Assella, Ethiopia

Other spellings, other names: Aselle, Asella, Asela, Asselle

Province, region: Arussi

Location: @ 170 km S of Addis Ababa MORE

About the community:

  • from Randy Marcus (66–68)
    • Assella street scene - 1966 woman carrying wood
    • Assella Coronation Day - 1966 l. to r. PCVs Randy Marcus (me - VII ATP), Nina Lacey (VI), Robert Curry (VI), Cathy Toner (VI)
    • Assella Ras Dargay School - 1966 view of school grounds during recess period
    • Assella Ras Dargay library - 1966 students unpacking books donated by my mom who was working for Simon and Schuster publishing at the time.
NOTE: Every RPCV is invited to send to the webmaster information about the community, plus photos of the community, its people, and its PCVs (3 maximum of each category from each RPCV). For photos, please include date taken and description.
Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Assella:
James E. Barbic 1962-64
James L. Friberg 1962-64
Robert J. Hotchkiss 1962-64
Philip Littman, M.D. 1962-64
David M. McCahon 1962-64
William Sittig 1962-64
Robert Travis 1962-64
David P. Wiley 1962-64
Ronald Demos Lee 1963-65
Morris Rosen 1963-
Joseph Wendel 1963-
Roger G. Harlan 1964-66
Robert Love 1964-
Theodore A. Thompson 1964-66
Nina Lacy Bennett 1965-67
Nina L. Lacy 1965-67
Catherine P. Toner 1965-67
Catherine P. Toner Tucker 1965-67
Bette Bass 1966-69
Robert Bass 1966-69
Karen J. Blanchard 1966-68
Arthur B. Hall 1966-
John Hamilton 1966-
Catherine Koenings 1966-70
Randolph Marcus 1966-68
Catherine Koenings Molla 1966-70
Kenneth R. Scheublin 1966-68
Carleton Macy 1967-69
Marjorie Powers Muilenburg 1967-69
Marjorie Powers 1967-69
Elizabeth Ann Rodgers 1967-
Loretta J. Huber Davis 1968-70
Loretta J. Huber 1968-70
Charles Alan Kreiman 1968-70
Susan A. West McCue 1968-70
Andrea G. Skelley 1968-
Thomas L. Skelley 1968-1969
Susan A. West 1968-70
Jane Quinlan 1969-71
Denise Tartaglia Force 1971–73
Ronald J. Moede 1971–72
Denise Tartaglia 1971–73
Roxana Rogers De Sole 1974–76
Roxana Rogers 1974–76
David S. Guy 1995-96
Sharon I. Guy 1995-96
If you served in this community and are not listed, please send your name and years of service to the webmaster.

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