Debre Berhan, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Debra Berhan, Dabra Berhan, Debre Birhan

Province, region: Shoa

Location: @ 120 km NE of Addis Ababa on the main road to Dessie. The bus ride from Addis to DB took 5 hours. MORE

About the community:
In the '60s, Debre Berhan was a town of approximately 5,000. It was said that the population doubled each Saturday for "market day."

There were two secondary schools in the town — which account for the large number of Volunteers working there. The schools were Haile Mariam Mammo Secondary School and the Debre Berhan Teacher Training Institute.

  • from Marian Haley Beil
    • The school day begins at Haile Mariam Mammo Secondary School. Headmaster Ratniswami at left.
    • Class 10C, Haile Mariam Mammo, 1962–63
    • Ethiopian Coptic priests celebrating holiday.
    • Tukels
    • Chika (mixture of mud, dung and straw) houses with tin roofs.
    • House where female Volunteers lived - 1962–64
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Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Debre Berhan:
Kay E. Aylor 1962-64
Marian Haley Beil 1962-64
Gerald K. Bieler 1962-64
Kay E. Aylor Black 1962- 64
Camilla Chickering 1962-64
Raymond T. Donaldson 1962-64
J. Bruce Engle 1962-64
Frances Fisher 1962-64
Marian Haley 1962-64
Ron P. Kazarian 1962-64
Frances Fisher LaCroix 1962-64
Lynn C. Linman 1962-64
Mary Lou Linman 1962-64
Carol Miller 1962-63
Russell Misheloff 1962-64
Camilla Chickering Moore 1962-64
Rev. John Rex 1962-64
Carol Miller Reynolds 1962-63
Robert L. Savage 1962-64
Joseph H. Gulvas 1963-65
Joseph Wood 1963-65
Allan R. Brandhorst 1964-66
Rita Dianne Donnelly Brandhorst 1964-66
Alice Euler Czech 1964-66
Rita Dianne Donnelly 1964-66
Betty S. McLaughlin Hagberg 1964-66
Charles W. Johnson 1964-66
Patricia A. Johnson 1964-66
Betty S. McLaughlin 1964-66
Mary (Dusty) Quinn Penta 1964-66
E. David Seal, III 1964-66
Linda J. Scanlon Seal 1964-66
Joyce N. Bray Wyanski 1964–66
Michael Edward Glatte 1962-64, 1965-67
Lee Atkins 1966-68
Lee Atkins Desta 1966-68
Annette Dickinson 1966
Martha Ann Joyce 1966-68
Annette Old 1966
Joe Old 1966
Terese L. Condon 1967-68
Gerald R. Jones 1967-71, 1972
David Moonitz 1967-68
Terese Moonitz 1967-68
Michael W. Cupp 1968-70
Patricia S. Cupp 1968-70
Stevann J. Hoffman 1968-69
Thomas Allen Hoffman 1968-69
Otto H. Koester 1968-69
David P. Landes 1968-70
David Sleeter 1968-70
Mark W. Melrose, Ph.D 1972-73
Bruce C. Hoffman 1972-75
Warren Barrash 1973-74
Cavit McCormick 1973-74
Edward P. McCreanor 1995-97
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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