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Ethiopia VII   Radcliffe College/Cambridge   1966–68

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the summer of 1966. Most worked as teachers.

Thanks to:

  • Christine Pattee for sending several copies of the training group "mug book" - they were invaluable.
  • John Stauffer and Lotte Larson Meyer for helping with this list.
  • Doris Mueller Goldstein for sending a list of all who completed service in 1968.

John Stauffer has shared a .pdf of photos from the group training.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Joyce Anderson 1966-68 no contact information
Octave Baker, Ph.D 1966-69 Harar; Addis Ababa commtc@aol.com
W. Morris Baker 1966-68 Bahr Dar [Gojam]
Betty Baron 1966-68 Yirgalem [Sidamo], Addis Ababa
Frank Baron 1966-68 Yirgalem [Sidamo], Addis Ababa fbaron@ku.edu
Maurice H. Basquin 1966-68
Thomas E. Beck 1966-69 Bonga; Misan Teferi tmbeck@tufs.ac.jp
Kathleen H. Beckman 1966-68 Shashamane kbeckman2002
Robert L. Brown 1966-68
William Brown 1966-69 Addis Ababa no contact information
Debbie Bulger 1966-
James Bulger 1966- no contact information
Woody Carter 1966-68 Harar woodycarter@gmail.net
Sharon A. Christopherson 1966-68 Weder, Harar
Richard Dewey 1966-70 Abella [Sidamo]
Sandra Dewey 1966-70 Abella [Sidamo] see Sandra Swiderski
Donald G. Dunn 1966-68 no contact information
Alfred Ehlenberger 1966 no contact information
Barbara Ehlenberger 1966
Joanne Feldman 1966-68 see Joanne Feldman Richards
Rosemary Fuller 1966-68 Addis Ababa see Rosemary Fuller Murphree
Clifford W. Gay, Jr. 1966-68 Wuchale; Asebe Teferi cliffordgay@mac.com
Kenneth L Gentili 1966-68

Martha Gentili 1966-68
Doris Mueller Goldstein 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Michael P. Goldston 1966-69 Hosanna; Bahar Dar reggaemolasses
David L. Guth 1966-68
Patricia Guth 1966-68 no contact information
Peggy Hackney 1966-67 Asmara imsmove.addr.com/
Sandy Hackney 1966-67 Asmara ehackney@nycap.rr.com
Arthur B. Hall 1966-69 Assella hjude@rcn.com
Roger Hartman 1966- Addis Ababa, Debre Marcos
Homer M. Hayes 1966-69 Makelle [Tigre]
John Bishop Hillman 1966-68 Gondar
Carl Holmberg 1966-69 Asmara; Addis Ababa carl(dot)holmberg
Kathleen Holmberg 1966-69 Asmara; Addis Ababa no contact information
Martha Ann Joyce 1966-68 Debre Berhan
David C. Klein 1966-68 no contact information
Jill Larkin 1966-68
Richard F. Larkin 1966-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Lotte N. Larsen 1966-69 Addis Ababa see Lotte Larsen Meyer
Dennis W. Leitner 1966-68

Sandra Leitner 1966-68

David B. Ludi 1966- Awassa [Sidamo]
Lorna Mann 1966-68 Guennet (Holetta)
Nick Masseo 1966-68 Addis Ababa Deceased
Bryan R. McClure 1966-69 Gursum; Dira Dawa bryan_mcclure@hotmail.com
Douglas J. McKelvey 1966-68 Ghion
Susan R. McKelvey 1966-68 Ghion
Douglas McLeod 1966-68 Addis Ababa mcleod@writing.ucsb.edu
Susan McLeod 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Lotte Larsen Meyer 1966-69 Addis Ababa larsenl@wou.edu
Doris Ann Mueller 1966-68 Addis Ababa see Doris Mueller Goldstein
John T. Munshower 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Rosemary Fuller Murphree 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Jon F. Nordby 1966-68 no contact information
Marilyn Nordby 1966-68 no contact information
Kathleen Beckman Overmann 1966-68 see Kathleen H. Beckman
Ronald J. Overmann 1966-68 no contact information
Christine Pattee 1966-68 Dire Dawa C2pattee@aol.com
Kristen G. Pelton 1966-68 Addis Ababa
William E. Pelton 1966-68
no contact information
Curtis Peterson 1966-70 Asmara, Eritrea
J. Normandie Phelps 1966 Makele
Roger V. Phelps 1966 Makele
Harvey Pincus 1966-68 no contact information
Hamilton Richards, Jr. 1966-68 Dire Dawa; Makele hr60 at post dot harvard dot edu
Joanne Feldman Richards 1966-68
Doris D. Richardson 1966-68
Judith Schroeder 1966-68 no contact information
Stephen C. Schroeder 1966-68 no contact information
Lawrence Sherwood 1966-
Virginia Sherwood 1966-
Arthur J. Siegal 1966-69 Nazareth
Rita L. Smith 1966-68
John G. Stauffer 1966-68 Adi Caieh, Eritrea
Ronald P. Stenlake 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Sandra Swiderski 1966-70 Abella, Sidamo see Sandi Swiderski
Sean Alan Tate 1966-68 Kombolcha, Wollo
Ronald M. Urvater 1966-68
David R. Voth 1966-68 Gondar
Andrew Williams 1966-68 Felege Newway; Addis Ababa
Linda Verlee Williams 1966-68 Felege Newway; Addis Ababa www.hycyber.com/MYST/

Diane Wukovitz 1966-68 Makele [Tigre]
Stephen Wukovitz 1966-68 Makele [Tigre]
Gary M. Yagi 1966-68 no contact information
Lorna Zimmerman 1966-68 Guennet (Holetta) see Lorna Mann
Spencer Zimmerman 1966-68 Guennet (Holetta) Deceased
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