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Ethiopia IV   1964–66

The following Peace Corps Volunteers began service in Ethiopia in 1964 following training in the fall at UCLA. Most worked in the education field, with a few in the medical sciences.

Thank you to the person who sent a copy of the group training book — my apologies for not remembering or making a note. mhb

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Roger W. Atwood 1964–67 Harar
Elizabeth M. Baker 1964–66

Russell T. Baker, Jr. 1964-66

Gary Barry 1964- Gimbi no contact information
Eileen M. Baumgartner 1964-66

Carol M. Beddo 1964-66 Bahar Dar, Gondar
Carolyn Berkenkemp 1964- Debre Tabor no contact information
Helen H. Valentine Bishop 1964–66 Addis Ababa, Gondar
Alice M. Bodtke-Roberts 1964-67 Hosanna
Eileen Hassebrock Boerner 1964-66 Adi Caieh
Kay Shires Boyd 1964–67 Bekoji; Addis Ababa see Kay S. Warren
S. Dempster Boyd, Jr. 1964-67

Ralph L. Bradley 1964-67

Janet K. Brown 1964-66 Debre Marcos see Janet Brown Thoele
Patricia L. Bruce 1964–67
see Patricia L. Bruce-Lerrigo
Patricia L. Bruce-Lerrigo 1964-67 Decamere
James R Buddenhagen 1964-66
David H. Burnham 1964-66 Woldiya [Wollo] dburnham@burnrose.com
Frances P. Burnham 1964-66 Woldiya [Wollo]
Everett Cantrell 1964- Deder no contact information
C.J. Smith Castagnaro 1964-66, 67-69 Harar; Debre Zeit; Addis Ababa
Anthony J. Cerrato, Jr. 1964-66

Elaine M. Cerrato 1964–65
Letitia Coolidge 1964-66
see Letitia Coolidge Swaine
Raymond Coolidge 1964- Addis Ababa
Virginia Lee Coon 1964-66 Deder
Emily Cotter 1964-66 Harar see Emily Cotter Richardson
Lyall Crawford 1964- Debre Sina no contact information
Terence R. Cusick 1964-67 Fitche; Addis Ababa; Asmara
James Deegan 1964-66

Delores Diggs 1964-66 Addis Ababa Deceased
Neal Donner 1964-66 Debre Tabor nealdonner@verizon.net
Michael F. Driscoll 1964-66

Jane Frizzell 1964- Addis Ababa no contact information
Bessie L. Fultz 1964-67 Dilla, Sidamo
Anthony A. Funicello 1964-66

Natalie L. Garrett 1964-66
Margaret S. Goetzke 1964-66 Debre Zeit
Larry Greisel 1964-66 Jimma, Kaffa
Peter D. Goodwill 1964-66
no contact information
David B. Graham 1964-66 Dilla, Jimma
Terrell Taylor (Terry) Graham 1964-66 Dilla, Jimma terrygtn@verizon.net
John A. Greene, Jr. 1964–67 Gore, Illubabor
Mary Wellman Grey 1964-66 Addis Ababa
Robert D. Grey 1964-66 Addis Ababa
Gordon Gummere 1964-
no contact information
Larry R. Hadsall 1964-66

Judith H. Hagens 1964-66 Kombolcha see Judith Hagens Jameson
Scott M. Hand 1964-66

Susan D. Harris 1964-66
see Susan Harris Shefter
Eileen Hassebrock 1964-66 Adi Caieh see Eileen Hassebrock Boerner
Edward J. Henry 1964- Bonga no contact information
William E. Herron 1964-66 Addis Ababa
Marianne B Hodges 1964-66 Shashamane see Mariann B. Hodges Hogg
Marianne B. Hodges Hogg 1964-66 Shashamane
George J. Houck 1964-66 Kimbolcha
Catherine Hulder 1964-66 Decamere, Eritrea cathie@byteharmony.net
Eugene Hunn 1964-66 Mendi
Michael R. Huxley 1964–67 Mendi; Addis Ababa; Game Dept.
Lee Irwin 1964–66 Mendi no contact information
Judith Hagens Jameson 1964-66 Kombolcha no contact information
Janice Robison Jedkins 1964-66 Addis Ababa janjedkins(at)aol(dot)com
Otis M. Jernigan, Jr. 1964-
Ronald Kaley 1964-66 Ghidole deceased
Ellen Kociubinsky 1964-66
see Ellen Kociubinsky Rieder
Richard Koubek 1964- Dembidollo
Maria Kreilkamp 1964-66 Ghion [Shoa] pmk167@myfairpoint.net
Phillip G. LeBel, Ph.D. 1964-67 Emdeber, Shoa
Cynthia LeFlore 1964-66 Jimma
Joyce Elaine Lingo 1964-66
see Joyce Gillette Purvis
Marshall B. Linton 1964-67 Ghidole
Robert Love 1964- Asella no contact information
Michael S. Lund 1964- Hosanna
Mary Macur 1964- Harar no contact information
Susan Haller Mangold 1964–66 Gondar, Begemdir
Anthony Markulis 1964–66 Dangela [Gojam] anthony@markulis.com markulis@rochester.rr.com

Frederick Marquis 1964- Ghimbi
Joyce B. Maurer 1964-66
see Joyce Maurer Orwin
James McAfee 1964- Dessie no contact information
Virginia A. McArthur 1964-66 Addis Ababa
Diane S. McCann 1964–66 Gondar, Ethiopia
Bessie L. McCoy 1964-67
see Bessie L. Fultz
Susan Medway 1964- Bahar Dar no contact information
Ellen S. Mifsud 1964-
no contact information
Paul V. Mifsud 1964-
Kathleen M. Moore 1964-66 Emdeber
JoAn F. Moran 1964-66 Debre Marcos no contact information
Ralph S. Morrison 1964-` Gondar, Begemdir Deceased
Susan Haller Morrison 1964–66 Gondar, Begemdir see Susan Haller Mangold
Barbara Neuman 1964- Dembidollo no contact information
Denis Nolan 1964- Asmara, Addis Ababa sherkinisle@sbcglobal.net
Joyce Maurer Orwin 1964-66 Addis Ababa Ruddick-Nugent-House.com
(Francis) Barry Peckham 1964-66
Elinor Pedersen 1964- Addis Ababa no contact information
Claire A. Pied 1964-66 Debre Zeit; Addis Ababa see Claire Pied-Hailu
Claire A. Pied-Hailu 1964-66 Debre Zeit; Addis Ababa
Robert N. Piper 1964 -66 1967- Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Diane S. Plorde 1964–66
see Diane S. McCann
James J. Plorde 1964-66

Helen Plummer 1964- Gondar no contact information
Joyce Gillette Purvis 1964-66 Deder, Harrar Province
Emily Cotter Richardson 1964-66 Harar
Ellen Kociubinsky Rieder 1964-67 Addis Ababa
Alice M. Roberts 1964-67 Hosanna see Alice Bodtke-Roberts
Janice E. Robison 1964-66
see Janice E. Robison Jedkins
Sylvia Rochester 1964-66 Jimma srochester@atvci.net

Thomas G. Rogers 1964-66

Yolanda C. Rossi 1964–66 Shashemane
Leslie Reid Rottner 1964-66 Addis Ababa, Technical School LRottner@attbi.com
Penelope Rude 1964- Aggaro see Penelope Rude Scott
Andre J. Salsedo 1964-66

Wilford Saunders 1964- Addis Ababa no contact information
Virginia Savage 1964- Addis Ababa no contact information
Marc S. Scott 1964-66 Aggaro, Kaffa Deceased
Penelope Rude Scott 1964-66 Aggaro, Kaffa no contact information
David Shapiro 1964- Fiche; Addis Ababa no contact information
Susan (Sudy) Harris Shefter 1964-66

Henry Skelton 1964- Addis Ababa no contact information
C.J. Smith 1964-66, 67-69
see C.J. Smith Castagnaro
Cora Jean Smith 1964-66, 67-69 see C.J. Smith Castagnaro
Ellen Wapnowitz Steuerman 1964-66 Dessie
Letitia Coolidge Swaine 1964-66

Janet Brown Thoele 1964-66 Debre Marcos
John Timmons 1964-67 Asbe Tefari no contact information
James A. Todhunter 1964-66

Helen H. Valentine 1964-66 Addis Ababa; Gondar see Helen H. Valentine Bishop
Eva Vinton 1964- Asmara Deceased
Sarah Waldron 1964- Waldiya no contact information
Ellen Wapnowitz 1964- Dessie see Ellen Wapnowitz Steuerman
Virginia Ward 1964-66
see Virginia McArthur
Kay S. Warren 1964-67 Bekoji; Addis Ababa
Theodore Werdann 1964- Addis Ababa
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