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Ethiopia VII   University of Utah   1966–68

103 Peace Corps Trainees began their training on June 19, 1966 at the University of Utah. Training was concluded September 8th. Those who became Volunteers are listed below. The group consisted primarily of secondary teachers, and a few were assigned to work in secretarial roles.

Another small group trained at Utah to work for the Imperial Highway Authority.

Thanks to Dona Kelley for being so helpful in sorting out this list, and to Don and Jackie Schlenger for sending a copy of the training book for this group.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Barbara Alpert 1966-67
see Barbara Alpert Standley
Dale Andersen 1966-68 Bonga daleand357@hotmail.com
Shungi Asari 1966-68
no contact information
Jane Bacigalupo 1966-68 Addis Ababa see Jane Bacigalupo Dolph
John I. Barnes 1966-68
Susan K. Biassini 1966-
Karen J. Blanchard 1966-68 Assella
Leah Bogush 1966-68
see Leah Bogush Carlisle
Michael D. Brand 1966-68 Makele, Tigre
Leah Bogush Carlisle 1966-68 Harar
Daniel Cerio 1966-68
no contact information
Don L. Chadwick 1966-68 Kombolcha, Harrarghie
Daniel F. Close 1966-68 Bekoji, Arusi
Vincent Gerard Cowhig, Jr. 1966-68

Maureen E. Traynor Crossett 1966-68 Harar tmcrosset@verizon.net
Thomas E. Crossett 1966-68 Gondar tmcrosset@verizon.net
Virginia H. Davidson 1966-68 Addis Ababa see Virginia Hollins-Davidson
Gordon Davis 1966-68 Bahr Dar [Gojam]; Adwa [Tigre] gdavis@auroragov.org
Dana A. Demmans 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Jane Bacigalupo Dolph 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Karl Drobnic 1966-68 Goba
Rupert A. Emerson 1966-68 Bekoji, Arusi raemerson@

Edward J. Gallagher 1966-68 Addis Ababa edgal@aol.com
John Garamendi 1966-68 Metu, Illubabor www.Garamendi.org
Patricia Garamendi 1966-68 Metu, Illubabor
Eric Goldfeder 1966-68
no contact information
Judith Goldfeder 1966-68
no contact information
Ronald R. Gonella 1966-68 Adi Quala, Eritrea rongo98@hotmail.com
Marcia Greenlee 1966-68

Peter A. Greenlee 1966-68

Charles (Sam) Greer 1966-68 Addis Ababa cbsamgreer@earthlink.net
Marilyn Snyder Halper 1966-68 Asbe Tefari; Ambo mhalper5@optonline.net
Donald Harris 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Elaine Harris 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Mary Higgins 1966-68 Addis Ababa see Mary Higgins Moreau
Stanley Hoffman 1966-69
no contact information
Virginia M. Hollins 1966-68
see Virginia Hollins-Davidson
Virginia Hollins-Davidson 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Richard G. Holston 1966-68
no contact information
Nancy E. Horn, Ph.D. 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Bruce Kaliser 1966-
Dona Kathleen Kelley 1966-68 Adi Caieh, Eritrea donakel@bellsouth.net
Christine Klein 1966-
no contact information
Michael LeVesque 1966-68 Adi Quala, Eritrea; Adi Seharti, Tigre vitamike@sbcglobal.net
Arthur Lubin 1966-68
no contact information
Christian Messenger 1966-68 Nazareth
Mary Higgins Moreau 1966-68 Addis Ababa
John E. Murphy 1966-68

Richard E. Peck 1966-69 Ambo, Addis Ababa Deceased
Lester E. Robbins 1966-68
no contact information
Carolyn J Rosenfelder 1966-68 Debra Sina, Shoa
Terry Rosenfelder 1966-68 Debre Sina, Shoa
James B. Schermer 1966-68 Gidole 66-67; Addis Ababa 67-68
Kenneth R. Scheublin 1966-68 Assella
Donald R. Schlenger 1966-68
Jacqueline M. Schlenger 1966-68
Louise Weissman Siegel 1966-68 Adigrat, Tigre
Warren Siegel 1966-68

James A. Smith 1966-68
Marilyn Snyder 1966-68
see Marilyn Snyder Halper
Meredith A. Spangler 1966-68
no contact information
Michael Spangler 1966-68
no contact information
Barbara Anne Alpert Standley 1966-67 Addis Ababa
Errol Stevens 1966-68
no contact information
Dana A. Strayer 1966-68
see Dana A. Demmans
Robert Strayer 1966-68

Linda Strohmeyer 1966-68

Roger W. Surette 1966-68
no contact information
Charles R. Sutton 1966–68 Addis Ababa re. Charlie in Addis
May 2008

Judy A. Swallow 1966-68 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Susan E. Swertfager 1966-
no contact information
Treedeen A. Tether 1966-68

Marty Tombari 1966-68

Maureen E. Traynor 1966-68 Harar see Maureen E. Traynor Crossett
Wyn M Tunnicliff 1966-68 Debre Zeit, Shoa
Howard Wade 1966-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Joyce Wade 1966-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Jonathan F. Wechsler 1966-68 Adi Ugri
Judy Wechsler 1966-68 Adi Ugri, Eritrea see Judy A Swallow
Julius Willis, Jr. 1966-69 Bahr Dar, Gojam Prov
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