Computers for Ethiopia

Email Message forwarded by Joe Ciuffini (Harar 64–66)

February 28, 2001

To returned Ethiopian volunteers and friends of Ethiopia, A group of Ethiopians in Cleveland have come together to help provide assistance to Ethiopia. They identify themselves as the ECC — the Ethiopia-Cleveland Connection.

The ECC has acquired a number of computers donated by the BF Goodrich company to be sent to the Addis Ababa University. Ethiopian Air lines has agreed to transport the computers free of charge but the remaining difficulty is the funding of transport from Cleveland to Washington, D.C. and other related handling and forwarding fees. They need to raise the sum of between $2,000 to $3000.

The ECC is a non-profit organization that has a Federal tax identification and any donation is tax deductible. The ECC will send a "Thank You" letter and receipt for each and every donation received.

    Contact Information
    E-mail: EthioCleveland@hotmail.com

    Ethiopia-Cleveland Connection
    P.O Box 202601
    Shaker Heights, Ohio  44120

Thank you for any contribution related to this effort.

Joe writes: By the way, one of the ECC members is none other than Yared Getachew who with his brother, Lemma, created the Harar website at www.hararonline.com If you have never visited this site, you are in for a treat!

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