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Africa World Press, Inc. & The Red Sea Press, Inc. Catalog, Spring (October 96-May 97) 1997 catalog.
The publisher, Eritrean Kassahun Checole, hopes to raise the essential questions about African and African American social, political and cultural issues. They publish many books about Ethiopia and Eritrea
The Battle of Adwa in the American Press (1896). transcribed by Paul Henze, published by the Friends of Ethiopia and Eritrea.
News dispatches from the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Times 30 pages.
Bibliography of Listings on "Ethiopian/Abyssinian scholarship" from the Modern Language Association. 10/11/95. 16 pages.
A Catalogue of Documentary Films and Film Footage on Ethiopia and Eritrea compiled by Chris Prouty for The Institute of Ethiopian Studies in Addis Ababa, 1996. 110 pages.
Culturegram 97- State of Eritrea by Laurie Kessler (Adi Teclesan 64-66) Publications Division of the David M. Kennedy Center for international Studies, Brigham Young University.
Description of Eritrea for travelers on background, people, customs and courtesies, lifestyle, society. 4 pages.
Dedication of the Peace Corps Building and Shriver Hall, 15 September 1998. 30 pages; photos.
With comments by Ambassador Charles Baquet (Somalia 66-68), Deputy Director of the Peace Corps; Mark D. Gearan, Director of the Peace Corps; Senator Christopher Dodd (Dominican Republic 66-68); Senator Paul Coverdell (past PC Director); Ursula Hawe (Jordan 97- ); Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan; Donna Shalala (Iran 62-64), Secretary of Health and Human Services; Sargent Shriver (first PC Direc-tor); First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Makes you wish you'd been there.
Looking at Ourselves and Others, Peace Corps: World Wise Schools, 1998. 102 pages. A guide for teachers to help them in teaching their students about other countries, other cultures. A compliment to the World Wise Schools program that matches PCVs with US students in grades 3 to 12 to exchange, letters, pictures, artifacts and understanding about people around the world.
The Essential Internet: Basics for NGOs from Alliance for a Global Community VITA and InterAction. 1995. 47 pages.
Ethiopia: Accountability Past and Present: Human Rights in Transition Amnesty International. 4/1995. 45 pages.
Ethiopia: The Challenges Ahead Testimony before the Congressional Subcommittee on Africa 7/27/94.
Includes statements from Harry Johnston, chair; George Moose, Asst Secy of State for African Affairs, John Hicks, Asst Administrator for Africa, AID; Herman Cohen Global Coalition for Africa, Abdullahi An-Na'im, Exec. Dir, Africa Watch, Ted Vestal (staff 64-66), Dept of Political Science, Oklahoma State University. 44 pages.
Handbook for RPCV Speakers Peace Corps office of World Wise Schools. To aid you in "bringing the world back home" and into the classrooms of America. 28 pages
Human Rights Watch publications catalog 1996
IES Bulletin: A Quarterly Publication of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, Issue Nos. 15 & 16.
Sent by the American Friends of the IES, who are working to preserve the culture of Ethiopia including art and artifacts, historic structures, language. For more information, and to support their efforts contact Martha Henze, PO Box 65684 Washington DC 20035-5684.
The Loret Miller Ruppe Memorial Lecture 9/12/96
Guest speaker Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke (Country director, Morocco 1970-72) on "The Best Job I Ever Had." Includes a welcome and introduction of the speaker by Mark Gearan, and remarks by Senator Christopher Dodd (Dominican Republic 1966-68). 12 pages.
The Loret Miller Ruppe Memorial Lecture 3/17/98. es.
Guest speaker The Honorable John Hume, Member of Parliament from Northern Ireland, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Includes an introduction of the speaker by Mark Gearan, and questions. 9 pag
"Memorandum to Country Directors & Regional managers" by P.C. Director Mark Gearan 9/13/96.
An update on significant events in DC and in the field Includes a lengthy study of early terminations. 38 pages.
"Memoial Service for Clare Lindgren Wofford
Remembrances and photos of Clare, wife of Harris Wofford, first Country Director in Ethiopia.
"National Peace Corps Association Annual Report 1995-1996." 20 pages.
"Our World: Ethiopia" USA Today supplement, 6/18/96.
Promoting investment and tourism in Ethiopia. 16 pages.
"Peace Corps Collection Folder Title List." Contents of the Peace Corps Collection at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. 32 pages.
(note: You are invited to donate diaries, letters, journals, memoirs, manuscripts, photographs, slides, films, video tapes, pamphlets, news clips and drawings of your Peace Corps experience to this resource library. For more information, contact Stephen Plotkin, John F. Kennedy Library, Columbia Point, Boston MA 02125, phone: 617 929 4524)
Peace Corps Fellows/USA Program: Employment and Education Opportunities for Returned Volunteers: Program Catalog 44 pages
Lists the 26 universities that host Fellows Programs plus brief descriptions of each program.
Remarks by Mark D. Gearan, Director of the Peace Corps, at the National Press Club, December 16, 1996.
Includes lengthy comments on the Survey of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. 5 pages.
Remarks by President William J. Clinton on the 35th Anniversary of the Peace Corps.
This three-page brochure contains the President's remarks made to PCV dearting for Ghana 35 years after the first group of PCV went to Ghana. 3 pages.
"Report of the Conference on International Volunteerism"
In April, 1996 the Peace Corps convened a conference of representatives from 36 volunteer organizations from 26 countries at Georgetown University. This report includes summaries of the conference sessions plus information about each of the 36 participating organizations. 100 pages.
"Return to Ethiopia/Eritrea 1994 Project Report" Prepared by Joseph J. Bell (1969-71).
Includes a report of Joe's visit, a visit made by Sam Greer (Addis Ababa 1966-68), and many reference documents.
"Selected Speeches from The Peace Corps 35th Anniversary Celebration 3/1-3/96."
Includes speeches by Ambassador Madeleine Albright, Congressman Sam Farr (Colombia), Mark Gearan (Peace Corps Director), Loret Miller Ruppe (Former Peace Corps Director, Sargent Shriver (Former Peace Corps Director, Ted Sorensen (Former Special Council to President John F. Kennedy and PCV parent), and Harris Wofford (Ethiopian Country Director 62-64, CEO of the Corporation for National Service). It's not the same as being there but each is good reading. 29 pages.
Socially Responsible Investing:Connecting your investments with your values
Materials provided by Matthew Wootten (Nicaragua 96–98), a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley.
Speakers' Bureau Kit: A Handbook for Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Groups, edited by Susan Neyer, National Peace Corps Association in cooperation with the Peace Corps, 1992, 98 pages.
A guide for those who would like to heighten public awareness of Third World countries and development issues by speaking to community groups, students, and others.
"Summit on African Aid 2/95"
Organized by the Constituency for Africa [Melvin Foote (1973-75) is the Executive Director] when Congress began making moves to eliminate aid to Africa. Papers include: "Stay the Course on Aid to Africa" by Congressman Donald M. Payne, remarks by USAID Administrator Brian Atwood and "Why Africa matters: The Case for Continued U.S. Assistance to Africa."
"Survey of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, December 1996"
In early 1996 a sampling of RPCVs was surveyed by the Peace Corps about their experiences during and after Peace Corps service. Includes methodology, results, and the survey. 48 pages.
"Sustainable Development: A Manual on How to Reach Washington by Constituency for Sustainable Development," National Peace Corps Association, 1993, 31 pages and "How To Reach Washington by Constituency for Sustainable Development," National Peace Corps Association, 1995, 30 pages.
"Unraveling Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia" Organized and published by The International Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Prisoners of Conscience (ISCEPC).
Proceedings of a Human Rights Week Observance and Electronic Mail Conference 3/3-8/97. Includes information about prisoners of conscience, poems, papers and a Keynote Address: "Human Rights in Post-Derg Ethiopia: Atrocities and Injustices" by Ted Vestal (Staff 1964-66) 92 pages. A gift from John Barnes
The Uprooted: Case Material on Ethnic Eritrean Deportees from Ethiopia Concerning Human Rights Violations by Prof Asmarom Legesse on behalf of Citizens for Peace in Eritrea. Published in US by the Eritrean Human Rights Task Force, 1998. 62 pages
Washington County Senior Resource Directory 1997-1998 (Oregon) Authored by Dennis Ekberg (Ghion 1962-64)
Women's Studies Catalogue printed for the Africa World Press and The Red Sea Press.
The World of Child 6 Billion published by the NPCA
A presentation kit to provide support for giving talks about basic world issues linked to population such as air and water quality, nutrition, housing, education, and health care. Includes slides for a presentation. (2 copies provided by the National Peace Corps Assoc.)
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