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Branna, July 2002, Vol 1, No. 1
48-page magazine published in Canada that will "try and represent the Ethiopian experience with a mix of essays, reportage and photography." Articles on Dr Catherine Hamlin of the Fistula Hospital, expatriate novelist Nega Mezlekia, and a UN peacekeeper. To subscribe, go to: www.branna.ca
ICWA LETTERS: Sub-Saharan Africa
Wayne Kessler (Adi Teclesan 64-66) wrote: "There is an RPCV from The Gambia (90-92) named Marc Michaelson who is a Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) Fellow living and writing in Addis. He is currently visiting Eritrea for the third time. He writes monthly ICWA LETTERS: Sub-Saharan Africa that are published by the ICWA. He writes well and gives a sensitive account of the problems of both countries."
     E&E RPCVs has added these 12-page newsletters, that include maps and photos, to its library and they are highly recommended to those interested in an in-depth, lucid, current look at Ethiopia and Eritrea and their conflict.  
     [For more information about the Institute of Current World Affairs and its fellows program: email: ICWA@valley.net; website: www.icwa.org; phone: 603-643-5548; fax: 603-643-9599.]
    MM-1 "Religious Threads: An Airport, A Mini-Bus and Epiphany," February, 1998. First impressions of Addis; a trip to Debre Zeit; Timket celebration

    MM-3 "Deportations: Personalized Escalation of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Conflict" September, 1998. Personal stories of Eritreans who were deported from Ethiopia when the war broke out; the long-term impact of the deportations.

    MM-4 "The Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict: Part 1- Events" October, 1998. The facts of the war to that date from both perspectives.

    MM-5 "The Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict: Part 2- Explanations" November, 1998. What are the causes of the war - from both perspectives.

    MM-6 "An Excursion to Asmara (via Djibouti, of course)" December, 1998. First impressions of Djibouti and Asmara; Eritrea and its government.

    MM-7 "Recognizing Somaliland" January, 1999. The "invisible state" of the Republic of Somaliland - the northern portion of Somalia that broke away and established itself as a nation, in contrast to the no-government south.

    MM-8 "Assab: Surviving Trying Times in Port" January, 1999. A close look at the Eritrean city whose port is idle, whose population is diminished with the departure of many Ethiopians who lived there, whose future is tenuous and yet its residents of both nationalities "manage to stay largely above the fray."

    MM-9 "Peace Fails, War Resumes-Why? February, 1999. Vitriolic propaganda, huge arms build-up, renewed fighting. Some suggestions for mediators.

    MM-10 "Glimpses of a Fellow's Life" March 1999. Classic letter home; a look at life with the family with whom he shares a compound.

    MM-11 "Condoms, Konso, and Colobus Monkeys" May, 1999. On the road in southern Ethiopia with some condom salesmen.

    MM-12 "Value-Added Recycling" June 1999. A tour of Addis' merkato that includes visits with ingenious recyclers who produce stoves from oil cans, lanterns from tin cans and sandals (barbaso) from tires.

National Geographic Vol. 126, No. 3. September 1964 "Ambassadors of Good Will" by Sargent Shriver
Lead articles about the Peace Corps in Bolivia, Tanganyika, Turkey, Sarawak, Ecuador with reports by Volunteers there. The cover features Rhoda Brooks who later was to write The Barrios of Manta. [Donation to the Library by Joe C. ]
Peace Corps Volunteer
Published by the Peace Corps for the Volunteers in service, these mags are chock full of the best of the Peace Corps in the early days. Sure we looked "geeky" by today's standards, but the pics tell a story of people involved in the lives of other people.
    Volume 1 #7, May, 1963
    Volume 1, #12, October, 1963
    Volume 2, #3, January, 1964
    Volume 2, #4 February, 1964
    Vol 2 #6, April 1964
    Vol 2 #7, May 1964
    Vol 2 #9, July 1964
    Vol 2 # 10, August 1964
    Vol 2 # 11, September 1964
    Vol 2 # 12, October 1964
    Vol 3 #1, November 1964
    Vol 3 #2, December 1964
    Vol 3 #3, January 1965
    Vol 3 #4, February 1965
    Vol 3 #5, March 1965
    Vol 3 #6, April 1965
    Vol 3 #7, May 1965
    Vol 3 # 8-9, June-July 1965
    Vol 3 #10, August 1965
    Vol 3 #11, September 1965
    Vol 3 #12, October 1965
    Vol 4 #1, November 1965
    Vol 4 #2, December 1965
    Vol 4 #7, May 1966
    Vol 5 #9, July 1967
    Vol 5 #10, August 1967
    Vol 5 #11, September 1967
    Vol 6 #2, December 1967
    Vol 7 #8, July 1969
    10th Anniversary Issue Summer 1971
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