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"Destination: Kyrgyzstan"
The newest addition to the award-winning video series produced by Peace Corps' World Wise Schools, comes with a 74-page study guide which includes teaching activities for grades 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12. Approximately 21 minutes.
"Destination: Paraguay"
Produced by the World-Wise Schools project of the Peace Corps, in which viewers gain insights into rural and urban life in Paraguay and Peace Corps activities there. Designed to be used by teachers, a cover sheet includes recommended activities for before and after viewing. Comes with 74 page Study Guide. Approximately 15 minutes.
"Ethiopia I" Source unremembered.
Contains: Haile Sellassie I arrival at airport, Lockheed Jetstar and Haile Selassie I, Peace Corps arrival, C-130 mail plane, air views (Zukwala, Haile Selassie I return after attempted coupó1960, air show at Bishoftu after attempted coupó1960,, Pope of Coptic Church and Haile Selassie I , King Hussien of Jordan, street scenes, Haile Selassie I's lion, heavy rain, military parade, arrival of President of Greece (possible), cows on road, arrival of Nkruma of Ghana, Tisesat Falls and Blue Nile.
Ethiopian Tourism Commission (1 hour 40 minutes).
This is a collage of various dances from the different areas of Ethiopia. Tends to be tedious when you can't get out on the floor and dance! [Donated by Joe Ciuffini ]
Ethiopian Tourist Video done by a British Production company (probably for a travel office).
The narration is clean and generally accurate but the video quality is not great. (I suspect that the conversion between the European video format and the US format is the source of the problem. On the other hand, this is a copy done by Ethio-Sound in Washington, DC and it may be many generations old.) [Donated by Joe Ciuffini]
The Great Dessie Marching Band and Other Stories by Paul Freundlich
Peace Corps recruiting video from the '60s that features the "great Dessie marching band" organized by Ron Bell (Dessie 62–64).      Many scenes of daily life from Ethiopia (in addition to the band), plus brazil Borneo, Peru, Sierra Leone, India, Kenya and Morocco. Some shots of PCVs,
     15 minutes.Both faded color and black/white versions available.

"Highlights of the Peace Corps' 35th Anniversary 1996 Hosted by the National Peace Corps Association." 60 minutes.
"Imperfect Journey" Narrated by Haile Girima. Filmed by BBC. 1994.
The film is in three parts: 1) The children of Ethiopia and their lack of hope. 2) The horrible atrocities inflicted on the people of Gondar by the Marxist Junta government of Mengistu Haile Mariam. 3) The present TPLF government which has the peoples of Ethiopia living in fear. 1 hour 30 minutes. A gift from John Barnes.
"The Peace Corps at Thirty-five: The Power of an Idea, 1996" Produced by the Peace Corps and the NPCA.
This collage of ads for the Peace Corps through the years interspersed with brief news spots of the same periods includes a brief interview with Woody Jewett (66-69). 28 minutes.
Peace Corps: Redefine Your World
Recruiting video, 16 minutes.
"Power of an Idea" An abridged version of "The Peace Corps at Thirty-five: The Power of an Idea." 1/ 4 minutes.
"Russell Collage" by Robert Russell (Massawa 1964-66). A collage of shots from Massawa, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Shown at the RPCV Conference in Austin in 1995.
"State of the Agency, by Peace Corps Director Mark D. Gearan" 11/96
Prepared for Volunteers and staff overseas. Summarizes PC accomplishments over the past year and its plans for new Peace Corps initiatives. 15 minutes.
"To Touch the World: The Peace Corps Experience"
Produced by the World-Wise Schools project of the Peace Corps, in which viewers gain insights into the uniqueness of the Peace Corps as a development organization as a tool to promote cross cultural understanding. In the video, viewers are taken to the home of RPCV Thurman Mattheison who tells teenage friends of his Peace Corps experience in Cameroon. Designed to be used by teachers, a cover sheet includes recommended activities for before and after viewing. Approximately 10 minutes.
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