RPCV Legacy Program - an activity of E&E RPCVs

Project Proposal

Scourge — A source of widespread dreadful affliction and
devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.

HIV and AIDS have become an incredible scourge in Ethiopia where 3 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS — that is 7.3% of the population. It is projected that 7–10 million will be infected by 2010. The incidence of HIV/AIDS in Eritrea was a relatively low 2.8% at the end of 2001, but that number was expected to grow with the demobilization of soldiers from the border war.
I am championing an RPCV Legacy Program project to partner with the respected Hesperian Foundation, a publisher of basic health books for use by health workers in the smallest communities around the world. I want to fund shipping two books to those from Ethiopia and Eritrea who request books from Hesperian — the book of their choice plus the book entitle HIV HEALTH AND YOUR COMMUNITY to 200 communities in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Two hundred was chosen as my goal as it is the number of communities in these two countries that have been served by Peace Corps Volunteers.
I will work with Lee Gallery (Dire Dawa 1964–66), who is the volunteer head of Hesperian's Gratis Books program, the department that responds to book requests that come in from individuals around the world. Lee will keep a record of where our donated books were sent, and will report back to us.
The original goal of this project was to raise $6000. Being the "champion" of the project, I am personally pledging $600 or 10% of this amount as required of champions. I urge you to make a donation in honor of your "other hometown," and join in the effort to fight the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
     Donors may request that their donations be used to send books to a specific person, organization, or institution in Ethiopia or Eritrea. Donors are urged to make donations for Hesperian health books to be sent to the schools where they taught or the healthcare facilities where they worked — especially

1) Hesperian now ships all books via airmail because of U.S. Postal Service requirements in an effort to assure that the books reach the desired recipients. Consequently, the cost to send two books to Ethiopia or Eritrea now is $50. To send the "Healthcare Library" to schools, hospitals or clinics the cost is $250. The set includes:

10 books
     Where There Is No Doctor
     Where There Is No Dentist
     Where Women Have No Doctor
     A Book for Midwives
     HIV, Health and Your Community
     Disabled Village Children
     Helping Children Who Are Blind
     Helping Children Who Are Deaf
     Helping Health Workers Learn
3 pamphlets
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
     Water for Life
     Pesticides Are Poison

     A donation of $600 entitles you to become a co-champion of the HIV Books for 200 Communities project.

2) In January, 2005 we surpassed our fundraising goal of $6000, and the Board has approved the extension of the project indefinitely because of the on-going need as indicated by continuing requests for Hesperian healthcare books coming from in-country, as well as the strong support for the project from our donors.

For more information contact project champion:
Marian Haley Beil
RPCV Ethiopia I — 1962 to 1964

  • $50 can give 1 rural healthcare worker 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $100 can give 2 rural healthcare workers 2 important reference books on HIV/AIDS and general medical care.
  • $250 can provide a school, hospital or clinic with a "Healthcare Library of 10 books and 3 pamphlets.
  • Make a gift in your name or in honor or memory of someone else.
  • Pay by check or secure credit card transaction.