RPCV Legacy Program - an activity of E&E RPCVs

Requests and Thank yous


Dec., 2004
South Omo

Dear Comrades:
     I am a junior health worker here in the primitive Southern border of my country in a small rural health center. I am the only health worker who have ventured to work and function here, and it is my national feeling and humanity that made me venture it. I also regularly give HIV/ADS education, sex education and family-planning education to the general people.
     Dear Sirs: In spite of all the discomforts, I really love my life here, and I am satisfied with my work here; but my only big problem is lack of access to information. Except my little radio and the information that is in my mind, I do have nothing at all.
     And it is from an old friend of mine that I casually got your address and the information about your foundation. And please would you kindly help me to get the following resource materials and references free of charge:
1. Helping Health Workers Learn
2. Where There Is No Doctor
3. A Book for Midwives
4. Where Women Have No Doctor
5. Any book on HIV/AIDS
     Thank you in advance!
     Please, my only means of contact with you is through postal service. Even for the access to this postal service I have to travel for more than three hours on foot. So you may send me in my address (above.)

8/4/97 (EC)
Sinana-Dinsho Woreda Facilitator Officer
Bale Robe, Bale Zone
Oromiya Region, Ethiopia

Dear Head Programme,

First of all I would like to say how are you with your day to day golden activities. I am fine thanks to God.
     Now the very reason I am writing this letter to your organization is as follows. I am Woreda HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office Coordinator. So the total population of our district is 183,394 and our office coordinates 41 rural kebele, 4 urban kebele, 43 school and AIDS club, 41 Orthodox church and 3 Protestant church and AIDS Clubs and more than 50 mosques and other SBO & CBO whose participates on prevention of HIV/AIDS. So when to organize and train some of them we haven’t any material which needs to our organization.
     We have “Vet” center but we haven’t any books which helps on counseling for those [illegible] and we haven’t got any recent information of HIV/AIDS so to prevent widespread of HIV/AIDS.
Increase of community awareness is the first selection, so to do this we haven’t any books from our library. So please help us in sending any materials which is necessary for our library and give service to the community or to our working staff to develop their knowledge on HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

Sincerely Yours,

The Hesperian Foundation sent Where There is No Doctor (2 copies), and HIV, Health and Your Community (20 copies)

28 December 2004
Arsii Regional Health Department
Asallaa, Ethiopia

Dear Sir,
     I’ve seen your publications of diffireus (sic) such as Where There is no Doctor, HIV, Health and Your Community and so on.
     Since I am working on HIV/AIDS prevention and control program as facilitator at District level and at our community, there is not any teaching aid specially about HIV/AIDS as reference.
Please issue your publications through my address. Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

(The Hesperian Foundation sent Where There is No Doctor — 2 copies, and HIV, Health and Your Community — 20 copies.)


13 Jan 2006

Your recent check couldn't have come at a better time. Yesterday, the day I opened it, the entire staff was meeting to hear the grim news of budget cuts across the board, including the Gratis Book Fund. When your donation was announced in the middle of the meeting, everyone stood up and cheered, as it freed up what little Gratis money is left for other countries. Please pass along our great appreciation to those who donated to the Legacy fund. 
With this donation, I immediately processed the following requests for Ethiopia, including yours for the deaf teacher and additional pamphlets on Sanitation and Water for an environmental health worker:

Lee Gallery

3 Oct 2006

Please let those who donate to this project know how much this additional money is appreciated. Without it, we would not be able to send any books at all to Ethiopia, because of the prohibitive cost of AIR postage.
All my best,

9 June 2006
Dembi Dollo

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the distribution of the "Women's Health exchange" publication. The publication material is very helpful especially for our organization, which is in remote area and has less access to information technology.
     In adition to the various development activities,my organization is engaged to prevention and and control of HIV/AIDS program.
     From you recent circular letterI have come to know that you have started to release books relevant to Women's Health Exchange. Among these is a book ,"HIV,HEALTH AND YOUR COMMUNITY." I think the book is of great help to us in intervening the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.
     Hence, I would appreciate your cooperation if you have a copy to offer and send to us.
     Thanking you again I remain,
     sincerely yours,

27 Mar 2006

Do you remember me before long times ago that I contact
you with post.Pardon me for that I do not send a
responce for you due to some problems that I face.
So,let's contact starting from this time with the e-mail
I read all of your books that you sent for me those are
__where there is no doctor
__where there is no dentist
__HIV health & your community
SO, they are very fantastic I got somany things from them.


NOTE: books had been sent on October 20, 2004

3 December 2005

I can't begin to tell you the difference the Legacy Project has made to our ability to fulfill the requests we receive from Ethiopia. We would not have been able to send even half the books requested if not for the generosity of our fellow E/E RPCVs. Please let everyone who had donated to this project know that they have truly made a difference.
Lee Gallery
The Hesperian Foundation

9 Nov 2005
Dear Hesperian foundation
How are you? I'm fine thanks to god. I warmly thank
your foundation! But I'm so sorry, because I'm too late
to write you. I received your aid through my fathers p.o.box.
and I was far away from my family to Study in Mekelle University.
BUT NOW I'm in home for the break.

Even though your foundations is small but your work is above any organization because you give priority to health. For me it is just a life saver. And I'm happy with three of your books I received. Really I'm in a loss of words to explain my feeling just I'm grateful to your foundation.
And I will look forward to your next edition.

From: Assebe Tefari, Ethiopia
     1) I have learned one thing from your organization that it is no need to have much money to serve and help your community. I mean, if everyone tries to help or serve his people only with what he has, money, knowledge and labour, I have no doubt that we can change the social well being of our communities.
     2) I also can understand how much your organization loves and thinks of people in the poorest countries, especially how much you are trying to empower our people by teaching them how to use their own resources and not waste their money on what is unnecessary, instead to spend their money for their needs. Example: by teaching them how to be cured by home remedy.

  • $50 can give 1 rural healthcare worker 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $100 can give 2 rural healthcare workers 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $250 can provide a school, hospital or clinic with a "Healthcare Library of 10 books and 3 pamphlets.
  • Make a gift in your name or in honor or memory of someone else.
  • Pay by check or secure credit card transaction.