Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs

You can pay one of two amounts:
  • $15 — This is the annual fee to receive our newsletter, The Herald, and to support other activities of the group.
  • $50 — If you would also like to be a member of the National Peace Corps Association [NPCA] — the umbrella organization of RPCV groups, which we strongly urge you to support — there is an additional cost of $35.

You can pay in two different ways:

  • VIA SNAILMAIL: Send your money to Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs. You can pay either $15 for E&E RPCVs, or $50 for both E&E RPCV and NPCA.
    If you should choose to also join the NPCA, E&E RPCVs will send $35 of your $50 to the NPCA for your membership in that organization.
    Please use our form, which has full details.
  • ONLINE: You must join both the NPCA and E&E RPCVs in order to pay online.
    The cost is $50 — $35 will be for the NPCA and they will send to E&E RPCVs the $15 of your payment for our group. Click on:


    Be sure to choose Ethiopia or Eritrea for your affiliate group!

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