Peace Corps Staff in Ethiopia and Eritrea

The following were staff members in Ethiopia or Eritrea. Won't you help us add to this list so that we can reconnect with individuals who played a vital role in our Peace Corps experience?

Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs has address and/or phone and/or email address for all except those noted with "no contact information." If you would like to reconnect with anyone listed below, send an email to the webmaster.

If you have corrections or additions or contact information for someone noted as "no contact information" please email the webmaster.

Some terms:

    APCD — Associate Peace Corps Director
    CD — Country Directory
    DD — Deputy Director
    PC/Er — Peace Corps in Eritrea
    PC/Eth — Peace Corps in Ethiopia
    PC/W — Peace Corps, Washington

If you would like your email address listed so that people can contact you directly, please send a note to mhbeil@rochester.rr.com.

Peace Corps assignment(s)
Julio Andy Andrews Staff: PC/Eth APCD 67-69, CD 69-70 (PCV Liberia 65–67) no contact information
Tadesse Araya Staff: PC/Eth APCD Makele –72 Deceased
William H. Armstrong Staff: PC/Eth 66-68 APCD: PC/Swaziland 68-71 CD
Harlan Attfield Staff: PC/Eth early '70s (PCV : Nigeria 66-68, Mauritius 72-74)
Shlomo Bachrach Staff: PC/Eth 66–68 training (also UCLA 64; St. Thomas 68)
Jane Campbell Beaven Staff: PC/W 62-64; PC/Eth 64-67 PHOTO
Andrew Bell Staff: PC/Eth 63–65
David Berlew Staff: PC/Eth 67-68 CD
Ross Edgar Bigelow Staff: PC/Eth 74-77; Burkina Faso 77 (PCV Nigeria 63-65)
William Bicknell Staff: PC/Eth 64–66 Physician wbicknel@bu.edu
Harry S. Bingham Staff: PC/Eth 66–68 APCD
George E. Blackmon Staff: PC/Eth 65-67 APCD; St. Thomas Training Eth X 68 (PCV Ethiopia 62–64) Deceased
Mary K. Highfill Blackmon Staff spouse: PC/Eth 65-67 (PCV Philippines)
Assefa Bogale Staff: PC/Eth 70–73 APCD Jimma
Terry Brill Staff: PC/Er late '90s APCD no contact information
Everett Buchanan Staff: PC/Eth no contact information
Jane Campbell Staff: PC/W 62-64; PC/Eth 64-67 see Jane Campbell Beaven
Jane Canby Staff spouse: PC/Eth 62–64; Uganda 64-66
William Canby Staff: PC/Eth 62–64 DD; Uganda 64-66
Nina Rusk Carson Staff: PC/Eth 1964-66 Deceased
Chester C. Carter Staff: PC/Eth
David Chaney Staff: PC/Eth 63–65 no contact information
Dorothy Chaney Staff spouse: PC/Eth 63–65 no contact information
Carol Chappell Staff: PC/Eth 98-99 CD; Lesotho CD no contact information
Susan Chase Staff: PC/Er 95–97 APCD no contact information
Costas Christ Staff: PC/Er 98 CD; Belize 99– CD
Don Christians Staff: PC/Eth 67-70; Domocam Republic 70-72
Hugh Clark Staff: PC/Eth 63–65 Physician
Sue Clark Staff spouse: PC/Eth 63–65
Lynette Cole Staff spouse: PC/Eth 66-68
William M. Cole Staff: PC/Eth 66-68 Physician
Ed Corboy Staff: PC/Eth 62-64 APCD
Joan Corboy Staff spouse: PC/Eth 62–64
John Coyne Staff: PC/Eth APCD 65-67; PC/W 64-65; PC/W 94-95; PC/NY 95-01 Reg Mgr
Edward B. Cross, M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 62-64 Physician
Makonnen Desta Staff: PC/Eth APCD early 70s no contact information
Lis A. Doane Staff: PC/Eth 95–98 CD; Namibia, Solomon Is (PCV Papua New Guinea 88-91) no contact information
Tim Donnay Staff: PC/Er 97–98 CD (PCV Lesotho 84-86) no contact information
Paul Dowling Staff: PC/Eth early '70s prog tech dir (PCV Ecuador) no contact information
Julie Drennan Staff: PC/Eth 63- nurse
Jon S. Ebling Staff: PC/Eth 67-69 APCD (PCV Ethiopia 62–64)
John L. Ey,M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 71–74 Physician
Karlene Clause Faith Staff: PC/Eth 65-67
Gerald Faust Staff: PC/Eth 63-65 (PCV Tanzania 61–63)
Bernard M. Flock Staff: PC/Eth 68–71 tech advisor (PCV Ethiopia 65–68)
Cynthia K.S. Francisco Staff spouse: PC/Eth 63-65
Bonnie Hash Staff: PC/Eth 74–75 medical officer; Kenya 78–83, Nepal 84-86, Bolivia 92–97
John D. Hatch Staff: PC/Eth 71 training (PCV Tanzania 63–66)
Jack Hjeldt Staff: PC/Eth early 70s APCD
Tony Hodgin Staff: PC/Eth APCD - Dessie Prov 68–69: prog. officer, Addis 69–70 tonyhodgin@yahoo.com
Williard L. Hoing Staff: PC/Eth 74-75 (or 76) CD
Mike Junge Staff: PC/Er APCD 97-99; APCD Chad 94-97 (PCV Micronesia 82-84, Burundi 88-90) mjunge99@yahoo.com
Henry L. (Hank) Larom Staff: PC/Eth APCD (Asmara) 68–69 Deceased
John F. Lee, M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 63-65 Physician no contact information
Elsa Legesse Staff: PC/Eth '60s no contact information
David B. Levine Staff: PC/Eth 67-70 APCD; PC/W staff 77-81 (PCV Ethiopia 64–66)
Rit London Staff: PC/Eth –99 med off
Constance A. (Corrie) Martin Staff: PC/Eth 96-98; Tonga 96 (PCV Mongolia 91-93)
Eugene V. Martin, Ph.D. Staff: PC/Eth 67-69
John R. Martin Staff: PC/Eth 74-75; Swaziland, Kenya no contact information
Robert G. Mayer, M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 65-67 (64-66?) Physician
Susan Mayer Staff spouse: 65-67 (64-66?)
India McCanse Staff: PC/Eth 66–68 Deceased
Gloria Mersha Staff: PC/Eth 73-76 nurse (PCV Ethiopia 65–67)
Debra Millar Staff: PC/Er '90s Ed Officer no contact information
Fay Millett, M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 63–64 Physician
Jack Mills Country Director 72-74
Walter Muelken Staff: PC/Eth, program officer 71–73
Dr. Joseph S. Murphy Staff: PC/Eth 68–70 CD; St Croix, VI 65-66 Training Deceased
Alan W. Olson Staff: PC/Eth 72–73; Uganda 70–72 (PCV Malaysia 63-65)
Cathy Olson Staff: PC/Eth 72–73; Uganda 70–72 (PCV Malaysia 63-65)
Joan K. Pamment Staff: PC/Eth 68-70 (PCV Ethiopia 64–66)
James Paul Staff: PC/Eth 63- Physician
Peggy Paul Staff spouse: PC/Eth 63- 
Bob Poole Staff: PC/Eth 62–64 Deceased
Jestyn Portugill Staff: PC/Eth 70-72 CD
Dr. Gloria J. Powell Staff spouse: 62-64 no contact information
Dr. Rodney N. Powell Staff: PC/Eth 62-64 Physician
Wick Powers Staff: PC/Eth -99 APCD; Madagascar APCD no contact information
E. John Prebis Staff: PC/Eth 65–67 APCD; PC/W 64-65 (PCV Ethiopia 62–64)
Don Romine Staff: PC/Eth 64–66 APCD Deceased
John Schadler Staff: PC/Eth 70- ; medical director see Bill Kendall's comments about John Deceased
Arthur Schiff Staff: PC/Eth 64–65; Liberia 63–64
David M. Schimmel Staff: PC/Eth 63-64 APCD
Herm Schmidt Staff: PC/Eth '60s no contact information
Robert Schmidt, Jr. Staff: PC/Eth 95-98 APCD; Togo 83-85, Gabon 90-95 APCD (PCV Gabon 78-80)
Cynthia Scott Staff spouse: PC/Eth 63-65s see Cynthia K.S. Francisco
Henry Scott Staff: PC/Eth 63-65 APCD Deceased
Martin Shapiro Staff: PC/Er 95–97 CD; Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Hungary no contact information
Arlene Emmett Spacciante Staff: PC/Eth 67-69 (PCV Ethiopia 65-67)
Samuel Taddesse Staff: PC/Eth 63-68
Mary-Rita Tascketta Staff: PC/Eth early '70s, admin officer; PC/W '60s see Mary-Rita Tascketta Zeleke
Awash Teklehaiminot Staff: PC/Eth APCD Makele 72–74?
James R. Thompson Staff : PC/Eth 65-68; 1968 St. Thomas, V,I. Ethiopia X training director PHOTO
E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. Staff: PC/Eth 64-66 Physician
Theodore M. Vestal Staff: PC/Eth 64–66 fp.okstate.edu/vestal/
Bill White Staff: PC/Eth 62-64 APCD no contact information
Harry G. Wilkinson Staff: PC/Eth 69-71 DD no contact information
Anne H. Wilson Staff: PC/Eth 69 (PCV Philippines 61–63)
H. Donald Wilson Staff: PC/Eth 64-66 CD
Peter Wilson Staff spouse: PC/Eth 64-66
Harris L. Wofford Staff: PC/Eth 62–64 CD; PC/W 64-66
Samuel Yohannes Staff: PC/Eth
Mary-Rita Tascketta Zeleke Staff: PC/Eth early '70s, admin officer; PC/W '60s no contact information
Tedla Zeyohannes Staff: PC/Eth early 70s APCD no contact information
RPCV Bill Kendall wrote: “John Schadler saved lives, he was a great doctor. I ran into him again when I joined the Foreign Service, and John retired from the State Department about 1985. He returned to Texas. After all those years abroad he was killed in a car accident in Texas in the late 1980s. I, myself, and several other volunteers owed him our lives.”
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