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Ethiopia VI   1965–67   Trained at UCLA

The following Peace Corps Volunteers trained at UCLA in the summer of 1965 from June 17 to September 9. Most worked in the education field.

Thanks to Dona Kelly (Adi Caieh) for writing with lists of names, suggestions, etc. and Judy White for sending her trining group mug book.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
John V. Adams 1965-67 Gondar
Arthur C. Andersen 1965-67 Debra Macos
Mary L. Anderson 1965-67
see Mary Anderson Donaghy
Eugene Baranauskas 1965- Bati
no contact information
Laura A. Liger Bauer 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Ann B. Booth 1965-67
see Ann Booth Hinson
Ann B. Booth Hinson 1965-67

Sally A. Brady 1965-67
see Sally Brady Zerbe
Brenda I. Bramlitt 1965-67
see Brenda Bramlitt Comandeur
Nelson G. Brashear 1965-67 Decamere, Eritrea no contact information
Lawrence S. Bushner 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Patricia Cappa 1965-
see Patricia Cappa Travis
Daniel W. Carlier 1965-

Christopher R. Carlsen 1965-66

Dennis W. Carnes 1965-67 Debre Marcos; Jinka, Gamo Gofa dennisc

Brenda Bramlett Comandeur 1965-67

Judith A. Hodges Coryell 1965–67 Debre Zeit no contact information
Charles Coskran 1965-67

Mary P. Crosby 1965-67 Ambo
Elva Mae Deere 1965-
Joan DeForest 1965-67 Ambo no contact information
Westley F. Deitchler 1965-
no contact information
Sara M. Dixon 1965-67 Addis Ababa; Shashamane see Sara M. Dixon Hester
Jeanne D. Doersch 1965-67

Joseph P. Donaghy 1965-67
no contact information
Mary L.Anderson Donaghy 1965–67

Pamela G. Eggers 1965-67
see Pamela Eggers Gill
Hilda Jo Maness Elder 1965-67
see Hilda Jo Maness
Edward G. Engelbart 1965-67 Addis Ababa edpeq@msn.com
Robert M. Enszer 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Harold D. Freeman 1965-67 Adi Ugri
Nancy Opsahl Gallagher 1965-67 Nekempte, Wollega
Gary E. Gardner 1965-
no contact information
Carl E. George 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Pamela Eggers Gill 1965–67

Daniel Good 1965-
no contact information
Mary S. Gratiot 1965-67 Adi Ugri, Eritrea (Mendeferra) see Mary Gratiot Schultz
Robert E. Hamilton 1965-67 Bahar Dar
Kenneth P. Harvey 1965-67

Sara M. Dixon Hester 1965-67 Addis Ababa; Shashamane
Judith A. Hodges 1965-67 Debre Zeit see Judith Hodges Coryell
Fred C. Hoebel 1965-67 Debre Zeit fhoebel@yahoo.com, fredhoebel@cantv.net, fred.hoebel@gmail.com
John P. Hoover 1965- Dessie no contact information
Paul E. Huntsberger 1965-67 Saganeiti, Eritrea phuntsbe@nmsu.edu or pjhuntsber@aol.com
Marcel D. Infeld 1965-

Charles Ipcar 1965-68 Addis Ababa; Emdiber ipbar@agate.net

Frank G. Jones 1965-
no contact information
Frank J. Kellner 1965-67
no contact information
William N. Kelly 1965-67 Harar
Charles Kerr 1965–67 Nazareth
Judith Hodges Kiriazis 1965-67 Debre Zeit see Judith A. Hodges Coryell
Kenneth C. Klos 1965-67

Susan N. Klos 1965-
no contact information
Laura A. Liger 1965-67
see Laura A. Liger Bauer
Lynn Lilienthal 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Philip H. Lilienthal 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Peter R. Lipsitt 1965-67 Addis Ababa www.PeterLipsitt.com
Greta D. Little 1965-67 Aleta Wondo, Sidamo littleg@gwm.sc.edu
Renate K. Livsey 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Robert C. Livsey 1965-66 Addis Ababa
David R. Lockwood 1965–67 Debre Marcos
Sally S. Lockwood 1965-67 Debre Marcos
Melvin R. Lucas 1965-67

Hilda Jo Maness 1965-67 Addis Ababa
Richard J. Miller 1965-
no contact information
Sharon P. Miller 1965-
no contact information
Janet M. Worth Moen 1965-67 Harar
Barbara Moore 1965-66 Addis Ababa
Margaret P. Morden 1965-67 Hirna See Margaret P. Ryan
Michael J. Morden 1965-67 Hirna Deceased
John E. Nelson 1965-67, 1968-70 Nazareth
William H. Olson 1965-66 Adi Ugri Deceased
Read a remembrance of Bill
Nancy E. Opsahl 1965-67
see Nancy Opsahl Gallagher
John A. Pijanowski, Jr. 1965-66 Addis Ababa john.pijanowski
Barbara Pijonowski 1965-66
see Barbara Moore
James A. Quirin 1965-67 Bati

William M. Ralston 1965- Decamare, Eritrea
(Whitney) Doug Roberts 1965- Dilla
Margaret P. Ryan 1965-67 Hirna ryan.margaret
Melinda R. Russel 1965-
no contact information
Gerald V. Sack 1965- Ghion no contact information
Mimi Radman Sands 1965-67 Massawa, Eritrea Deceased
Richard J. Sands 1965-67 Massawa, Eritrea
Jane G. Schlueter 1965-
no contact information
Raymond A. Schlueter 1965-
no contact information
David L. Schneider 1965-

Mary S. Gratiot Schultz 1965-67 Adi Ugri, Eritrea (Mendeferra)
Craig B. Schwab 1965-
no contact information
Kenneth F. Sheppard 1965-
Karen G. Shor 1965- Adi Ugri no contact information
Wayne R. Stanton 1965-
no contact information
Ioanna Tavlos 1965-
ioachris @ix.netcom.com
Patricia Cappa Travis 1965-

Harry T. Walker 1965-
no contact information
Judy L. White 1965-67 Wollamo Sodo, Sidamo
(Warren) Michael White 1965-67 Wollamo Sodo, Sidamo
Janet Worth 1965-67
see Janet Worth Moen
Michael C. Zerbe 1965-
no contact information
Sally Brady Zerbe 1965-67
no contact information
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