Gondar, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Gonder

Province, region: Begemdir

Location: @ 420k NNW of Addis, 40k N of Lake Tana MORE

About the community:

NOTE: Every RPCV is invited to send to the webmaster information about the community, plus photos of the community, its people, and its PCVs (3 maximum of each category from each RPCV). For photos, please include date taken and description.
Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Gondar:
Martin Benjamin 1962-64
Charles V. Callahan 1962-64
John W. Davis 1962-64
Peggy L. Davis 1962-64
Madilyn Engvall 1962-65
Patricia Martin-Jenkins Hartwell 1962-64
Richard Lyman 1962-64
Frank T. Mason 1962-64
E. John Prebis 1962-64
Jeffrey L. Smith 1962-64
John S. Stocton 1962-64
Andrea W. Wright 1962-64
Gayle Bradshaw 1963-65
Nancy Leonard Brunner 1963-
June Dickinson 1963-
George Ferris 1963-65
James “Fred” Gage, Ph.D 1963-65
Linda Jones 1963-65
Nancy Leonard 1963-
Robert Matthai 1963-65
Joan McMahon 1963-65
Allan Ochs 1963-
June Dickinson Smith 1963-
Gayle Bradshaw Washburn 1963-65
Burton O. Allen 1964-66
Mary Lou Allen 1964-
Wayne R. Behlendorf 1964-66
Helen H. Valentine Bishop 1964–66
Margaret M. Bogacz 1964-66
Alan William Boyd 1964-66
Susanne Marie Boyd 1964-66
Michael F. Driscoll 1964-66
Susan Haller Mangold 1964–66
Diane S. McCann 1964–66
Marty J. Merkel 1964–66
Rolf Mjaanes 1964-66
Ralph S. Morrison 1964-`
Susan Haller Morrison 1964–66
Helen Plummer 1964-
Mary Lou Allen Scheibner 1964-
James R. Sutherland 1964-66
Helen H. Valentine 1964-66
John V. Adams 1965-67
Therese M. Green 1965-67
Martha C. Jones 1965-67
Ray O. Jones 1965-67
Elizabeth D. Rathman 1965
Donly E. Ray 1965
Thomas Crossett 1966-68
John Bishop Hillman 1966-68
Margaret (Sunny) Robinson 1966-68
Lynn Markham Roundy 1966-68
David R. Voth 1966-68
Linda Harbaugh 1967-68
Linda Harbaugh Hillman 1967-68
Steven A. Jenkins 1967-
Mary Wheeles Singer 1967-
Paul G. Borge 1968-70
Thomas C. Dassel 1968-70
Katherine E. Garner 1968-70
Mary Noel Zallnick Habte-Mariam 1968-
Leon Perlman 1968-69
Michael D. Sandler 1968-70
Stephen Traylor 1968-70
Mary Noel Zallnick 1968-
John I. Cahill 1969-71
Mary F. Lampe 1969-71
Edwin C. (Ned) Roberts 1969-71
Roberta (Bobbi) Vann 1970-71
Carolyn A. Jobin 1971-72
Roger C. Jobin 1971-72
R. Mark Weeks 1972
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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