Photo Gallery: John Scott Porterfield

A word about attribution: Any Peace Corps Volunteer, currently serving or one who has served, may use these pictures for whatever they please. If the photographs are used for educational/instructional purposes they may be used by anyone. After all, when it is all said and done, I had the pleasure of actually being there to take the photo, live the experience, and keep the originials! Best, John 
Please Credit: John Scott Porterfield.

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The boy with the topknot and protruding ears is called "A Boy name Isreal." That was his name. He lived on the Sudanese border where I was sent to deliver a mechanic to one of the smallpox teams. The only mechanic they could find spoke only Tigrean. I spoke enough so I was chosen to go with him. "Abraha Selaka." He was a village chief and a good friend of mine. He is playing with his daughter.
A Gala maiden(I think!) in the market place in all her finery.

(Larger photo not available.)

A little girl taking her grandmother out into the sun where it was warm. I took it along the Sudanese border with a 200mm telephoto. I thought it was great shot.
On the way to the Sudanese border
The family shot is a bunch of men and boys in a market place in Dessie, Wello province. You can tell who the boss is. The village shot is in Wello province. This is one of the villages I had to climb down to and do vaccinations.
Taken while on one of our Smallpox field trips. The driver is Dexter Fairbank the Third. Dexter was a Smallpox Volunteer along with myself who lived in Dessie Wello province. This photograph is called "The Road To Magdala."
A woman and child I found wandering around the marketplace. The child has a bad case of Smallpox. Vaccinating
A terrible case of Smallpox I found in Wello province. The man lived. This is a man with his child in a refugee camp that we were vaccinating. This was in Bati where over a ten month period 100,000 people died from famine and disease.
Ttwo boys who herd cattle.
We all were caught in a sudden shower
and took refuge under the same rock.
After the rain, the boys were
curious yet cautious of their new found friends.

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