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1963 photo of Emperor Heile Selassie by Dennis Ekberg (Ambo 62–64)

1964 black-and-white photo of the presentation of Red Cross Training Certificates.  Includes Carolyn Wood (Asmara 62–64)

1966 a set of paintings by Norman Rockwell entitled "JFK's Legacy: The Peace Corps" appeared in the June 14 issue of Look magazine.

1967 photos of Ethiopia and Eritrea by Frances Scura (Addis Ababa 67–68)

1971–73 photos taken in Ethiopia by John Scott Porterfield (Adwa; Agaro; Dessie 71–73)

1998 RPCV Reunion in Boulder

1999 RPCV Conference in St. Paul, MN, August 12–15, University of St. Thomas

Photos at other web sites
NEW > Bob Matthai (Addis Ababa 63–65) has created a very large and comprehensive series of photos of HIM Haile Selassie I from childhood until his death. He writes: "I hesitate to say it is the largest on the web, because one never really knows, but I am sure it is one of the most varied."
     Also view Share the Memories, the EE II online photo album created by Bob. This album contains pictures of and by numerous EE IIs during 1963 to 1965, as well as a selection of photos from the August 2006 EE II reunion in Seattle.

Photographs from Mekelle, Tigre, 2004, by Jericho Burg, Communication graduate student at University of California, San Diego. Posted by Elliot Kanter, Ethiopia X (Mekelle 68-70), now librarian at UC San Diego.

www.apollonius.net/index.html Web site of Robert Russell (Massawa 64–66) [aka Robertino Solàrion] that include pictures of Eritrea and Nile River.

Tim Williams ( Aggaro, Kaffa; Jimma; Lekempte 68–72) has pictures he took in 1999 on a trip back to Ethiopia of Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Falls, and of Lalibela and its Churches at www.GatherRound.com. Click on http://www.GatherRound.com/j/Template?File=/guest/find_album.html
Then enter Tim Williams's email address which is:
Then enter the password:  
     Ethiopia X
(That is Ethiopia [space] [Capital X]). 

Pictures and article about burial of Emperor Haile Selassie November 2000, from the BBC.

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