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6-page supplement to the Financial Times 9/24/02. [Sent by Jon Wechsler.]
'"Keepers of the Faith: The Living Legacy of Aksum, by Candice S. Millard, photos by George Steinmetz, National Geographic July 2001
16 pages of typically beautiful photos and commentary.about Aksum. [Donated by Mary Schultz]
"Postal Service gives Ontario teacher stamp of approval" Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (9/24/99); "The man on a stamp" Claremont Courier (9/25/99); "Posting history" The Los Angeles Times
Interviews and background on Marc Clausen and his appearance on the Peace Corps stamp based on an illustration by Norman Rockwell. [Sent by C J Castagnaro
"Women in Ethiopia" a report by the National Office of Population, August, 1999.
Among the findings: "Harmful practices such as early marriage, female genital mutilation, harmful practices during pregnancy and childbirth contribute to the poor health of women. High fertility exacerbates the health situation. With a total fertility of nearly eight children per woman, women face a chance of about 1 in 8 to dies from maternal causes. However, a conducive policy environment is being created for women in Ethiopia today. The constitution has guaranteed them equal rights with men . . . . Efforts are being made to incorporate gender issues in various development programmes". (50 pages) [from Frances Scurra via John Barnes]
"Wherever That Town Is, Someone Will Die for It" by Ian Fisher, The New York Times, Sunday, March 14, 1999, page 16.
It includes a summary of the major treaties that have been referenced in the setting of the boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea and discussion of how each side interprets them.
"A deadly family feud: Conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia reveals a continent's tensions" and "Hope held hostage: Eritrea's future is mired in bloodshed of Ethiopian conflict" by John Donnelly, from the Boston Globe, late August, 1998
Based on travel he did in Eritrea. Has mention of E&E RPCVs member Wayne Kessler. [Sent by Mike McCaskey and John Barnes]
Handouts from E&E RPCVs UCLA Reunion, 1998
"George Dunne, 92, Priest and Ecumenist, Dies" by Eric Pace, The New York Times 7/14/98.
Fr. Dunne was director of the Ethiopia I training program at Georgetown.
"When Friends Fall Out: Despite Historic Ties, Ethiopia and Eritrea Gird for War" by Karl Vick, Washington Post 6/24/98
"Border Dispute in Horn of Africa Threatens War" by James C. McKinley Jr., New York Times 6/1/98
"In Ethiopia Itself, Foundation of the Faith is Eroding" by Stephen Buckley Washington Post 5/2/98.
Membership decline in Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Ethiopia.
"For Ethiopians, Church a Home Far From Home: Orthodox Christian Community Keeps Tradition Alive in D.C Area" by Bill Broadway Washington Post 5/2/98
Five Ethiopia Orthodox churches serve an estimated 45-50,000 Ethiopians in the DC area.
"Ethiopia: A Rights Violator? Foes Say Foreign Aid Props up System of Widespread Abuses" by Stephen Buckley, Washington Post 4/13/98
"Sidelined on Human Rights: America Bows Out" by Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, Foreign Affairs March/April 1998, 5 pages.
"Africa's New Bloc" by Dan Connell and Frank Smyth, Foreign Affairs March/April 1998, 14 pages.
"Peace Corps: Obvious Asset" by Coleman McCarthy, The Baltimore Sun 3/1/98. Subtitled: "Agency Fosters Dream of changing World through Peaceful Service"
"Simply Living Her Dream," Daily Herald 3/19/98.
PCV Joie Kallison's death in an Auto Accident in Namibia.
"Volunteerland's best export: Going on 37, Peace Corps retains its youth and idealism" by Dick Lipez (Debre Marcos, Addis Ababa 6264),The Boston Sunday Globe 2/8/98.
"Diary of a Murder" by Melanie Thernstrom, New Yorker 6/3/96.
"A year after a young [Ethiopian] woman at Harvard killed her roommate and then took her own life, questions remain about why it happened, and whether it had to."
"Ethiopia: Pomp and Little Circumstance" photos and text by Nigel Tisdall from Elle Decoration, British Issue 2/96.
From the "Great Escapes" section, with several beautiful full-color photos. 5 pages
""The End of the World" by Kenny Moore, Sport Illustrated, pages 78-95, 12/4/95
Mamo Wolde's story of incarceration without charges in an Ethiopian prison.
"An African Nuremberg: Their former rulers are on trial for the torture and murder of thousandsóbut many Ethiopians are more concerned about the present." John Ryle, New Yorker 10/2/95. 8 pages.
"Sharing the Understanding: Lessons of Intercultural Living Continue to Affect Former Peace Corps Volunteers by Hilda J. Maness [Elder] (Addis Ababa 1965-67). Education Horisons, - The Official Publication of Pi Lambda Theta, Vol. 73, No. 4, Summer 1995. 3 pages.
"Africa's Great Rift" by Curt Stager, Photographs by Chris Johns, National Geographic, May 1990.
40 pages informative article with many wonderful photos — many from Ethiopia.
"Eritrea: Region in Rebellion" photographs and text by Anthony Suau, National Geographic, September 1985, 22 pages.
The life of the rebels and the cause for which they fought.
"Ethiopia - Revolution in an Ancient Empire," article and photos by Robert Caputo. National Geographic, May 1983, 30 pages.
More great photos and text.
"Djibouti, Tiny New Nation on Africa's Horn," Picture Story by Marion Kaplan, National Geographic, October 1978. 17 pages.
Did you visit there? With some interesting historic maps.
"On Guragé Architecture" by Phillip LeBel (Emdeber 64-67), Journal of Ethiopian Studies, Vol. VII, No.1 (January, 1969).
As a follow-up to the article (The Herald #19) announcing E&E RPCVs acquisition of the 137-slide set "To Build a Tukul" by Mike Santarelli (Gura 70-73), Phil has sent a copy of this 10-page article with illustrations.
Three Tickets to Timbuktu (listed with the Library of Congress as Three Passports to Adventure) by Halla Linker, Doubleday, 1961.
Section of a book, The Linker family travels. They stopped in Ethiopia and these two chapters relate their visit with the Emperor, etc. (20 pages)
"King Menelik of Ethiopia" by W.T. Stead from the Cosmopolitan Magazine of July, 1903 ( not a typo, 1903 )
Pictures (engraved) and text make for a delightful article. (8 pages)
"Post of the month — Addis Ababa" State Magazine, U.S. Dept of State. Photo essay (black & white). 8 pages. [no date]
"Temqat: Celebrating Epiphany in Ethiopia" Catholic Near East. Full color photo essay. 5 pages. [no date]
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