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Ethiopia II   1963–65

Ethiopia/Eritrea II Reunion September 21-23, 2007

All Ethiopia/Eritrea II RPCVs and staff are invited to a reunion September 21-23, 2007 in Belfast, Maine. Details can be found on the reunion website ee2reunion.com


The following Peace Corps Volunteers began service in Ethiopia in 1963 following training in the summer at UCLA. Most worked in the education field, with a few in the medical sciences.

Thanks to Gloria Gieseke Curtis for sending a copy of her training mug book for the group.

View Share the Memories, the EE II online photo album created by Bob Matthai.
This album contains pictures of and by numerous EE IIs during 1963 to 1965, as well as a selection of photos from the August 2006 EE II reunion in Seattle.

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Robert Albritton 1963-65 Harar; Asmara, Eritrea
Judith Nordblom Alger 1963-65 Asmara
Doris L. Allen 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Linda Ames 1963-
see Linda Ames Rachut
Thomas L. Amos 1963-65 Jimma
Burr Angle 1963-65 Harar no contact information
Stephanie Harrold Anquoe 1963- Addis Ababa see Stephanie Harrold Fraker
Peter L. Arquin, M.D. 1963-65 Lekempti
Alice Atkinson 1963-64 Addis Ababa
Kendall E. Atkinson 1963-64 Addis Ababa
Patricia Bailey 1963-65 Addis Ababa patriciabailey.6740
Florence Matthews Baldwin 1963-65 Dessie
Neil D. Baldwin 1963-65 Dessie
Irene Bayorek 1963-65 Harar; Addis Ababa see Irene Bayorek Tesfai
Elizabeth Beckman 1963-65
see Elizabeth Beckman Bell
Elizabeth Beckman Bell 1963-65 Dessie
Patricia Bailey Berkley 1963-65 Addis Ababa See Patricia Bailey
Paulette Blumstein 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Patricia Bobinchak 1963-65
see Particia Bobinchak Catlett
Patricia Bohdan 1963-64
see Patricia Bohdan Ritzman
Patricia M. Egan Bolles 1963-66 Harar
Gayle Eileen Bradshaw 1963-65
gaylew@viaccess.net see Gayle Bradshaw Washburn
Mary McAnaw Brigg, M.D. 1963-65 Makele; Dessie
Ann Browder 1963-66
see Ann Browder Lorenz
L. David Brown, Jr. 1963-65 Dessie
Nancy Leonard Brunner 1963- Addis Ababa; Gondar no contact information
John D. Calcagni 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Helen Caldwell 1963-65
see Helen Caldwell Gregory
Jack Caraco 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Endeber
Carolyn Carlson 1963-65 Debre Marcos see Carolyn Carlson Collins
Faye Carson 1963 Nazareth
Patricia Bobinchak Catlett 1963-65 Addis Ababa no contact information
Robert Catlett 1963- Nazareth no contact information
Roger Chaffee 1963- Addis Ababa Deceased
Mary Mitchell Church 1963-65 Addis Ababa Deceased
William “Larry” Church 1963- Addis Ababa
Charles Lewis Clark 1963-65 Yirgalem
Gwendolyn Clark 1963-65
see Gwendolyn Clark Williams
Ida Virginia Clark 1963- Addis Ababa
Antonio F. Clementino 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Carolyn Carlson Collins 1963-65 Debre Marcos
Marian Quirk Cooper 1963-64 Addis Ababa
Patricia Dewerth Corbett 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea
Nicholas Cordasco 1963- Addis Ababa Deceased
Marshall H. Cox 1963- Addis Ababa Deceased
Patricia Wissler Crepeau 1963-65 Dessie
Richard C. Crepeau 1963-65 Dessie
Gloria A. Gieseke Curtis 1963-65 Asmara, Eritrea
Owen Cylke 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Paulette Pjura Damon 1963-
see Paulette Blumstein
Philip Damon 1963- Addis Ababa
Floyd Davis 1963 Gore
Nancy Ross Dean 1963-65 Makelle; Asmara, Eritrea see Nancy Dean Nowak
Patricia Dewerth 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea see Patricia Dewerth Corbett
June Dickinson 1963-
see June Dickinson Smith
John “Denny” Donahue 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Georgiann Jody Donovan 1963-65 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Robert J. Douyard 1963-65 Dessie
John W. Edwards 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Patricia Egan 1963-66 Harar see Patricia Egan Bolles
Helen Elias 1963- Dessie see Helen Elias Steel
Lloyd Ellingson 1963-65 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Shirley Haustveit Ellingson 1963-65 Asmara
Michael Feldstein 1963-65 Massawa, Eritrea; Dire Dawa
George Ferris 1963-65 Gondar
Jonathan Foote 1963-65 Lekempti; Jimma
Charles Foreman 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Stephanie Harrold Fraker 1963- Addis Ababa no contact information
Warren R. Fritz 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Jimma
Gary Frost 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea; Massawa, Eritrea
James “Fred” Gage, Ph.D 1963-65 Gondar; Addis Ababa
Gloria Gieseke 1963-
see Gloria Gieseke Curtis
Glen L. Gish 1963-65 Makele Deceased
Everett Goldberg 1963-66 Addis Ababa Deceased
Betty Hite Graff 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Sodo
J. William Graff 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Sodo
Helen Caldwell Gregory 1963-65 Addis Ababa no contact information
Joseph H. Gulvas 1963- Debre Berhan Deceased
Patricia Bailey Hampton 1963-65 Addis Ababa See Patricia Bailey
Patricia Hampton-Berkley See Patricia Bailey
Stephanie Harrold 1963-
see Stephanie Harrold Fraker
Ash Hartwell 1963-65 Gore
Kenneth B. Hatcher 1963-65 Segeneiti yp.bellsouth.com/

Ilse HeilbrunnM.D. 1963-65 Dessie Deceased
Barry Hillenbrand 1963-65 Debre Markos
Betty Hite 1963-65
see Betty Hite Graff
Gerard Hoffman 1963-65 Makele
Mary A. Leonard Holden 1963–65 Dessie
Ralph G. Holt 1963-65 Makele
Judith A. Hopkins 1963-65 Makelle
George (Skip) Horwood 1963-65 Addis Ababa no contact information
Grover M. Hudson 1963-65 Yirgalem www.msu.edu/~hudson/
Milton Hurwitz 1963- Makele miltonhurwitz@netscape.com
Linda Jones 1963-65 Makele; Gondar
Jerome Kimberlin 1963-65 Asmara, Eritrea
Lawrence G. Knowles, Jr. 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Judith Knutson 1963-65
see Judith Knutson Vickrey
Patricia Krebsbach 1963-65
see Patricia Krebsbach Wood
Irene M. Kreuser 1963-65 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
John J. Kulczycki 1963-65 Debre Zeit kul@uic.edu
Ronald Demos Lee 1963-65 Asella
Mary Frances Leonard 1963-
see Mary Leonard Holden
Nancy Leonard 1963-
see Nancy Leonard Brunner
John Lesch 1963- Addis Ababa
Marilyn Underwood Lesch 1963- Addis Ababa
Priscilla Whitehead Letcher 1963-65 Dessie see Priscilla Whitehead
Ann Browder Lorenz 1963-66 Dessie Deceased
Edmund E. Lynch 1963-65 Nazareth edmundelynch@cs.com
Lee Maloney 1963-65 Dessie
Marjorie Taylor Mansfield 1963-65 Debre Markos
George Matheos 1963- Addis Ababa
Brenda Mathiesen 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Marty Ryan Mathiesen 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea
Robert Matthai 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Gondar
Florence Matthews 1963-65
see Florence Matthews Baldwin
Mary McAnaw 1963-65
see Mary McAnaw Brigg
Mary McLoughlin 1963- Makele no contact information
Joan McMahon 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Gondar
Robert V. Mikulewicz 1963-65 Addis Ababa; Makele
Michael Morris 1963-65 Debre Zeit
Ivan Myers 1963-65 Makele; Asmara, Eritrea Share your memories of Ivan with his daughter Jennifer at j_myers1277@yahoo.com Deceased
Judith Nordblom 1963-65
see Judith Nordblom Alger
Nancy Dean Nowak 1963-65 Makelle; Asmara, Eritrea
John F. O’Connor 1963- Yirgalem
Allan Ochs 1963- Gondar
Gordon L. Olson 1963-65 Tessenei, Eritrea
Ronald Olson 1963-65 Dessie
Jo Annette Orser 1963-65 Addis Ababa
W. Edward Orser 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Genevieve Ott 1963-
see Genevieve Ott Wietecha
Virginia Hope Painter 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Preston Perlman 1963-65 Adi Ciah & Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Dorothy Pugh 1963- Dessie; Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Marian Quirk 1963-64
see Marian Quirk Cooper
Herman Rachut, Jr. 1963- Addis Ababa
Linda Ames Rachut 1963- Dessie
Nancy Reisinger 1963-64 Dessie
Roy Reisinger 1963-64 Dessie
Patricia Renner 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Paul Arthur Renner 1963-65 Addis Ababa
James Rigney 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Patricia Bohdan Ritzman 1963-64 Dessie no contact information
Wayne Ritzman 1963-64 Dessie ritz40@pobox.com
La Dena Robichaud 1963-
see La Dena Robichaud Schnapper
Morris Rosen 1963- Asella
Dannie Russell 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Daryle Russell 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Joseph Ryan 1963-65 Makele no contact information
John C. Schafer 1963-65 Debre Markos
Douglas C. Schiller 1963-65 Addis Ababa txsn8v@aol.com
LaDena Robichaud Schnapper 1963-66 Dessie; Awassa ladena@fast-air.net
Kathryn H. Schultze 1963-65 Mendefara/Adi Ugri, Eritrea
David R. Scribner 1963-65 Debre Markos
William Seraile, Ph. D. 1963-65 Makele, Tigre wseraile@yahoo.com
Stephen Silver 1963-65 Wolisso/Ghion beru63@aol.com
Dane Farnsworth Smith, Jr. 1963-65 Asmara
Judith Armayor Smith 1963-65 Asmara smarmayor@aol.com
June Dickinson Smith 1963- Gondar; Asmara, Eritrea no contact information
Gertrude A. Solomon 1963- Dessie Deceased
Jim Solomon 1963-65 Massawa, Eritrea; Jimma
Roger Alton Sprague 1963-65 Addis Ababa
Helen Elias Steel 1963- Dessie Deceased
William Suppnick 1963-65 Asmara, Eritrea
Marjorie Taylor 1963-65 Debra Marcos see Marjorie Taylor Mansfield
Robert Taylor 1963-65 Debre Markos
Jeffrey Tener 1963-65 Addis Ababa jeffreyb.tener@verizon.net
Marina Walker Terry 1963- Dessie
Irene Bayorek Tesfai 1963-65 Harar; Addis Ababa
Lane Tracy 1963-65 Addis Ababa tracy@ohio.edu
Marilyn Underwood 1963-
see Marilyn Underwood Lesch
Judith Knutson Vickrey 1963-65 Makele; Dessie; Mattu
Marvin Vinande 1963-65 Lekempti vinande@aol.com
Marina Walker 1963-
see Marina Walker Terry
Haskell Ward 1963- Nazareth
Paul Ward 1963- Addis Ababa Deceased
Gayle Bradshaw Washburn 1963-65 Gondar
Joseph Wendel 1963- Asella no contact information
Priscilla Whitehead 1963-65
Genevieve "Gigi" Ott Wietecha 1963-65 Makele; Dessie genwiet@sbcglobal.net
Elizabeth Williams 1963- Makele Deceased
Gwendolyn D. Clark Williams 1963-65 Makele, Tigre
Patricia Wissler 1963-
see Patricia Wissler Crepeau
Joseph Wood 1963-65 Debre Berhan
Patricia Krebsbach Wood Welsh 1963–65 Dessie
Douglas K. Worthington 1963-65 Lekempti
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