2002 E&E RPCVs reunion photos

In June of 2002, at the Peace Corps 40+1 Anniversary Celebration held in Washington, E&E RPCVs celebrated enthusiastically.

Thank you to photographers Don Beil, Neil Boyer, and Lee Atkins Desta for sharing.

If you have photos you'd like to have added here, contact Marian Beil at mhbeil@rochester.rr.com.

At the Opening Ceremonies where E&E RPCVs won the 2002 Loret Miller Ruppe Award —
Phil Ruppe, Mary Ruppe Nash, Marian Haley Beil & Leo Cecchini
At the E&E RPCVs dinner held at the Ethiopian Embassy —
Ninian Beall (Sodo 68–69) and Bryan McClure (Gursum, Dire Dawa 66–69)
Lee Atkins Desta (Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan 66_68)
Susan Heck (Addis Ababa 67–69) and John Woods (Jimma 65–68)
Susan Hundt-Bergan (Bahr Dar 66–68 and David Hartman (Sodo 66–68)
Mary Myers-Bruckenstein (Addis Ababa68–70) and unidentified friends
Jack Prebis (Gondar, Addis Ababa 62–64) and Sarah Pentico Samuel (Ambo 66–68)
At the E&E RPCVs country updates —
Paul Reagan ((Nazareth 62–64)

At the fundraising dinner —
Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez
Sargent Shriver arrives on a motorcycle
Sargent Shriver takes a call
Don & Marian Haley Beil (Debre Berhan 62–64)
Marian Haley Beil, Leo Cecchini (Asmara 62–64), the Eritrean Ambassador & Ghebre Selassie Mehreteab, winner of a Host Country National Recognition Award
Neil Boyer (Addis Ababa 62–64)
John Coyne (Addis Ababa 62–64)
Susan Hundt-Bergan (Bahr Dar 66–68)
Eldon & Adrienne Damon Katter (Harar 62–64)
Joanna London (Harar 62–64) & Cynthia Tse Kimberlin (Adi Ugri, Asmara 62–64)
Bill & Maggie O'Brien Donohoe (Dira Dawa 62–64)
Carol Miller Reynolds (Debre Berhan, Ghion 62–64)
Rusty Miller Rich (Dire Dawa 62–64)
Ted Vestal (PC/Ethipia staff 64–66)
Harris Wofford (Country Directory/Ethiopia 62–64)

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