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Ethiopia VIII    1967–69     University of Utah

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1967 at the University of Utah. Most worked in-country as teachers.

Thanks to Rich Main who sent his copy of the group's training book listing all the trainees.

And Frank Drejer who wrote about the training:

    Ethiopia VIII trained at theUniversity of Utah in the summer of 1967, and In case you haven't heard, ours was one of the poorest run training programs in the history of the Peace Corps. The Director of the Peace Corps came from Washington to our graduation and personally apologized for what we had had to endure.
         Unfortunately, a large number of our fellow Volunteers who had already been "deselected" and sent home were not there to hear his attempt to ameliorate what had been a horrendous summer for one and all. That said, I had a fantastic three years in Ethiopia and would do it again in the blink of an eye.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Hugh Douglas Adamson 1967-69 Debre Marcos; Makelle, Tigre no contact information
Karen Altfeld 1967-68 see Karen Altfeld Fisher
Frances Anderson 1967-68
see Frances Anderson Scura
Dorothy A. Boynton 1967-69 Ghion
Alan K. Bridges 1967-69 Addis Ababa
Richard E. Buhrendorf 1967-70 Harar Deceased
James Dean Camp 1967-69 Deceased
Charles T. Carpenter 1967-69 Kimbolcha, Harar Prov. no contact information
Alan Philip Cook 1967-69 Jinka (Bako), Gemu Gofa
Charles J. Costa 1967-70 Wukro, Makelle, Tigre
Frederic J. Cowan, Jr. 1967-69 Wollo Prov
Carol W. Dickerman 1967-69 Addis Ababa cwd@umich.edu
David Murray Disharoon 1967-69 Addis Ababa
Francis Joseph Drejer 1967-70 Gursum, Hararge Prov.; Lekempt, Wollega Prov.
Patricia Ingle Eimerl 1967-69 Axum, Tigre Prov
June L. Everitt 1967-69 Yirgalem, Sidamo no contact information
Karen Altfeld Fisher 1967-68
Kenneth Fitschen 1967-69 Jimma, Kaffa Prov
Lynne L. Moore Fitzgibbon 1967-69 Woldiya, Wollo Prov
Frances Anderson Fries 1967-68 Addis Ababa see Frances Anderson Scura
Linda C. Gale 1967-69 Addis Ababa
William R. Gale 1967-69 Addis Ababa
Gary A. Giese 1967-69 Wuchale; Addis Ababa
James Francis Gregory 1967-69 Dilla; Addis Ababa jgregory@optonline.net
Richard Haas 1967-69 Dembidollo; Addis Ababa richaas@earthlink.net

Joyce Wilburn Haile Selassie 1967-68 Addis Ababa
Ronald Everett Haines 1967-70 Addis Ababa; Dessie
Myrna J. Hanson 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
Linda Harbaugh 1967-68 Gondar see Linda Harbaugh Hillman
Robert W. Hazlett 1967-71 Sheno, Shoa Prov
Lorna C. Henningsen 1967-68 Addis Ababa; Bonga
Linda Harbaugh Hillman 1967-68 Gondar
James Michael Hodapp 1967-69 Addis Ababa
Linda Hovde 1967-69 Haik, Wollo
Robert L. Hovde 1967-69 Haik, Wollo
Patricia Ingle 1967-69 Axum [Tigre] see Patricia I. Eimerl
James Nolan Kelley 1967-69 Nazareth
Margot Kennard 1967-69 Ambo [Shoa]
Margaret Preston Kharraz 1967-69 Dessie
Marilyn E. Larson 1967-69 Ambo [Shoa] see Margot Kennard
Richard Larson 1967-69 Ambo [Shoa] no contact information
Karen MacDonald 1967-68
see Karen Macdonald Rosenthal
Carleton Macy 1967-69 Assella; Addis Ababa
Richard A. Main 1967- Addis Ababa
Gary P. Market 1967- Dire Dawa no contact information
Carol A. Mendelsohn 1967- Asmara, Eritrea no contact information
Charles Jerrold Meyer 1967-69 Kombolcha, Harar Prov charlesmeyer44
David Walter Moore 1967- Lekempt, Wollega Prov
Lynne L. Moore 1967-69 Woldia, Wello see Lynne L. Moore Fitzgibbon
Cynthia M. Nelson 1967- Woldiya, Wollo Prov no contact information
Erick R. Nilsen 1967- Seddo no contact information
Solveig H. Nilsen 1967- Seddo no contact information
Michael O’Brien 1967-69 Grawa, Harar Prov obrien@hevanet.com
Vana H. O’Brien 1967-69 Grawa, Harar Prov vana@hevanet.com
Ted David Peterson 1967-69 Debre Marcos, Gojam
Margaret A. Preston 1967-69 Dessie, Wollo Prov see Margaret Preston Kharraz
Michael A. Roddy 1967-69 Ebdeber, Shoa Prov
Elizabeth Ann Rodgers 1967-69 Assela, Arrusi elizabeth
Karen MacDonald Rosenthal 1967-68 Addis Ababa; Harar karen.kmr@verizon.net
Jackqueline Roy 1967–69 Dangilla; Debre Marcos, Gojam Prov see Jackqueline
Van Sinderen
Frances Anderson Scura 1967-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Susan Dee Shemet 1967–69 Aleta Wondo see Susan Shemet Winslow
Laurence H. Shoup 1967-69 Endaselassie, Tigre Prov; Axum, Tigre Prov
Patricia Ingle Shoup 1967-69 Axum, Tigre Prov see Patricia Ingle Eimerl
Joyce Ann (Joanie) Speer 1967-69 Kofele see Joyce Ann (Joanie) Speer Taylor
Anne N. Stoddard 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
Dan Stoddard 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
Joyce Ann (Joanie) Speer Taylor 1967-69 Kofele
Richard Bingham Taylor 1967-69 Makele
Charles Traub 1967 no contact information
Susan Traub 1967 Deceased
Alexander Van Sinderen 1967-69 Dangilla; Debre Marcos, Gojam Prov
Jackqueline Van Sinderen 1967-69 Dongilla; Debre Marcos, Gojam Prov
Saulius Suziedelis 1967-69 Shambu, Wollega; Ambo, Shoa Prov ssuziedelis@millersville.edu
Susan Traub 1967 Deceased
John I. Trull 1967- Soddo, Sidamo Prov no contact information
Joyce Wilburn 1967-68 Addis Ababa see Joyce Wilburn Haile Selassie
Susan Shemet Winslow 1967-69 AletaWondo, Sidamo Prov
Thomas Andres Winters 1967-69 Addis Ababa no contact information
Cathleen L. Yordi 1967- Addis Ababa
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