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Ethiopia VI   1965–67   Trained at the University of Utah

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained at the University of Utah in the summer of 1965. Most worked in the education field.

Thanks to Dona Kelly (Adi Caieh) for writing with lists of names, suggestions, etc.

Thank you also to the person who sent a copy of the group training book — my apologies for not remembering or making a note of your name. mhb

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Mary Ellen Piper Aamot 1965 Jimma
Audrey Weaver Aanes 1965–67 Addis Ababa
John Q. Adams 1965- Addis Ababa no contact information
Margaret M. Adlum 1965- Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Lynn F. Allen 1965-
no contact information
Barbara J. Baluta 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Joseph E. Barlik 1965- Kefele no contact information
Nina Lacy Bennett 1965-67 Assella no contact information
Donald S. Best 1965-
no contact information
Mary B. Brogan 1965-67
see Mary Brogan Lessig
John E. Carr 1965-67 Arba Minch
Saverio V. Cereste 1965 Kefele
Clinton C. Clark 1965- Addis Ababa no contact information
Patrick D. Connors 1965-67 Harrar
Kathleen Johnson Coskran 1965-67 Addis Ababa; Dilla
Marcia L. Crabtree 1965-67 Axum marciacrab@yahoo.com
Steven H. Crabtree 1965-67 Axum retired@gmail.com
Daniel F. Crowley 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Susan L. Crowley 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Frances Williams Davidson 1965-67 Addis Ababa, Debre Marcos www.davidsonfilms.com
Frank L. Doolittle 1965 Asmara; Jimma
Susan C. Doolittle 1965-67 Asmara, Eritrea; Jimma
David G. Downer 1965 Yirgalem
Linda Stopher Drake 1965-67 Yirgalem
Martha E. Driscoll 1965 Addis Ababa
Mary J. Edwards-Managan 1965-68 Addis Ababa see Mary J. Managan-Edwards
Cynthia Ellison 1965-67
see Cynthia Ellison Mehary
Nancy J. Engelbach 1965-67 Mendi; Demidolo see Nancy Engelbach Hunn
Harriett Maxey Fields 1965 no contact information
Bernard M. Flock 1965-68 Arba Minch
Stephen J. Foehr 1965-66 Debaark
Arthur M. Ford 1965 Addis Ababa Deceased
Ramona L. Ford 1965 Addis Ababa no contact information
Mark W. Foster 1965-67 Addis Ababa
David A. Fox 1965-67 Aggaro
Vernen J. Fulcher, Jr. 1965
Janet A. Graveline 1965
see Janet Graveline Messenger
Therese M. Green 1965-67 Gondar
Gean Marie Gustafson 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Kathleen A. Peluso Hamilton 1965-66 Decamare, Eritrea
Richard E. Heft 1965-67 Road to Lalibela
Kathleen C.Schneider Heinrichs 1965-67 Decamare, Eritrea
Donald K. Holm 1965-67 Endeber; Makele holmwork@aol.com
Nancy Engelbach Hunn 1965-67 Mendi; Demidolo
Kathleen A. Johnson 1965
see Kathleen Johnson Coskran
Martha C. Jones 1965-67 Gondar
Ray O. Jones 1965-67 Gondar
Nina L. Lacy 1965-67 Assella see Nina Lacy Bennett
Sandra L. Larson 1965-67 Dessie see Sandra Larson Weck
Barbara J. Lenkerd 1965-67 Makele blenkerd@starpower.net
Donald E. Lepic 1965 Addis Ababa
Mary Brogan Lessig 1965-67 Jimma
Anne M. Luzwick 1965-67
see Anne Luzwick Morton
Mary J. Managan 1965-68 Addis Ababa see Mary Managan-Edwards
Mary J. Managan-Edwards 1965-68 Addis Ababa
Andreas J. Martin 1965-68 Harar; Addis Ababa
Harriett K. Maxey 1965 Dire Dawa see Harriett Maxey Fields
Michael B. McCaskey 1965-67 Fiche
Ernest R. McKinney 1965–67 Goba no contact information
Cynthia Ellison Mehary 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Janet Graveline Messenger 1965-67 Fiche, Nazareth
Stephen H. Montgomery 1965-67 Keren, Eritrea
Paul D. Moore 1965 Addis Ababa no contact information
Alexander L. Morton 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Anne Luzwick Morton 1965-67 Lekempt
Peter Murphy 1965 Addis Ababa no contact information
Mark A. Nesse 1965-67 Yirgalem, Hosanna
Sheila Powers Nesse 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Gerald B. Ouderkirk 1965 Bolki; Dembidolo
Stanley R. Patten 1965 Woldea
Kathleen A. Peluso 1965-66 Decamare, Eritrea see Kathleen A. Peluso Hamilton
Leo R. Perkins 1965 Dire Dawa leo.perkins@verizon.net
Richard E. Perry 1965 Makele no contact information
Mary Ellen Piper 1965 Jimma see Mary Ellen Piper Aamot
Sheila J. Powers 1965-67
see Sheila Powers Nesse
Fred A. Prinz 1965 Debre Tabor no contact information
Elizabeth D. Rathman 1965 Gondar Deceased
Donly E. Ray 1965 Gondar
James R. Raymond 1965-68 Addis Ababa no contact information
Richard A. Read 1965-67 Keren, Eritrea
Robert P. Redmond 1965 Bolki no contact information
Claudette Louise Renner 1965-67 Dilla Deceased
Roger C. Roller 1965-67 Keren, Eritrea
John W. Russell 1965 Dessie no contact information
Richard S. Russell 1965-67 Lakampte
Carole L. Schaefer 1965 Addis Ababa no contact information
Kathleen C. Schneider 1965-67
see Kathleen C. Schneider Heinricks
Diane F. Schroeder 1965-67 Endeber; Addis Ababa
Laura F. Scully 1965 Debre Zeit Deceased
Richard R. Seppala 1965-67 Lekempt see Richard S. Russell
Margaret E. Serwell 1965-67 Asmara
Clare M. Shea 1965-67 Debre Marcos Ppy154@cox.net
Geraldine A. Simenstad 1965-67 Kombolcha
Donald D. Sleeman 1965-
no contact information
Margaret E. Sleeman 1965-67
see Margaret E. Serwell
Douglas A. Springfield 1965 Addis Ababa
Raymond W. Steveson 1965-67 Sodo-Arba Minch
Linda Stopher 1965-67 Yirgalem see Linda Stopher Drake
Karen A. Strom 1965-67 Asmara, Eritrea
Peter M. Strom 1965-67 Asmara, Eritrea
Joseph Szurcsik 1965 Addis Ababa Deceased
Christine N. Taylor 1965 Kombolcha no contact information
Mildred D. Taylor 1965-67 Yirgalem
Catherine P. Toner 1965-67 Assella see Catherine Toner Tucker
Richard S. Trenbath, M.D. 1965-67 Makele
Catherine P. Toner Tucker 1965-67 Assella
Esteban Vega 1965-67 Dessie; Addis Ababa no contact information
Sandra Larson Weck 1965-67 Dessie
Thomas L. Weck 1965-67 Haik
William Thomas White 1965 Hosanna no contact information
Frances Williams 1965-67
see Frances Williams Davidson
Anita K. Wilson 1965-66 Asmara no contact information
Richard H. Wilson 1965-6 Asmara no contact information
Dinah E. Wolfe 1965 Harar no contact information
John A. Woods 1965-68 Jimma www.cwlpub.com


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