wigand 1968- Makele, Tigre Prov see Julie C. Wigand Costa
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