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Click on the persons "Training group or start date" for more info.

Training group
or start date
Joel Jackson Ethiopia XVI
Judi Jackson Ethiopia VII ATP
Bruce Jacobs Ethiopia XVI
Louise Cleary Jacobs Ethiopia XVIII
Janet A. Jacobson Ethiopia XIII
Martin D. Jacobson Ethiopia X St. Croix
Stanley Paul Jacobson Ethiopia XII
Carl Jaffee Ethiopia VII UCLA
Sandra Jaffee Ethiopia VII UCLA
Charles L. James Ethiopia I
Judith Hagens Jameson Ethiopia IV
Matthew N. Jameson Ethiopia Reentry I
Alan Jameston unknown
Sylvia M. Jamros Ethiopia X Maine
Paul Jankura Ethiopia IX
Candice Jarrett Ethiopia VII ATP
Janice Robison Jedkins Ethiopia IV
Steven A. Jenkins Ethiopia VIII Littleton, Mass
Ann M. Jensen Ethiopia III
Carol A. Jensen Ethiopia XVI
Thomas L. Jensen Ethiopia XV
Otis M. Jernigan, Jr. Ethiopia IV
Charles Wood Jewett, Jr. Ethiopia VII UCLA
Ray Joanis unknown
Carolyn A. Jobin Ethiopia XVI
Roger C. Jobin Ethiopia XVI
Ray Johansmeier Ethiopia XX
Richard A. Johns Ethiopia XVIII
Avis U. Johnson Ethiopia XIX
Charles W. Johnson Ethiopia III
Craig W. Johnson Ethiopia X St Thomas
Deborah Johnson Ethiopia X St Thomas
Judee Johnson Ethiopia I
Kathleen A. Johnson Ethiopia VI U of Utah
Larry R. Johnson Ethiopia VII ATP
Lloyd Johnson unknown
Lukas P. Johnson Ethiopia Reentry IV
Patricia A. Johnson Ethiopia III
Roy A. Johnson Transferred in from Nigeria
Stephen L. Johnson Ethiopia III
Stephen L. Johnson Ethiopia XII
Walter Johnson unknown
Carmen Jones Ethiopia XII
Charles C. Jones Ethiopia I
Frank G. Jones Ethiopia VI UCLA
Gary Jones unknown
Gerald R. Jones Ethiopia VIII Littleton, Mass
Linda Jones Ethiopia II
Martha C. Jones Ethiopia VI U of Utah
Ray O. Jones Ethiopia VI U of Utah
Carmen Jones-Clad Ethiopia XII
Edward D. Jordan Ethiopia III
Thomas Edward Jordan Ethiopia XIV
Kathleen Joy Ethiopia XX
Martha Ann Joyce Ethiopia VII Cambridge
Julian C. Juergensmeyer unknown
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