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Ethiopia I   1962–64

The following Peace Corps Volunteers began service in Ethiopia in 1962 following training in the summer at Georgetown University.  Most worked in the education field, with a few in the medical sciences.

Read an article written by Marian Haley Beil about Ethi 1 training for the daughter of one of the group's members who had passed away many years ago.

NEW by John Coyne

Sargent Shriver, Joanna London and Dick Cowan

Bill Donohoe, Carolrhoda Locketz, Margaret O'Brien Donohoe, Dennis Ekberg, Paul Tsongas and Jim Phillips

Jim Merrill, Jim Phillips, Ernie Fox and Sam Fisk in front of their home on Churchill Road, Addis

Dates of Service
Email & websites
Joe T. Adair 1962-64 Lekempti; Ambo
Sue Hoyt Aiken 1962-64 Addis Ababa saiken@jfku.edu
Carolyn Allen 1962-64 Harar see Carolyn Behr
Charles M. Allen 1962-64 Debre Marcos Deceased
Hayward F. Allen 1962-64 Harar hallen02@rochester.rr.com
Adrian R. Anderson 1962-64

Margit Bliss Anderson 1962-64 Addis Ababa see Margit Bliss Orange
Sherrill Ann Armstrong 1962-64 Dire Dawa see Sherril Armstrong Fifield
Ludwig R. Bachman 1962-64
no contact information
William M. Baggs 1962-64 Addis Ababa
James E. Barbic 1962-64 Assella no contact information
Beulah D. Bartlett 1962-64 Harar Deceased
Madeline A. Bastis 1962-64 Harar
Carolyn Behr 1962-64 Harar
Marian Haley Beil 1962-64 Debre Berhan mhbeil@rochester.rr.com

Ronald Eugene Bell 1962-65 Dessie, Wollo Province
Martin Benjamin 1962-64 Gondar
Gary D. Bergthold 1962-64 Addis Ababa www.Bergthold.org
Linda A. Bergthold 1962-64 Addis Ababa www.Bergthold.org
Russell S. Berman 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Robert Berndt 1962-64
Margaret Wagner Bertucco 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Richard T. Bertucco 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Gerald K. Bieler 1962-64 Debre Berhan no contact information
John D. Bigelow 1962-64 Dessie; Massawa, Eritrea no contact information
Clifford James Binder 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Philip W. Bingham 1962-64 Ambo
Thelma Rypkema Bingham 1962-64 Ambo
Kay E. Aylor Black 1962- 64 Debre Berhan, Addis Ababa
George E. Blackmon 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Margit Bliss 1962-64
see Margit Bliss Orange
Timothy Bodman 1962-64 Addis Ababa Deceased
John F. Bond 1962-64 Harar
James E. Born 1962-64 Senafe, Eritrea
Jean Bottcher 1962-64 Dessie
John M. Boughton 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Neil A. Boyer 1962-64 Addis Ababa
James N. Boylson 1962-64 Addis Ababa
James H. Brannon 1962-64 Debre Marcos; Harar
Keith H. Bravinder 1962-64 Addis Ababa, Adwa Deceased
Phyllis D. Bravinder 1962-64 Addis Ababa, Adwa
Wendell H. Brooks 1962-64 Makele
Barry M. Bryan 1962–64 Asmara
Karen M. Bryan 1962-64 Asmara
Albert R. Bryant 1962-65

Arwilda L. Bryant 1962-64 Dessie see Arwilda Bryant-Haynes
Arwilda L. Bryant-Haynes 1962-64 Dessie
Donald W. Budlong 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Makele
Randolph Bullock 1962-64 Harar
Carleen Glamzi Busse 1962-64 Dire Dawa cmbusse40@yahoo.com
Donald Butler 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Sally Collier Caiola 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Charles V. Callahan 1962-64 Gondar
Joyce C. Campbell 1962-64 Makelle
Raymond Capozzi 1962-64, 1971-73 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
Casper V. Carlton 1962-64

Esther Joan Carroll 1962-64 Addis Ababa see Esther Joan Carroll Glowa
Leo F. Cecchini 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea me@leocecchini.com

Judith Charlton 1962-64

Stephen W. Chesebrough 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Camilla Chickering 1962-64 Debre Berhan see Camilla Chickering Moore
Marc Clausen 1962-65 Dessie
Ola June Clifton 1962-64 Makelle, Tigre Deceased
Carol Clouser 1962-64 Harar see Carol Clouser Richert
John G. Coe 1962-66 Jimma, Addis Ababa jgleed@earthlink.net


Patricia Colby 1962-64 Decamere, Eritrea see Patricia Colby Nakamura
Sally Collier 1962-64 Addis Ababa see Sally Collier Caiola
John W. Collins 1962-65 Debre Marcos
Marvin R. Collins 1962-64 Addis Ababa; Ambo
James J. Cook 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Jesse Council 1962-64 Makele
Ann J. Covington 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Richard Cowan 1962-64 Harar
John P. Coyne 1962-64 Addis Ababa jpcoyne@cnr.edu

Charlotte M. Crawford 1962-66 Addis Ababa; Harrar; Asmara, Eritrea
Stephen Cristofar 1962-64 Asmara, Adi Quala, Debarola, Eritrea scristofar@comcast.net
Thomas M. Cutler 1962-64 Addis Ababa, Agordot
Adrienne Damon 1962-64 Harar see Adrienne Damon Katter
Lonia M. Strong Davenport 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
John W. Davis 1962-64 Gondar jwdavis37@yahoo.com
Peggy L. Davis 1962-64 Gondar
James Lewis Deslonde 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Ralph Henry Desmarais 1962–64
no contact information
James R. Doanes 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea no contact information
Malcolm Donald 1962- Addis Ababa
Raymond T. Donaldson 1962-64 Ambo, Debre Berhan raydonaldson@comcast.net
Margaret O’Brien Donohoe 1962-64 Dire Dawa
William C. Donohoe 1962-64 Dire Dawa
Wilfred G. Dowell 1962-64

Margaret J. Drury 1962-64 Jimma; Addis Ababa; Dira Dawa; Asmara, Eritrea
Jan W. Duggar 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea jduggar@ju.edu
Nina Patricia Reidy Duggar 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea no contact information
Betty Dvorman 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa see Betty Dvorman Zakarian
Phillip M. Eastman, M.D. 1962-64 Makele
Jon S. Ebeling 1962-64 Debre Marcos, Dira Dawa, Staff 67-69 Addis Ababa jon.ebeling@gmail.com
Dennis L. Ekberg 1962-64 Ghion Deceased
Irene Embrey 1962-64 Dessie, Harar
Robert D. Embrey 1962-64 Dessie, Harar
J. Bruce Engle 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Madilyn Engvall 1962-65 Gondar Deceased
Michael Esselstrom 1962-64 Harar
Joyce Manies Falk 1962-64 Dire Dawa Deceased
Patricia A. Farnham 1962-64 Jimma
Steven J. Farnham 1962-64 Jimma
Marianne Fearn 1962-65 Jimma, Addis Ababa
Charles “Mickey” L. Feltus 1962-64 Debre Marcos, Dire Dawa
Ronald J. Ferrier 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Jacqueline Woodson Ferrill 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea; Ghion
Jerald Stevens Fifield 1962-64 Dire Dawa
Sherrill Armstrong Fifield 1962-64 Dire Dawa
Frances Fisher 1962-64 Debre Berhan see Frances Fisher LaCroix
Samuel H. Fisk 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Barbara A. Fontaine 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Sylvia E. Forte 1962-64 Addis Ababa no contact information
Barbara Fountain 1962-64 Keren see Barbara Fountain Lorah
Dennis W. Fox 1962-64
no contact information
H. Ernest Fox 1962-64 Addis Ababa
George Fredenburg 1962-64 Yirgallem, Goba Deceased
James L. Friberg 1962-64 Asella jfriberg@pacifier.com
Thomas P. Gallagher 1962-64 Agordot no contact information
Peter G. Gesell 1962-64 Harar
Carlene Glamzi 1962-64 Dire Dawa see Carlene Glamzi Busse
Michael Edward Glatte 1962-64, 1965-67 Asmara, Eritrea; Ghinda, Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan no contact information
Esther Joan Carroll Glowa 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Thomas A. Gosebrink 1962-64 Yirgalem, Sidamo
Thomas A. Grange 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Frank Ludwig Grossmann 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Gary E. Guazzo 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
Nancy Guillet 1962-64 Addis Ababa see Nancy Guillet Winter
David R. Gurr 1962-64 Addis Ababa
John R. Hagenbuch 1962–65 Harar, Addis Ababa
Marian Haley 1962-64 Debre Berhan www.PeaceCorpsWriters.org see Marian Haley Beil
Alice Sprengle Hall 1962-64 Jimma
Will G. Hall 1962-65 Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa
Wayne Handlos 1962-64 Addis Ababa Read Wayn'e remembrance of Bill Olson
Bruce J. Handwerker 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Please write Bruce's daughter Jenn at jenncar@microsoft.com & share your memories of him. Deceased
Dale E. Harger 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Donald Lee Harris 1962-64
no contact information
Estelle Harris 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Walter Harris 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Willie Mae Harris 1962-64 Makele see Willie Mae Harris Webster
William P. Hart 1962–64 Harar no contact information
Patricia Martin-Jenkins Hartwell 1962-64 Gondar
Jon O. Heise 1962-64 Harar, Addis Ababa no contact information
John D. Herbert, Jr. 1962-64 Senafe, Eritrea
Charlotte Wilson Heth 1962-64 Ambo hethc@earthlink.net
Linton Heth 1962-64
(Elliott) Mark Himelstein 1962-64 Keren, Eritrea; Addis Ababa mh@himellaw.com


Dell J. Hood 1962-64 Addis Ababa
James H. Hopewell 1962- Addis Ababa no contact information
(Francis R.) Bob Horn 1962-64 Harar FBH012@yahoo.com
Robert J. Hotchkiss 1962-64 Assella no contact information
Richard J. Howrigan 1962-64 Jimma, Addis Ababa
Susan L. Hoyt 1962-64 Addis Ababa see Susan Hoyt Aiken
Linda Hughes 1962-64
see Linda Hughes Wilson
David Lee Hurst 1962-64 Dessie
Charles L. James 1962–
no contact information
Judee Johnson 1962-64 Ghion, Wolisso; Addis Ababa see Judee Johnson Kleffman
Charles C. Jones 1962-64 Yirgalem Deceased
Nyle B. Kardatzke 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
Adrienne Damon
1962-64 Harar aakatter@ptd.net
Eldon Katter 1962-64 Harar ekatter@ptdprolog.net
Ron P. Kazarian 1962-64 Debre Berhan www.CircleKRanch.com
William A. Kerske 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea; Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
Read Nyle Kardatzke's remembrance of Bill.
Donald W. Kilhefner, Ph.D. 1962-65 Dessie no contact information
Cynthia Tse Kimberlin 1962-64 Adi Ugri; Asmara, Eritrea
Judee Johnson Kleffman 1962-66 Ghion, Wolisso, Addis Ababa Deceased
Carolyn Wood Kneedler 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Roberta Quarles Knowles 1962-64 Harar
(Walter R.) Rick Knox, Jr. 1962-64 Makele, Addis Ababa
Jasperdean Kobes 1962-64 Harar www.BamboulaLtd.com
Paul F. Koprowski 1962-64 Agordat, Eritrea
Ron Krause,M.D. 1962-64 Makele
Frances Fisher LaCroix 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Danny G. Langdon 1962-64 Harar performi@aol.com

Patricia O’Hara Langdon 1962-64 Harar
Naomi R. Lawhorn 1962-64 Addis Ababa
John H. Lawson 1962-64 Lekempte
Susan Lawson 1962-64 Lekempte
Jerry Lemert 1962-64 Dessie no contact information
Lewis J. Lennon 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Peter L. Leofanti 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Lynn C. Linman 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Mary Lou Linman 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Richard S. Lipez 1962-64 Debre Marcos, Addis Ababa jdsoutheastasia.blogspot.com
Philip Littman, M.D. 1962-64 Assella
Carolrhoda Locketz 1962-64 Harar see Carolrhoda Locketz Rozell
Joanna London 1962-64 Harar
Barbara Fountain Lorah 1962-64 Keren, Eritrea
Ann Lounsbery 1962-64 Makele see Ann Lounsbery Owens
Gary Dale Lowe 1962-65 Addis Ababa Garydalelowe@

Richard Lyman 1962-64 Gondar
Marian Lynch 1962-64
no contact information
Harold Malveau 1962-64 Harar
Joyce Manies 1962-64
see Joyce Manies Falk
Patricia Martin-Jenkins 1962-64
see Patricia Martin-Jenkins Hartwell
Frank T. Mason 1962-64 Gondar
David M. McCahon 1962-64 Assella, Arusssi
James B. McCartney 1962-64 Malale, Tigre; Goba, Bale Deceased
Brian L. McCauley 1962-64 Addis Ababa no contact information
Paul R. McGilvray 1962-64 Yirgallem, Chincha
Lois E. Meier 1962-64 Addis Ababa
F. James Merrill 1962-65 Addis Ababa
Charles T. Michener 1962-64 Addis Ababa no contact information
Douglas J. Mickelson 1962-64 Yirgalem
William Mihay 1962-64 Yirgalem
Carol Miller 1962-64 Debre Berhan; Ghion see Carol Miller Reynolds
Jean “Rusty” Miller 1962-64 Dire Dawa see Jean Russell Miller Rich
Harris Mirkin 1962-64 Dessie, Addis Ababa
Lois Sue Mirkin 1962-64 Dessie, Addis Ababa
Russell Misheloff 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Blythe Monroe 1962-64 Harar Deceased
(Richard) Terry Moon 1962-64 Keren, Eritrea no contact information
Camilla Chickering Moore 1962-64 Debre Berhan Deceased
Cora Moorhead 1962-64 Dessie, Harar Deceased
Richard A. Moreau 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Margaret Morgan 1962-64 Lekempte, Addis Ababa, Ambo
Carolyn A. Mulford 1962-64 Dessie www.FeedsackKids.

Patricia Colby Nakamura 1962-63 Decamere
Ralph Newman 1962-64 Harar Deceased
Herman W. Nibbelink 1962-64 Adi Quala, Eritrea
Daniel E. Nickelson 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Janet L. Nickerson 1962-64 Harar
William L. Nickerson 1962-64 Harar
Margaret O’Brien 1962-64 Dire Dawa see Margaret O’Brien Donohoe
Patricia O’Hara 1962-64 Harar see Patricia O’Hara Langdon
J. Terrence O’Herron 1962-64 Addis Ababa; Keren, Eritrea toherron@stny.rr.com
Barbara Olsen 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea see Barbara Olsen Thode
Margit Bliss Orange 1962-64

Leonard S. Orzech 1962-64 Harrar
Ann Lounsbery Owens 1962-64 Makelle
(R. Talbot) Toby Page 1962-64 Lekempte
George R. Parish 1962-64 Dessie taitu@earthlink.net
Patricia Summers Parish 1962-64 Dessie taitu@earthlink.net
Cora Parrish 1962-64 Addis Ababa; Asmara, Eritrea
Gloria Somple Perrino 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea
James W. Phillips 1962-64 Addis Ababa no contact information
Carol A. Potter 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
E. John Prebis 1962-64 Gondar
Dwayne R. Purrington 1962-64 Jimma, Chencha
Roberta Quarles 1962-64 Harar see Roberta Quarles Knowles
Madonna Rauscher 1962-65 Decamere, Eritrea; Addis Ababa see Madonna Rauscher Sullivan
Paul T. Reagan 1962-64 Nazareth
Nina Patricia Reidy 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea see Nina Patricia Reidy Duggar
Herbert A. Resnick 1962-64 Harar
Rev. John Rex 1962-64 Debre Berhan
Carol Miller Reynolds 1962-64 Debre Berhan, Ghion
Jean “Rusty” Miller Rich 1962-64 Dire Dawa
Lois C. Richards 1962-64 Makele
Carol Clouser Richert 1962-64 Harar richert@att.net
Kent Richert 1962-64 Harar richert@att.net
Otho Rink 1962-64 Dessie, Wollo; Addis Ababa Deceased
John Henry Roberts 1962–64
no contact information
(Andrew G.) Gene Rosaschi 1962-66 Dessie Deceased
(Elliot) Tony Roundtree 1962-62 Asmara, Eritrea
Knut S. Royce 1962-64

Carolrhoda Locketz Rozell 1962-64 Harar Deceased
John Craycroft Rude 1962-64 Tessenei, Eritrea; Adi Ugri, Eritrea www.open.org/tfl/eritrea
Thelma Rypkema 1962-64 Ambo see Thelma Rypkema Bingham
Robert L. Savage 1962-64 Debre Berhan
William A. Schmick 1962-64 Addis Ababa Obituary Deceased
Thomas E. Schroeder 1962-64 Lekempte no contact information
John S. Scott 1962-65 Adi Caieh, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
C. Russell Scoville 1962-64 Dira Dawa; Addis Ababa
Roland J. Sebacher 1962-64 Addis Ababa

Richard Strawn Sharpe 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Lois J. Shoemaker 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Terry E. Shoemaker 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea Deceased
(Louis Herbert) Herb Siegel 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Suzanne Siegel 1962-64 Addis Ababa
William Siegel 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Herbert Sigman 1962- Harar no contact information
Kay Simmons 1962-64 Nazareth Deceased
Larry D. Simmons 1962-64 Nazareth
William Sittig 1962-64 Assella
Hoyt A. Smith 1962-65 Addis Ababa
Jeffrey L. Smith 1962-64 Gondar no contact information
Marion M Smith 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Marsha T. Smith 1962-64
see Marsha Smith Stone
(Mary Judith) Judy Smith 1962-64 Ghion
Maura T. Smith 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Wanda A. Socha 1962-64 Addis Ababa Deceased
Gerald S. Solberg 1962-64 Dessie; Addis Ababa
Gloria Somple 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea see Gloria Somple Perrino
Alice Sprengle 1962-64 Jimma see Alice Sprengle Hall
Jerry Dale Springston 1962-64 Tessenei, Eritrea
Kenneth D. Stauffer 1962-64 Makele
Martha E. Stauffer 1962-64 Makele
Mary Winslow Stephano, Ph.D. 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
John S. Stocton 1962-64 Gondar Deceased
Marsha Smith Stone 1962-64 Lekempte
Martha Stonequist 1962-64 Addis Ababa
Richard P. Stringer 1962-64 Makele
Lonia M. Strong 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea see Lonia M. Strong Davenport
Madonna Rauscher Sullivan 1962-65 Decamere, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
Patricia A. Summers 1962-64 Dessie see Patricia Summers Parish
Joseph S. Tenn 1962-64 Addis Ababa www.phys-astro.sonoma.edu/

Barbara Olsen Thode 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Benjamin H. Thomas 1962-64 Addis Ababa
William S. Tilney 1962-64 Addis Ababa williamtilney@sbcglobal.net
Sally J. Timmel 1962-64 Makele no contact information
John J. Tramonti 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Robert Travis 1962-64 Assella; Addis Ababa
Cynthia Tse 1962-64 Adi Ugri; Asmara, Eritrea see Cynthia Tse Kimberlin
Paul Tsongas 1962-64 Ghion, Wolisso Deceased
(Daniel J.) Ty Vignone 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea
Anthony W. Vigo 1962-64 Eritrea tonyvigo@sbcglobal.net
Margaret Wagner 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea see Margaret Wagner Bertucco
Patricia C. Wainwright 1962-63 Decamere, Eritrea see Patricia Colby Nakamura
Edgar C. Warren 1962-64 Harar
Willie Mae Harris Webster 1962-64 Makele no contact information
John R. Wheat 1962–64
no contact information
David P. Wiley 1962-64 Assella no contact information
David H. Williams 1962-64 Addis Ababa
E. Thomas Williams, Jr. 1962-63 Ghion
Charlotte Wilson 1962-64 Ambo see Charlotte Wilson Heth
Gary Loren Wilson 1962-64 Addis Ababa no contact information
James A. Wilson 1962-64 Debre Marcos, Addis Ababa
Linda Hughes Wilson 1962-64
Peter A. Winkel 1962-64

Nancy Guillet Winter 1962-64 Addis Ababa
(Richard) Keith Wittenstrom 1962-64 Adi Quala
Carolyn Wood 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea see Carolyn Wood Kneedler
Mary L. Wood 1962-64
see Mary L. Wood-Glisson
Mary L. Wood-Glisson 1962-64 Harar
Jacqueline Woodson 1962-64 Adi Ugri, Eritrea; Ghion see Jacqueline Woodson Ferrill
Andrea W. Wright 1962-64 Gondar, Ethiopia
Aram Zakarian 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa Deceased
Betty Dvorman Zakarian 1962-64 Asmara, Eritrea; Addis Ababa
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