Dessie, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Dese, Dessye, Dessa, Dessi

Province, region: Wollo

Location:@ 250k NNE of Addis Ababa MORE

About the community:

NOTE: Every RPCV is invited to send to the webmaster information about the community, plus photos of the community, its people, and its PCVs (3 maximum of each category from each RPCV). For photos, please include date taken and description.
Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Dessie:
Ronald Eugene Bell 1962-65
John D. Bigelow 1962-64
Jean Bottcher 1962-64
Arwilda L. Bryan 1962-64
Arwilda L. Bryant-Haynes 1962-64
Marc Clausen 1962-65
Irene Embrey 1962-64
Robert D. Embrey 1962-64
David Lee Hurst 1962-64
Donald W. Kilhefner, Ph.D. 1962-65
Jerry Lemert 1962-64
Harris Mirkin 1962-64
Lois Sue Mirkin 1962-64
Cora Moorhead 1962-64
Carolyn A. Mulford 1962-64
George R. Parish 1962-64
Patricia Summers Parish 1962-64
Otho Rink 1962-64
(Andrew G.) Gene Rosaschi 1962-66
Gerald S. Solberg 1962-64
Patricia A. Summers 1962-64
Florence Matthews Baldwin 1963-65
Neil D. Baldwin 1963-65
Elizabeth Beckman 1963-65
Elizabeth Beckman Bell 1963-65
Mary McAnaw Brigg, M.D. 1963-65
L. David Brown, Jr. 1963-65
Patricia Wissler Crepeau 1963-65
Richard C. Crepeau 1963-65
Robert J. Douyard 1963-65
Helen Elias 1963-
Ilse HeilbrunnM.D. 1963-65
Mary A. Leonard Holden 1963–65
Ann Browder Lorenz 1963-66
Lee Maloney 1963-65
Ronald Olson 1963-65
Dorothy Pugh 1963-
Linda Ames Rachut 1963-
Nancy Reisinger 1963-64
Roy Reisinger 1963-64
Patricia Bohdan Ritzman 1963-64
Wayne Ritzman 1963-
LaDena Robichaud Schnapper 1963-66
Gertrude A. Solomon 1963-
Helen Elias Steel 1963-
Marina Walker Terry 1963-
Judith Knutson Vickrey 1963-65
Priscilla Whitehead 1963-65
Genevieve "Gigi" Ott Wietecha 1963-65
Patricia Krebsbach Wood Welsh 1963–65
David Craven 1964-66
Richard R. Day 1964-66
John R. (Jack) Dugan 1964-66
Natalie L. Garrett 1964-66
James McAfee 1964-
John K. Saunders, Ph.D 1964-
Ellen Wapnowitz Steurman 1964-66
Ellen Wapnowitz 1964-66
Jessie Hardwick Hardin 1965-67
Jessie Hardwick 1965-67
Glenda Oldham Hargraves 1965–67
Sandra L. Larson 1965-67
John W. Russell 1965
Esteban Vega 1965-67
Sandra Larson Weck 1965-67
Larry E. Demarest 1966-68
Ronald Everett Haines 1967-70
Gerald R. Jones 1967-71, 1972
Margaret Preston Kharraz 1967-69
Mark Allan Paulsen 1967–70
Margaret A. Preston 1967-69
John B. Sutherland 1967-69
Mary Anne Larson Baker 1968-70
Michael Bougher 1968-70
Lynn Sanford Koester 1968-70
Mary Anne Larson 1968-70
Lynn Y. Sanford 1968-70
Dorothy Lee Wells 1968-
Dorothy Wells-Zaid 1968-70
Frederick R. Bechard 1969-71
Richard L. Bell 1969-73
Marie Hollinger 1969-71
Stephen L. Johnson 1969-71
Cynthia Lee 1969-71
G. Gregory Pyle 1969-72
Gene L. Bartley 1970-73, 1973-
John Scott Porterfield 1971-73
Beverly Ann Smith 1971-74
John Winings 1971-74
John DeVleming 1972–74
Dexter Fairbanks 1972–73
Doug Arbuckle 1973–74
Robert C. Steinglass 1973-
Paul F. Weissleder 1974-76
Kathy A. Meyer 1995-97
Barbara A. Reichardt 1995–96
Kathy St. George 1995-97
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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