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Ethiopia VIII    1967–69     Training Site Unknown

With which group did these people train?

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained in the summer of 1967. It is not known where they trained. If you can help sort these names out, you help would be appreciated.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Thomas W. Aitken 1967-69 Addis Ababa
John Scott Berry 1967-69 Asbe Tafari, Harar
Sally Kay Broste 1967-70 no contact information

Terry Smith Corellas 1967-69 Asmara, Eritrea no contact information
Julia Cosa 1967-69
see Julia Cosa Cusimano
Julia Cosa Cusimano 1967-69

Nancy Carolyn Lightfoot 1967-69 Goba; Harar
William O’Keefe 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
Robert Pam 1967-68

Thomas Park 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
J. Riley Redding 1967-69 Arba Minch; Guennet, Holleta Prov
William Robertson 1967- Guennet, Shoa Prov no contact information
Stephen R. Smith 1967- Yirgalem, Sidamo Prov no contact information
May T. Weems 1967- Addis Ababa no contact information
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