Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Dirediua, Dirdabo, Dire Daba, Dire Daua, Dire Dewa, Dear Old Dire Dawa

Province, region: Harar

Location:@ 40 k NW of Harar MORE

About the community:

NOTE: Every RPCV is invited to send to the webmaster information about the community, plus photos of the community, its people, and its PCVs (3 maximum of each category from each RPCV). For photos, please include date taken and description.
Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Dire Dawa:
Sherrill Ann Armstrong 1962-64
Carleen Glamzi Busse 1962-64
Margaret O’Brien Donohoe 1962-64
William C. Donohoe 1962-64
Margaret J. Drury 1962-64
Jon S. Ebeling 1962-64
Joyce Manies Falk 1962-64
Charles “Mickey” L. Feltus 1962-64
Jerald Stevens Fifield 1962-64
Sherrill Armstrong Fifield 1962-64
Carlene Glamzi 1962-64
Will G. Hall 1962-65
Jean “Rusty” Miller 1962-64
Margaret O’Brien 1962-64
Jean “Rusty” Miller Rich 1962-64
C. Russell Scoville 1962-64
Michael Feldstein 1963-65
William H. Buie 1964-66
Rebecca Ann Englerth 1964-66
Lee Gallery 1964-66
Sheila Brinkley Ginn 1964-66
June Kling Irhazy 1964-66
June Kling 1964-66
Andre Salsedo 1964-66
Harriett K. Maxey 1965
Leo R. Perkins 1965
Joyce Branaman 1966-68
Calvin B. (Bernie) Butler 1966-68
Joyce Branaman Butler 1966-68
Sidney Feldman 1966-67
Catherine Koenings 1966-70
Bryan R. McClure 1966-69
Catherine Koenings Molla 1966-70
Christine Pattee 1966-68
Hamilton Richards, Jr. 1966-68
Joanne Millery Bittle 1967-69
Gary P. Market 1967-
Lorraine D. Beauchesne 1968-70
Logan K. Bundy, M.D. 1968-70
John P. Dattola 1968-70
David Earl Davis 1968-70
Lorraine Beauchesne Fidler 1968-70
Wyman Edward Hack 1968-
Stanley Provus 1968-70
Gordon Campbelle Rhea 1968-69
Margaret R. Rhea 1968-69
Eileen Morrison 1969-71
G. Gregory Pyle 1969-72
Diane Rausch 1969-71
Louise A. Bagnuolo 1970-72
Nancy Henke 1970-71
Donella Bucknoy 1971-
Kathleen M. Ashe 1973–74
Gabrielle Dolphin 1974-75
Paul F. Weissleder 1974-76
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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