Makele, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Makale, Makalle, Makelle Mekele, Mekelle

Province, region: Tigre

Location: @ 260k N of Dessie, 500k N of Addis Ababa MORE

About the community:

  • from John Stauffer (Adi Caieh 66–68) taken around 1967.
  • See photographs from Makele, Tigre, 2004, by Jericho Burg, Communication graduate student at University of California, San Diego. Posted by Elliot Kanter, Ethiopia X (Mekelle 68-70), now librarian at UC San Diego.

    Elliot wrote: Ethiopia/Eritrea RPCVs who, like me, would be amazed at the changes in that once modest provincial capital of Tigre since the 1960s, and also at how many scenes feel unchanged.

NOTE: Every RPCV is invited to send to the webmaster information about the community, plus photos of the community, its people, and its PCVs. For photos, please include date taken and description.
Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Makele
Wendell H. Brooks 1962-64
Donald W. Budlong 1962-64
Joyce C. Campbell 1962-64
Ola June Clifton 1962-64
Jesse Council 1962-64
Phillip M. Eastman, M.D. 1962-64
Willie Mae Harris 1962-64
(Walter R.) Rick Knox, Jr. 1962-64
Ron Krause,M.D. 1962-64
Ann Lounsbery 1962-64
James B. McCartney 1962-64
Ann Lounsbery Owens 1962-64
Lois C. Richards 1962-64
Kenneth D. Stauffer 1962-64
Martha E. Stauffer 1962-64
Richard P. Stringer 1962-64
Sally J. Timmel 1962-64
Willie Mae Harris Webster 1962-64
Mary McAnaw Brigg, M.D. 1963-65
Patricia Dewerth Corbett 1963-65
Nancy Ross Dean 1963-65
Patricia Dewerth 1963-65
Gary Frost 1963-65
Glen L. Gish 1963-65
Gerard Hoffman 1963-65
Ralph G. Holt, M.D. 1963-65
Judith A. Hopkins 1963-65
Milton Hurwitz 1963-65
Linda Jones 1963-65
Brenda Mathiesen 1963-65
Marty Ryan Mathiesen 1963-65
Mary McLoughlin 1963-
Robert V. Mikulewicz 1963-65
Ivan Myers 1963-65
Nancy Dean Nowak 1963-65
Joseph Ryan 1963-65
William Seraile, Ph. D. 1963-65
Judith Knutson Vickrey 1963-65
Genevieve "Gigi" Ott Wietecha 1963-65
Elizabeth Williams 1963-
Gwendolyn D. Clark Williams 1963-65
Thomas Andrews 1964-66
Michael Quam 1964-66
Millicent Quam 1964-66
Walter R. Rathkamp 1964-66
Mary Elizabeth Crockett Schroer 1964-66
Beverly Frogge 1965-67
Donald K. Holm 1965-67
Barbara J. Lenkerd 1965-67
Gloria A Mersha 1965-67
Richard E. Perry 1965
Richard S. Trenbath, M.D. 1965-67
Michael D. Brand 1966-68
Carol Christensen 1966-68
Carol Christensen CordyM.D. 1966-68
Susan K. Flyr 1966-68
Homer M. Hayes 1966-69
Catherine Carow Lozier 1966-68
J. Normandie Phelps 1966
Roger V. Phelps 1966
Hamilton Richards, Jr. 1966-68
Susan K. Flyr Royston 1966-68
Diane Wukovitz 1966-68
Stephen Wukovitz 1966-68
Alice Leeth Adamson 1967-69
Hugh Douglas Adamson 1967-69
Charles J. Costa 1967-70
Alice Leeth 1967-69
Richard Bingham Taylor 1967-
Gregory Bull 1968-70
Pat Dorrian Bull 1968-70
Julie C. Wigand Costa 1968-70
Patricia Dorrian 1968-70
Richard Garcia 1968-69
Elliot Kanter 1968-70
Ira J. Morrow 1968-70
Martha White 1968-
Julie C. Wigand 1968-
Patricia R. Huling 1969-71
Rodney C. Huling 1969-71
James Levin 1969-71
Myron J. Staffelbach 1969-71
David L. Courtney 1970-73
Maryann T. Melzl 1970-72
Pauline Middlebrook 1970-72
James W. Skelton, Jr. 1970-72
Barbara Miller West 1970-72
Larry Joe Workman 1970-73
William Pike Anderson 1971-73
Gayle J. Clark 1971-73
Robert Symms Dodds 1971-
Alan Howard Fabel 1971-73
Gayle J. Clark Peper 1971-73
Scott Peper 1971-73
Ernest R Franz 1971-74
Scott Kirchoff 1971-74
Mike Schemmel 1996-
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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