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Ethiopia VII   Advanced Training Program

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained at UCLA and participated in an Advanced Training Program — that is, they had training during the summer of 1965 (between their junion and senior years of college), and then again in the summer of 1966. 39 trainees then went to Alemayeh College, the agricultural school of Haile Sellassie I University in Harar Province for additional training. (This was the first in-country training conducted by PC/Ethiopia. Most of the Volunteers in this group worked as teachers.

Thanks to Carol Cordy and Sarah Samuel for both sending listings that were very helpful in putting together this list. And a special thank you to Sarah for sending copies of both the training book for the group from UCLA/Phase II as well as the book from In-Country Training.

Thanks for the photos from:

  • Randy Marcus
    • Alamaya College - 1966 During VII ATPs in-country training they received a visit from Haile Selassie.
    • Harar's hyena man - 1966 Taken outside one of the gates to Harar — also part of VII ATP in-country training - Hyena 101.
Dates of Service
Email & websites
Lee Atkins 1966-68 Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan, Alemeya see Lee Atkins Desta
C. Wesley Barnett, DDS 1966-68 Debre Tabor
Bette Bass 1966-69 Assella, Arusi
Robert Bass 1966-69 Assella, Arrusi
Kathy Cash 1966-68 Emdeber no contact information
Carol Christensen 1966-68 Debre Tabor see Carol Christensen Cordy
Carol Christensen CordyM.D. 1966-68 Debre Tabor
Susan S. Crane 1966-68

Lee Atkins Desta 1966-68 Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan, Alemeya
Karen DeWitt 1966-68 Ghion Read Karen's "The Right Way of Growing Tomatoes"
Annette Dickinson 1966 Debre Berhan
David Hartmann 1966-68 Wollamo Sodo, Sidamo
Ralph S. Herring 1966-68
no contact information
William Hoar 1966-68
no contact information
Janet Hoard 1966-67
see Janet Hoard Sanchez
Susan Hundt 1966-68
see Susan Hundt-Bergan
Susan Hundt Bergan 1966-68 Bahar Dar
Judi Jackson 1966-68
see Judi Jackson Van Der Made
Candice Jarrett 1966-68 Dembi Dollo; Gambella no contact information
Larry R. Johnson 1966-68 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Andrew L. Krieger 1966-68 Adi Caieh no contact information
Randolph Marcus 1966-68 Assella rimarcus@comcast.net photo
Lynn Diane Markham 1966-68
see Lynn Markham Roundy
James A. McCaffery 1966-69 Wollisso, Addis Ababa
Alvera Mehaffy 1966-68
see Alvera Mehaffy Sabin
Annette Old 1966 Debre Berhan see Annette Dickinson
Joe Old 1966 Debre Berhan no contact information
Ronald S. Pelfrey 1966-68 Ambo
Sarah Pentico 1966-68
see Sarah Samuel
Anne Peters 1966-68

John J. Pettit 1966-68 Debre Tabor
Dottie Podgorny 1966-68 Adi Teclesan, Ertirea
Richard Podgorny 1966-68 Adi Teclesan, Eritrea
Kathleen Polga 1966-68,’72,’73

Ilze Stundins Rader 1966-68
no contact information
Robert Rader 1966-68 Addis Ababa
Allan Reed 1966-69 Gambella, Illubabor Prov
Lynn Markham Roundy 1966-68 Gondar
Robert W. Roundy 1966-68 Jinka, Gamo Goffa; Tweluweh, Tigre
Alvera Mehaffy Sabin 1966-68
no contact information
Sarah Pentico Samuel 1966-68 Ambo ssamuel@kc.rr.com
Janet Hoard Sanchez 1966-67 Addis Ababa
Diane Williams Shapiro 1966-68 Lekempte HumaneTrophies.com
Howard S. Shapiro 1966-68 Lekempte
Nanci Stich Stern 1966-68 Ghion; Addis Ababa
Nanci Stich 1966-68
see Nanci Stich Stern
Ilze Stundins 1966-68 see Ilza Stundins Rader
Judi Jackson Van Der Made 1966-68
no contact information
Diane Williams 1966-68 Lekempte see Diane Williams Shapiro
Gerry York 1966-68

Nadine York 1966-68

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